Sex For Paychecks (The American Way)

CASTINGCOUCHso yesterday i was speaking with a casting director at work.
we ended up talking about a lot of industry related stuff.
i told her i always wanted to get into casting.
i said i can spot good “talent”.
you already know i have a good eye when it comes to fine wolves.
she didn’t need to know that.
we started to talk about the “other side” of the industry.
the ones that isn’t marshmallows,
and candy corn.
what she said pretty much opened up my eyes.
my mouth as well…

we started talking about photographer terry richardson alleged scandal.
the one where he was sexually harassing the models he shoots.
did you know that isn’t a crime?
“do you know how many photographers have sex with their clients?
if terry goes down then so will many others!”
it is LEGAL for you to request sexual favors from a model or aspiring whatever.
in any other industry,
like lets say my 9-5,
that would be a crime that would get your ass fucked up.
…and not in the good way.

another thing she said,
which is not surprising,
is real models are signed to an agency.
when you say you’re a model online,
you are basically working as an “independent”.
which means you are not protected by any laws or rights.
so if you take pictures by a photographer,
and someone takes the pic and posts it somewhere else,
they don’t have any copyrights to the shot.
the photographer does.
even singers and rappers.
you are all independent until signed to something.
baller wolves are different tho.
they’re protected by whatever rights are in the sports arena.

lastly she said that over the years,
she’s seen “straight” (insert entertainment industry here) turn bisexual or even gay.
surprisingly wolves do it faster than vixens.
some are straight but will do whatever for the right opportunity.
tumblr_mfvd4jXY1F1qdkrbko1_500others were already closeted and got comfortable when they were around “the like”.
the rest get taken advantage of because they didn’t know what they were getting into.
this is why they get strung out on drugs and other addictions.
the entertainment industry is built on “sex for paychecks” aka selling your soul to get ahead.
um its only the american way!
she said many rapper wolves you see now are bisexual.
she said its easy to turn out a rapper because you introduce them to the life they dream of.
anyone will do “something” if you can promise them a way out.
also many people go overseas and do crazy shit just to get paid.
its called “escorting”.
rich arab wolves will pay good money to fuck the “big american r&b singer”.
how else do you think r&b singers are getting the bills paid?
that was a clue.
she said she has seen it in all in her career and nothing surprises her anymore.
i lowkey said the same to myself.
the emails the f-bi sends me and the things i know>>>>>

Cruel-Intentions-image-cruel-intentions-36717198-245-140so ain’t it funny?
i remember when someone came on here recently
and said it was “sexual harassment” when we talk about the wolves online.
so what we do is pretty much legal unless it’s in the form of slander.
one of which i (we) never do.
hell when i start making serious moves,
and have many connections,
any wolf that wants to get featured or put on i could ask for the pipe.
shit when i feature someone in the foxhole,
everyone is suddenly interested.
i think we behind the scenes folks have more power than we think.
i’m starting to wonder if these attention whore wolves/foxes/hybrids,
the ones who get so homophobic,
know exactly what they are getting into?
do the rumors of “bisexuality” have some truth to them?
or are they just really dense and airheads?
you see the “george hills” and “ernsts” of the world,
taking the most homo-erotic pictures,
but have alleged homophobic moments with their followers.

i think there are casting directors WAITING to get first dibbs on these online attention whores.
shit it could be me the way my career path is going.

tumblr_m61em1EN6A1r3ty02o1_500_largei also wonder if they are on the defense because maybe,
just maybe,
they have secrets and are scared they may fall out?
i keep saying this “shout out” thing on instagram is highly suspect behavior.
it really makes you think about the path you chooses to pursue.
every path comes with diamonds and pearls,
but there is also a dark side right around the corner.
sometimes you have to go through the dark side in order to get to the blessings.
is everything its all cracked up to be?
i had to ask…

Do you really know what you’re getting into?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Sex For Paychecks (The American Way)”

  1. This is deep but im not surprised I feel this is more so what they mean when they say someone has sold their soul, I don’t think they mean literally selling their soul to the devil for success but more so one compromising your own systematic body of ideals and etc just to get ahead, from sleeping with a director or Dj to get your track or video buzzing or damn near being naked in every video to sell music, this phenomenon is more widespread and authentic then many like to admit. And not to mention it’s still institutionalized racism in which it’s more subtle and we have to go through leaps and bounds and damn near discover the cure for the common cold to even entertain the same venue and events as such of our less talented peers of different ethnic groups

    1. ^goooood comment malcolm!
      you also have to look and see women do it easily.
      a woman will get on her knees to get ahead.
      (no pun intended).
      why wouldn’t a man?
      men in the industry want to turn out other men because its power.
      to have one of these attention whores on their backs,
      with their legs up in the air while moaning for a career/money,
      is a thrill and serious hard on to some.
      older snow wolves love to do it to black men especially.

