The Entertainment Industry: Where Crushes Come To Die.

The entertainment industry is a funny place.

 …and I’m NOT laughing.

Sure, it is the glitz and glam that attracts people.
The worship of what you may think is an “idol”.
The egoes and even bigger attitudes.

Realistically, it is all smokes and mirrors.
One of which has fooled the likes of me.
Maybe I knew deep down inside?
Or, maybe I just wanted to not know but then I did?
As I journey deeper into this industry, I am starting to wonder…

What is really real?

So last night, I went to an industry event.
Since I have no job, I can do a lot more in pursuing my career.
It was with a low key networking type of thing that was “word of mouth” than anything else.
The scene was filled with cute Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes trying to expand their careers.
It was very interesting to be in that type of environment.
I saw a lot of people that I have seen on television or through internet blogs.
I saw D List Vixens and Wolves who were looking for their next come up.
And, I’m trying to figure out how they have all these nice things with NO money???

As I walked through the crowd, I made subtle eye contact and kept it moving.
I do not believe in being thirsty right off that bad.

I met up with some Wolves and Vixens I met a few months ago, got some drinks, and mingled.
As we mingled, I got the scoop on who was who within the circles.
That is when I saw him…
A Rapper Wolf who has had some big time hits was lounging in the VIP section.
He looked a lot better in person and had an aura about him.
I kept looking at him because he was smooth with his actions.
He even looked better than he does on television and pictures.

As the night went on, I noticed that everyone started to get more relaxed.
Combo of drinks and good music started to get the crowd more hype.
Well, that is when everyone decided to show their true colors, so to speak.
These same Wolves started to come out of shells….

….to reveal low key gayness.
You can imagine the look on my face.
Was this a networking event, or was this a hook up spot for advancing careers?

The same Rapper Wolf that was there went from this masculine fixture in entertainment,
to what appeared to be a queen.
I mean, the hand motions and the loud cackling.


Not the person that at one time would let get some?
Not the Wolf I thought was a Wolf…
He is playing an act to sell records.
His PR team is doing major overtime.

That is what bugged me out.
No one questioned him or judged.
They co-signed and laughed with him.

I must have died and fell into the Twilight Zone.

“yo so i didn’t know… was… ” i asked my people when we were leaving.
“hell yeah! that ain’t nothing new.”
“but on tv he is…” i asked, confusedly.
“that don’t mean shit! look when you come out more, you will see more.”
“yeah gay niggas are all over this shit.” another person cosigned.
“yeah but he kinda messy though because everyone behind the scenes knows his business.” even another cosigned. 

And just telling me like this is ALL normal.

Fantasies kinda ruined.
Vixens who are really hoin’ it up behind the scenes.
Wolves who are really Foxes… and Foxes who are actually Wolves.

Am I ready for this?????

now we at IJF will NEVER out anyone.
so you entertainment people do not have to worry about that. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “The Entertainment Industry: Where Crushes Come To Die.”

  1. I’m rather surprised at this post, and surprised by some of the respondants. Where have you been??? What you experienced is nothing new my friend. People have been ‘playing a game’, since the beginning of time.

    I know an actor who was very big in the 90’s, he peaked long before contracts allowed actors to earn such huge fees. Whenever he goes out to parties, he goes to a shop, gets the outfit, wears it, then returns it the next day!

    As for trying to guess the identify of said rapper – who cares

    My Grandmother use to tell me: “never judge a book by its cover”. I think that saying goes for the ‘rappers’ as well as the stylish guest.

    Its the entertainment industry – be entertained!!!!

  2. Hmm…
    A masculine fixture in entertainment….

    50 Cent sounds too obvious, my guess would be either LL Cool J, The Game, or Joe Budden. Nas isn’t a queen so it can’t be him. Common could be possible, but not really, I hope it’s not J. Cole. He’s kinda ugly-sexy lookin like an angry bird, he’d be interesting queen.

  3. Not going to speculate on who it was, but I will say the most powerful people in entertainment are homosexual. A lot of what you see on t.v. isn’t real. I have a friend semi- in the industry who put me on about some artists long before anybody even knew and to be honest, the lifestyle of a rapper totally accommodates that lifestyle because they’re not exactly expected to be with one woman or to ever get married. You can talk all day about the thousands of (unnamed and nonexistent) women you’ve slept with because there’s no way to verify that. Perfect cover up for getting banged out on the regular.

    Also, to your question, most artists are able to wear nice things and appear wealthy because they either:
    1) Borrow against their contract (ie. an advance).
    2) The record company provides them the clothing, etc. (which really just takes money from the artists bottom line)
    3) Receive the items as gifts.

    A lot of artists are actually not that wealthy. Unless they write and produce their own music, they’re getting anally raped each and every time their record plays.
    This is the reason Whitney Houston, after more than 30 years of performing, procuring endorsements, acting, and selling millions of records, can have less than 100 million in liquid assets while Beyonce has 3xs that amount in less than 20 years.

  4. i wanted to help in a few events this fashion week but i’ll pass for now, im actually not surprised at all with all of this, ive been studying and paying attention to the industry and alot of things is based on sex, its kinda scary but in a way its reality, i recently went to L.A for my 21st bday and i meet alot of gay celebs in west hollywood and the moto is . “if they wanna fuck you They’ll hire you”

  5. No matter how some people try to hide it you can still tell with some. Was the rapper cute jamari?

  6. And now you know. Maybe you weren’t getting any play because the kats you thought were wolves are actually foxes & vice versa. If you come off low-key & masculine, they’ll just think you’re giving dack instead of wanting some…lol

    All smoke & mirrors, baby; but my guess is you’d only see stuff like that at industry events, where Joe Q. Public isn’t allowed.

  7. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^lets just say that whoever the Rapper Wolf is,
    He is doing a great job of being a MAN on screen.
    I give his team props.

    Common he’s the only rapper that is currently on a recurring television series “Hell On Wheels”

  8. I am over hear laughing because i have met so many celebrities who are not what they portray on tv. We talk about out gay rappers and the lack of them but such but they are gay right in your face (you gotta have a very good gaydar) everybody in the industry knows the tea and if you aint natural gay, you will do some unnatural things to get what you want. You got celebrities leakin their nude pics to stay relevant. I talk about the entertainment world but i want no part of it. Hollyweird is run by the devil!

  9. JAY :
    Were Lloyd Banks or Memphis Bleek ever successful though?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it”s 50 Cent.

    Yes, they were actually successful lol. I think its someone who’s not really a “high status” rapper. Just someone who’s had hits…

  10. Well that’s the way it goes in the industry Jamari. Us outsiders are led to believe that these people live the lives they portray in videos and interviews, but I try to tell people that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Only the weak minded poeple, most women, believe that these people don’t live alternative lifestlyles. If I was given the oppurtunity to be famous, I would most def. turn it down. It’s too much to deal with.

    1. Nah, i think it has to be someone who isn’t as big anymore because of the use of the word “had” and “at one point”. So perhaps someone like Memphis Bleek or Lloyd Banks.

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