Let’s Talk About The Gays In The Entertainment Industry…

i’m not in the business of outing anyone.
never believed in that.
i live by a code of silence of what i know.

the entertainment industry.
a place where people come to pursue their dreams.
people think they get signed and everything is all hunky-dory.
what they don’t realize is behind those doors is something that they aren’t ready for.
Are you ready?…

i use to live in a bubble.
one in which is filled with being clueless and having rose colored glasses on.
artists that i loved and would curse you out over.
this person had swag so i wanted to be like them.
they had an iPhone in the video?
well i needed to get one too.
when i say i was a stan couple years ago?
i laugh.
well, i became desensitized working in the industry.
not all the way because i am still shocked at things when people tell me.
i have met some of those same artists is stanned for and they had the nastiest attitudes.
the rumors came to life and threw up on me.
functioning drug addicts who know how to turn on the sober when they walk on a television set.
lames who grew up in good neighborhoods who have been constructed into thugs.
good girl images who are really diva bitches.
i have seen the light.
now i have met people who were extremely nice and remembered me even later on,
but it was always the d-list stars with the bad fuckin’ attitudes.

let’s talk about the gays and bi-sexuals…

the gays are the popular kids and the straights sit at the loser table in the industry.
do you ever ask yourself, “why are they friends?” or “how did they meet?“.

they had gay rumors,
and now they have a baby or getting married?
they use to work together and now they don’t even speak.
you ever see a bunch of people who have gay rumors swirling around hanging in the same clique?
they all are at the same event?
all the gays hang with each other.
you ever look at who works with who?
play connect the dots.
pay attention.
the rappers and baller wolves talking about fucking all these hoes are trying to fuck me.
singers who are singing about pussy and actually using their boi pussy for the highest bidder.

they do it for that record contract or lifestyle upgrade.
they can’t buy that car or crib with that measly record contract.
help them if they have a 360 contract.
it is all common sense really.

everything in the industry is about money.
if you have no money,
then you aren’t getting inside.
that or a mean back shot/taking back shots.
it takes money to pay off these djs to play your music.
radio stations have their favorites because that check is sweet.
talent is great,
but how many un-talented people are making waves now?
how is this artist who isn’t selling records ballin’ out of control?
where is this money coming from?
they don’t write or produce… so?

everything is smoke and mirrors.
this is entertainment.
they are here to entertain us.
this is why MANY good looking people are just regular joes.
they want to be models or annoys us with their bad songs.
social networks are where people live out there dreams of being a celebrity.
it is best to live in an online world and find validation there.
it takes a different mind-set to be a star.
one who touches the lives of millions.
people don’t get that.

ain’t that right george hill and all the other wolves who attention whore?

your followers won’t get you on that screen or behind that mic.
these wolves are just sex symbols for the gays.
enjoy the attention,
but get your head out the clouds.

i started to wonder why do people chase these entertainment dreams?
they go in with bright eyes.
they don’t know the other side.
the one they will soon regret.
look at britney spears.
she is a perfect example of what the industry will do to you if you aren’t careful.

she is very sweet in person.

it makes me sad to look at her now.
her eyes tell a story.
so if you aren’t willing to sell your soul or suck that dick,
then you could as well get a regular day job and stay where you are.
i had to ask…

Are you willing to sell your soul for stardom?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Gays In The Entertainment Industry…”

  1. Im sorry, Ive been a fan of Britney since 98
    but what EXACTLY happened to her, She got used by kfed yes, but other then the paparazzi stalking her, what exactly happened behind those closed doors? was she passed around? raped? drugged? I fear the same thing happening to Rihanna as she took Britney’s crown as the sexualized princess of pop

  2. I work on the Biz side of the entertainment game… I do commend you on your deep and powerful blog…
    About your post, I think you’re on fire… your analysis is spot on… about the fantasy factory of entertainment,it’s a crash and burn equation. Few make it pass the madness with their mind and money intact(sports biz included.) The saddest part is the new jacks are like lion’s lunch for the taking. It’s hard to speak of finding your spiritual self when all they see is dollar signs every where(all the contracts are rigged by the way)… hopefully one of them will read your post, and think twice about the “You only live once” (YOLO) madness!

  3. lames who grew up in good neighborhoods who have been constructed into thugs.