      1. “also many people go overseas and do crazy shit just to get paid. its called “escorting”.
        rich arab wolves will pay good money to fuck the “big american r&b singer”.
        that was a clue. How else do you think a d list r&b singer is getting the bills paid?”

        Are you talking about Tyrese?

      2. “older snow wolves love to do it to black men especially” — Jamari, that statement let’s me know you also know a lot about what’s really happening. I don’t even share stuff with gay buddies because I know they wouldn’t be able to keep it quiet. That’s one reason I have such respect for you. People’s minds would be blown the hell away, if they had a clue. They are clueless because really good PR teams are worth their very expensive fees. Politicians get away without the suspicion because they don’t have the bodies so the public is even more clueless. I’ll close by saying the more publically heterosexist and homophobic one is…thoughtful folk should be able to complete that sentence.

  2. I follow someone on twitter that travels the world and lives in expensive condos but doesnt really do anything. i always wondered if he was taking it in the ass for money. im sure you all know who im talking about

  3. I hate hearing about stuff like this because America throws this industry in our face as being the best.It shows and tells us glamorous and rich everybody is.Yet, show-business is dirty and lowdown.It’s sad and sickening that people have to whore themselves out to be successful.It’s also gross.I guess that may be the reason why many of them get so upset when they’re no longer.You sucked and fucked your way to the top only for it to all come crashing down because your schtick got tiring with the public and the higher ups/pimps moved on to new young meat.

    I was hoping to break into the entertainment industry because I thought it was about making quality entertainment.

  4. J, you have pretty much been telling us this since day one of this blog, but of course everyday more and more people are still clamoring to be in this cut throat business. Its sad that most artist be it singers, rappers or the independent models grew up in less than sophisticated environments and dont know until its too late that they are being taken advantage of, by wealthy predators who literally wont to suck the life out of them. I will bet that more than 99 percent of entertainers who get behind the velvet rope would give anything to go back to a normal life. It takes a lot to maintain that lifestyle, that is why so many of them wash out and burn out so damn fast or become extreme Christians once the spotlights dims. Now this escorting thing is news to me, but it makes a lot of sense now and it also gave me some clues unknowingly about some entertainers I had questions about lol. If you read alot about entertainment, it doesnt take long to figure out what is really going on.

    I think that once so many people are turned out, they want others to be turned out even worse I have heard that one old school white music mogul who is responsible for making a few black moguls, has had all the best Black beef in the entertainment industry, and in turn, some of the ones who he has put on continue to do what he did to the newbies in the industry. It like one big dirty orgy and once you get it in you are sworn to secrecy. If only the Hollywood Hills could talk and tell about some of the Notorious parties that go on.

    These Instagrams models and trainers are a joke and will never even scratch the surface with a real career in the industry unless you call selling homemade calendars, appearing as hair show models and being able to get into VIP in your hometown a entertainment career. Trust and believe, if they are really making money in modeling they are doing some strange things for change.

    1. ^lol I already know who you are talmbout t.
      he is a legend like an alleged black movie/two show producer.
      he is becoming my spirit animal with his wonderful taste in wolves.

    2. IReal long read:

      When I was talking about sexual harassment I was talking about how it is usually defined in the work place.I was not accusing you of breaking the law in anyway, it is called free speech. I believe that I was talking about taking someone’s picture and making explicit sexual or derogatory comments about them like calling them “attention whores,” while using their pictures for as a visual,and I was talking about how some gay brothers cyber stalk these brothers and load their in boxes with inappropriate sexual comments and propositions. I was trying to speak to why many of these online brothers are so possibly so hostile towards gay online blogs and brothers who either talk about them or hit them up. For example: this is what I get when I type in google search under your name and Jaye Hardbody.…32093.37974.0.39764.….0…1c.1.37.serp..15.0.0.LLhkOMppNNQ

      Or George Hill:…29155.30811.0.32545.….0…1c.1.37.serp..5.2.342.tPA_DHE0S3A

      I am pointing this out to throw shade on you but to point out if these guys subscribe to a google alert or google their names then they are going to see those search results. What I share with you is in hopes to help you understand more of the business and PR aspect of Hollywood and on being a reputable blog online. Now getting to your post..

      She said “It is LEGAL for you to request sexual favors from a model or aspiring whatever. Actually this is not true I work in casting in Los Angeles and because the movie/ television industry is like any other industry and current employees and potential employee are protected by law against sexual harassment. SAG/AFTRA have very strict guidelines regarding sexual harassment here is a direct quote about what SAG thinks about sexual harassment “Are casting directors allowed to ask me about my age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation?

