tumblr_msglubIAFA1rwlmvzo1_400“bitch get cho ass out the door.”
i’ll be using that some time this week in a sentence.
listen i don’t know if i want to:
or punch the wall.
was that season finale for the have and have nots not what life was all about?!?!?
my thoughts:

  • i may need to mess with an older wolf. david had me feeling some kind of way in my loins.
  • i hated how veronica spoke to jeffery.
    i wanted to cry for him.
  • that last season was so damn powerful.
    i am still in shock tyler perry wrote that.
  • that was some good fuckin’ tv!

6cwzzqi don’t know if anyone didn’t watch it yet,
but if not:

x watch it here

we need to talk about this RIGHT NOW!

lowkey: ima need this new season to be on next tuesday.
thanks tyler.

Tyler Lepley Can Have All My “Haves” and “Yes You Can”

-8i have been ignoring tyler perry since temptation.
he know he was wrong for wasting my time like that.
i saw this wolf on tumblr and added him to my mental “to do” list.
i got an email from an f-bi alerting me as to who he is.
who knew he was in that new show “haves and have nots”?
a tyler perry production im suddenly motivated to check out…

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Would You Like It “Skin Deep”?

would like you like to see this…

….on television?
well there is a new show called skin deep trying to find a home.
an f-bi sent me an email asking me to watch the trailer.
the trailer is NOT safe for work…

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The Entertainment Industry: Where Crushes Come To Die.

The entertainment industry is a funny place.

 …and I’m NOT laughing.

Sure, it is the glitz and glam that attracts people.
The worship of what you may think is an “idol”.
The egoes and even bigger attitudes.

Realistically, it is all smokes and mirrors.
One of which has fooled the likes of me.
Maybe I knew deep down inside?
Or, maybe I just wanted to not know but then I did?
As I journey deeper into this industry, I am starting to wonder…

What is really real?

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The Island of the Bi-Sexuals

Industry parties bring out the most interesting people and things.

It can be a struggle,
but I see why people fight to be in the “industry”.
It can bring a ton of pleasure getting behind those VIP doors.
It can also be a struggle to get there and an even bigger struggle once you get inside.
You have to make sure that you talk to the right people who drop the right key sentences:

“I work at a record label…”
“Oh, I am a assistant for…”
“The company I work for just signed….”

Networking is a big deal because you never know who can help you get to a higher position.
You can go from lowly intern to administrative assistant in the drop of a business card or an exchanging of a phone number.
But for me who is painfully shy around the right people….


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