Sex For Paychecks (The American Way)

CASTINGCOUCHso yesterday i was speaking with a casting director at work.
we ended up talking about a lot of industry related stuff.
i told her i always wanted to get into casting.
i said i can spot good “talent”.
you already know i have a good eye when it comes to fine wolves.
she didn’t need to know that.
we started to talk about the “other side” of the industry.
the ones that isn’t marshmallows,
and candy corn.
what she said pretty much opened up my eyes.
my mouth as well…
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Let’s Talk About The Gays In The Entertainment Industry…

i’m not in the business of outing anyone.
never believed in that.
i live by a code of silence of what i know.

the entertainment industry.
a place where people come to pursue their dreams.
people think they get signed and everything is all hunky-dory.
what they don’t realize is behind those doors is something that they aren’t ready for.
Are you ready?…

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