      “Absolutely not.
      Casting directors are prohibited from asking such questions during the hiring process (unless there is a legal basis for their doing so, which is extremely rare). But the reality of the audition experience often includes such inquiries, and an actor may not want to appear uncooperative by not answering the question or by informing the casting director that he or she is not allowed to ask that question. More often than not, the casting director is not asking the question in order to exclude certain groups but, rather, to determine if you fit the character description.Regardless of an actor wanting to avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation, and regardless of the casting director’s reasons for asking, actors should be aware that it is generally illegal to ask for this information. So what should you do? Different people use different tactics when facing this situation. For example, playing it coy by saying “I can be whatever you want me to be.” Or perhaps your best bet is to gently remind the casting director that he or she should not be asking you that question.When asked their age, some actors provide their age range. If they insist, you should feel comfortable telling them that they can call someone in the SAG-AFTRA EEO & Diversity office for clarification at (323) 549-6644 or (212) 827-1542. We will assist them in finding appropriate ways to obtain what they are looking for. But remember, the bottom line is they are not allowed to ask, and therefore, you are under no obligation to answer”.

      For additional information check it.

      In addition most legit SAG/AFTRA franchised casting agents are members of CSA that also have strict guidelines how casting directors should conduct themselves with other actors. Here is the link the their site. I am not saying that the casting couch doesn’t exist, however I never used it nor have any of my very attractive friends both male and females who are actors/models ever shared with me that someone asked them to give up some a** for a role. However, I do know of casting directors some of them who are gay like the former casting casting director of ER “Kevin Scott” who is black and gay would take about “ how straight and married men would try to give it up to them in order to get a role.” Finally, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but the powers that be in Hollywood are mostly heterosexuals and for the most part females are the ones who are going to get sexually harassed. Lol Usually, most casting directors are obsessed with finding the next Will Smith or Brad Pitt and taking credit for it than getting ass lol.

      “She said, which is not surprising,is real models are signed to an agency.when you say you’re a model online,you are basically working as an “independent”. which means you are not protected by any laws or if you take pictures by a photographer,and someone takes the pic and posts it somewhere else,they don’t have any copyrights to the shot. the photographer does.even singers and are all independent until signed to something. baller wolves are different tho.they’re protected by whatever rights are in the sports arena.”

      Partly true models who are trying to get a start in the industry especially like the ones on “Model Mayhem” can build their portfolio by allowing photographers to take their pictures for free in exchange for free pictures and under these conditions it is true that the “photographers do own the copy rights to their pictures”. This happens when they sign a release and form prior to the start of the shoot, and so they need to read the release and waiver forms before signing them. The release forms allows the photographer to assume the rights for your image and to use it however they please. The waiver form will usually wave their rights to collect any future pay for the use of their image. So for example if, their image is used for a successful Nike ad and it earns millions of dollars for the photographers they the model gets nothing. However if the actors are savvy enough they can negotiate the terms of how their pictures can be used.

      For example, they can agree with the photographer that their pictures will not be used on porn sites, etc. So the best advice I give aspiring entertainers/models if possible pay for your own pictures. Regarding actors /rappers etcs who are famous usually in all cases they have control on how their pictures can be used. You think Denzel Washington is going to submit for a photo shoot and not have control over his image?lastly she said that over the years,“she’s seen “straight” (insert entertainment industry here) turn bisexual or even gay. surprisingly wolves do it faster than vixen some are straight but will do whatever for the right opportunity.”Chances are they were that way to begin with. Lol I hope this helps you to understand the legal aspects of casting and the rights of the people who go to them seeking jobs.

      1. ^so i have a couple questions:

        arent george hill and jaye hardbody considered “independent contractors”?
        they aren’t signed to any agency,

        as far as those links are concerned,
        are you implying i have done something wrong in featuring them?

        so can photographers ask for sexual favors?
        which is what she was implying when talking about terry richardson and why he isn’t in jail.

        i believe casting directors are bound legally,
        but lets face it,
        you don’t know what happens everywhere.
        people can break rules and yes,
        you may know the rules but someone starting out may not.
        do directors who sleep with their stars have the same rules as well?

        lastly are you a cleaner?
        you are giving me that vibe…
        i like you tho.
        you provide good insight.
        we may need to pow wow.

  5. These famous people aren’t fooling anyone. They are more sexual than us regular folks man. Niggas like Trey are acting like they are God’s gift to women, boi bye. You are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows the real deal bro. To all these rappers, singers, models, and broke athletes, we know the activities you are engaging in when no one is watching. Stop it. Y’all will bend over and give up those cakes to other niggas if the money is right. It’s cool tho. When your looks fade, the money will run out.

    1. ^so i have a couple questions:

      1.arent george hill and jaye hardbody considered “independent contractors”?
      they aren’t signed to any agency, no?