    You should @ george hill on twitter with this article .I would have been bothered before however, I have learned that people’s experiences differ therefore their need for validation may go deeper than we see

  4. I’ve never said this, but I have to completly disagree with you on this one Jamari. Sure, I am positive there are entertainers out there who have sold their souls so they can come out on top. But not every entertainer is like that. I still believe that some of these stars got where they are on pure talent and hard work. I am not blind and I know that their are alot of attention whores out here who have done ‘the wrong thing to get where they are’ but lets face it, if you are destined to be a star and you have the kind of drive and talent that will deliver in whatever artistry you dive into, then you got it.

    Also, if this is the case, then half of the wolves we glorify on here shouldn’t even be at our intrest because if this article were true, it would proved that they are lazy and talentless. So why should we allow someone like that to even take our intrest? Let alone post about them giving them relevance on a blog? You feel me?

    & About Britney Spears. Let’s just face it, I am sure she allowed some of the wrong people in the industry into her life. And I am sure that also contributed alot to her breakdown. BUT LETS ALL FACE IT! The girl has serious issues now, its pretty obvious that she is suffering with a mental condition and she is highly sedated. This would explain her emotionless personality now. And to top it off she is a 31 year old woman under the conservership of her dad, so I understand the ‘idc about anything’ attitude she seems to now have. & this is coming from someone who use to STAN for her, and someone who still believes she has talent and is one of the greatest entertainers alive.

    To conclude, I have to disagree with you on this but I understand where you are coming from. Somewhat.

    1. you just summed up the entire entry.

      “if you are destined to be a star and you have the kind of drive and talent that will deliver in whatever artistry you dive into, then you got it. ”

      there is difference between stars and celebs.
      stars are the ones that make it.
      celebrities are the ones who get 15 minutes of fame.
      beyonce and mariah carey are stars.
      kim kardashian and evelyn lozada are celebrities.
      don’t think there is not a lot of backstabbing and selling out to get there.
      this is a talent competition for the world to see.
      nothing comes just from knowing how to sing, act, model, or carry a tune.
      there is more to it than that.
      i guess you would have to literally witness it to understand.

      you made a point of giving wolves relevance.
      if you look good enough to fuck then you are relevant to me.
      some wolves are just eye candy.
      we don’t really care about they talent.
      hell, it has nothing to do with talent.
      they are someone you want for one (or a couple) night so they can live out the fantasy.

      as far as britney,
      she is a product.
      christina was allowed to be an adult and rebellious,
      even at the start of her career with her content,
      britney was the perfect pop princess.
      she was molded to be that way.
      everything about her was controlled.

      from my honest opinion,
      britney’s whole world cracked when she fucked justin’s best friend/her choreographer,
      wade robson while still in a relationship with justin.
      that was the start of the end.
      she loved justin and apologized for doing it,
      but he dropped her like a hot potato and kept it moving.
      this was the entire backdrop for that “cry me a river” video.
      wade got blacklisted in the process and britney started to slowly unravel after that.

      britney’s biggest problem is she can’t handle pressure.
      this is why she is sedated.

      1. Now I definetley agree with that. And I feel bad for Britney. She is so dull now. I think she’d be happier if she’d retire.

    2. I agree. Yes, some singers, rappers, actresses, and actors have made it far because of their natural born talent. It’s just sad to know that some out there have come up in the world by lying on their backs while others have worked hard to get where they are now.

  5. I agree with Jamari on this one. I think that in order to make it in the “industry” you have to SELL something. Your soul, your cakes, your dick, your rights, your integrity, and your independence are all up for grabs. Even a lot of the behind the scenes type jobs sometimes require a little bending over. Most people want you to “do a little something” in order for them to usher you into the right circles and situations.

  6. And this is why I love artists like Brandy and Monica.

    Brandy went through the same shit having her image controlled by her team, but she never sold herself for a dollar and Monica didn’t play that shit.

    I think it’s all about what you demand from the industry. If you come in with stars in your eyes, just wanting to be famous, them that’s what you’ll be: famous. But that fame comes with a cost.

    The biggest problem is people’s motivation. Artists used to get into the game because they loved the craft. Growing up, I rarely heard people say they wanted to get into the business to be famous. It was always because they loved hip hop, or loved singing. It’s not like that anymore.

    1. Um, not to bust your bubble sir, but Brandy DID sell herselft for a buck. She lied about her marriage, she hid her relationship with Wanya, and she constantly tried to keep the “good girl” image going. It was the downfall of her career. I LOVE me some Brandy! She’s one of my favorite singers, but she didn’t escape the industry web.

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