Trey Burke: The Rookie That Could… Dress?

tumblr_mplynwmE3i1s1y3vko2_1280i see trey burke got his invite to the 2013 espys.
he should feel proud because not everyone gets an invite.
trey looks nice in his suit tonight,
which i’ll throw up later,
but i didn’t know he had a fashion spread in gq magazine last month.
well damn am i late!…

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Tamar Braxton Drops A Bomb Today

i usually say the same thing.

tamar launched her video for “love and war“.
does it live up to your expectations?

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Let’s Talk About The Gays In The Entertainment Industry…

i’m not in the business of outing anyone.
never believed in that.
i live by a code of silence of what i know.

the entertainment industry.
a place where people come to pursue their dreams.
people think they get signed and everything is all hunky-dory.
what they don’t realize is behind those doors is something that they aren’t ready for.
Are you ready?…

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The Entertainment Industry: Where Crushes Come To Die.

The entertainment industry is a funny place.

 …and I’m NOT laughing.

Sure, it is the glitz and glam that attracts people.
The worship of what you may think is an “idol”.
The egoes and even bigger attitudes.

Realistically, it is all smokes and mirrors.
One of which has fooled the likes of me.
Maybe I knew deep down inside?
Or, maybe I just wanted to not know but then I did?
As I journey deeper into this industry, I am starting to wonder…

What is really real?

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