      It depends on how you define “independent contractors,” because from what I know a person can be signed to several modeling agencies if they don’t have an exclusive contract. For example, a model can be sign to “acme modeling agency” for print work, to “ sleazy modeling agency for sports or fitness ads, and ‘we see you agency,” for runway work, and still have a separate manager to help them manage their day to day bookings. If they are under exclusive contract like say Tyson Beckford was during the late 80’s and early 90’s to Polo and then later with Sean John in the later 90’s and 2000’s you saw him in exclusive ads for those companies. However, I believe as you may defined the term yes they are independent models, and very low on the food chain. far as those links are concerned, are you implying i have done something wrong in featuring them?

      No I am not implying that you have done anything wrong by featuring them on your pages. You ever heard of the saying first impressions are usually lasting impressions? I was just trying to make a clear point that should anyone of them did a google search on their names it is likely that they will see those search results. From reading your search results if you were them and you were trying to build a public image would you see your blog as a possible help or as a possible hindrance to their image and career? Especially if they have girlfriends, family members and boys who track their careers closely. with Just read some of the descriptions that are in the search results that your blog’s name produced.

      In other words your blog is your brand and the context you put in your page represent your brand. It like people who post crazy pictures on facebook of them drinking, cussing, saying, and doing wild things and then going out to search for a job not realizing that their perspective employer may look at their facebook page prior to making a hiring decision. If you want to attract baller wolves, upcoming models, rappers etc you must be cognizant of the image that you are displaying to the public.

      3.So can photographers ask for sexual favors?which is what she was implying when talking about terry richardson and why he isn’t in jail. Photographers can ask for anything they want it is a free country lol. However, it don’t mean that they should nor does it mean that it is legal for them to do so. As to why Richardson isn’t in jail ? I am not too sure I haven’t been tracking his issues, however I would think like with Darren Sharper until he goes on trial and a verdict is reached then what is being said about him are just allegations.

      4.i believe casting directors are bound legally,but lets face it,you don’t know what happens everywhere. people can break rules and yes, you may know the rules but someone starting out may not.Yes people do break the rules however a professionally ethical casting director will in most cases try to use the casting couch to get some because they are concerned about their reputation and possible legal ramifications that comes from sexually harassing an actor. Like I said I work in casting and I have not tried to use the casting couch but I have heard of stories from other casting directors when it is the actor themselves who throw their asses in their faces in order to get a role.

      However, the shocking reality that the film industry especially casting directors have a very low opinion of actors especially up and coming ones and are not too pressed to get them into the sack. I can say that I can get very tempted at times some of these actors are stupid phyne and beautiful. Looking at most of their head shots and comp cards are like looking at soft porn and usually I will have to go through several hundred of them during a routine casting call. directors who sleep with their stars have the same rules as well?

      Duh of course lol they do all the time lol. Steven Spielberg married two actress that he cast in his films first Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw and Antoine Fuqua married Lela Rochon.

      6.lastly are you a cleaner? you are giving me that vibe…i like you tho. you provide good insight.we may need to pow wow.Yeah you can say that I am a cleaner of sort lol consider me as your personal cleaner to make sure you look good. Yes you can chat with me whenever you want. I am always around lol

  6. No silly lol I am not asking you to erase your past lol. I was just trying to visually show you why some people especially young straight black male Internet personalities may become resistant to being featured on your blog. I think the best and easiest thing you can do to open up your site more to “Baller Wolves” is to use descriptive terms that won’t possibly objectify or insult them. For example, how many people want to be refer to as constantly and publicly as “meat of the day”, or as “attention whores”? I understand those terms are a part of your blog’s cultural language and I am not asking you to change using them. Just making some points.

    I am suggesting however as a creative person that you work diligently to evolve as a creative blogger. Find different ways to celebrate Baller wolves in ways that celebrate their sexiness but is respectful to their reported sexuality. Feature more post about their positive achievements other than just looking good. Fight homophobia, without unintentionally causing it. I think the ” blogs “Hood’sworld,” and “rodonline” do pretty good jobs of doing this. Most of the Baller wolves you feature on your site are natural exhibitionist so exhibit them in a way that positively feeds into their need to be seen and perhaps they will start reaching out to you especially if they want be featured in gay venues. I am not saying you don’t do this already but in the competitive online blog field you have to be thinking all the time about improving your blog to open it up to a wider audience because after all you stated on several occasions that is your goal. Listen I think that you are doing a great job with your blog and I think you have a lot of heart and that you are very open and honest with your readers. This is something most bloggers fail to do so already you are way ahead of the curve. :-)’

  7. I guess Im missing something. Is this trend supposed to be new? Is it supposed to be bad? Use what you have to get what you want. That really is the American way. If your father was on growing pains thirty years ago, you use his money and connections (and some oversampling of Marvin Gaye) to become Robin Thicke. If your only talent is filling out a pair of jeans, you shake that ass on Living Color, share it with the right folk and become JLo. Has the game ever worked any differently?

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