tumblr_msglubIAFA1rwlmvzo1_400“bitch get cho ass out the door.”
i’ll be using that some time this week in a sentence.
listen i don’t know if i want to:
or punch the wall.
was that season finale for the have and have nots not what life was all about?!?!?
my thoughts:

  • i may need to mess with an older wolf. david had me feeling some kind of way in my loins.
  • i hated how veronica spoke to jeffery.
    i wanted to cry for him.
  • that last season was so damn powerful.
    i am still in shock tyler perry wrote that.
  • that was some good fuckin’ tv!

6cwzzqi don’t know if anyone didn’t watch it yet,
but if not:

x watch it here

we need to talk about this RIGHT NOW!

lowkey: ima need this new season to be on next tuesday.
thanks tyler.

22 thoughts on “NO THAT JUNKIE BASTARD DID NOT KILL MY BENNY!!!!!! #havesandhavenots

  1. It’s Sad but I feel like that “How Dare You Be Gay?” line is something my mom would say to me if i ever decide to come out to her. SMH. I had to clutch my pillow, I had a few tears myself. Only difference is I woulda cussed my mom out and PUMPED out the door. smh.

  2. Trust me, Tyler ain’t getting rid of Benny, he too damn fine. That’s eye candy for him to look at on set. David really touches my heart tonight. I always assumed that because Veronica was so against her son being gay he was too, but then I realized that David never had many scenes withJeffery and we never got his option on it’. Long story short, I was clocking Benny tonight, BUT David could have got in my guts tonight. I’d take the pain.

    Candace was still my evil brilliant girl. I love her. And btw all y’all mofos vas #TeamVeronica. I never joined that shit. Veronica has always been on my shit list. Sure her son is crazy af but she’s homophobic and looks down upon the less fortunate. Sure she is a swift smooth talker who can throw around a bunch of SAT words and talk her way into/out of anything. However the more we get to know her, the more we realize how insecure and ignorant she is. She is a conservative who cares about an image too much. I never liked her ass. Ever.

    Ummm Hanna was Hanna. I hope Selene is gone. There is noo need for her anymore. Katheryn was cool, am happy for her. Jim was Jim, real ass nigga (his scene at Candace and Amanda’s home).

    Overall the finale was A MOVIE. Roll on January.

  3. My god this was a good season finally. Damn Wyatt had to go get hi and kill MY man. S/N that officer who brought the bad news was fine as fuck

  4. FYI: They are doing casting for the show now. They are looking for a couple characters and one happens to be a gay guy.

  5. I want to be like Veronica when I grow up. I live for wen Hood Veronica comes out to play.

    1. LIKE Veronica was like my secret favorite, but that speech had me all types of pissed, BUT when he took his son in his arms to comfort him and say it was okay, SMH, touched me. I wont lie he is fine as hell as an older man, but IMMA NEED HIM TO CHECK HIS WIFE…Im dying to know what THAT relationship is all about. AND DID YOU SEE THAT SET UP AT THE END, Benny Gets run over by Jeffrey’s car which we both know he’ll take the fall for cuz he’s in love. HE HAD THAT CRAZY MOMENT!

      1. We got to see the ghetto come out of her in the beginning and then she just straight went psycho at the end. I just think her son needs to step up, im tired of the punk crying baby routine, its like he’s trapped yet CLEARLY his father is supportive and thats all he needs at this stage.

        BUT WAIT we don’t know if he’s dead or seriously injured, Tyler Perry aint stupid he’s not gonna kill him off….i think…

        1. ^tyler better not kill off my benny.
          i’ll protest the fuck out his studio!!!

          veronica has some great lines,
          but shit like that makes me loathe her.
          “how can you be a homosexual? how could you?”
          the fuck?

      2. Some how in my mind I feel like he is writing this from past experiences…or how he feels it would go down in his family…

    2. ^i was ready to go haul up wyatt myself.
      how he gonna kill my benny like that?
      they had to FF it and everything.
      benny was killed by a drive by fast forward.

      …but can we talk about how veronica spoke to jeffery????
      i woulda punched her.
      i don’t give a damn if that was my mama or not.
      she was way out of line!!!!!!!!

      1. Lets talk about the seriousness that conversation went, like all the extra background to try and make him feel worse of was not necessary, damn near made him suicidal. Damn near shows how black relationships are now a days, where the woman is like the matriarch with no input from her husband, sly ass Tyler.

        1. ^i really thought that watching.
          tyler was real good to inject that within that scene.
          it really was true to life in many households.
          i know my mother would have punched me out if i was jeffery.
          but i always said tyler writes from his *alleged* experiences.
          or he is the “vixen” in his movies and the wolves he is attracted to are his ideal man.
          it always seems like his story because it tends to be in a box.
          i will say he has excellent taste in wolves.
          he always got a thumbs up from me on that.
          again this is all “alleged”.
          we can make fun,
          but if he had the power of tyler to do all this,
          would we do it too?

      2. She was extremely outta line and its sad because you have crazy ppl like that in the world where they make it seem like your the way you are cause you choose to be, as if your doing it intentionally to hurt them.

      3. I will say this, atleast when Tyler Perry puts you on…he puts you on. Everyone he’s worked with atleast has ventured into more of his productions for a series of years and branches out…or tries to…He’s not like so called “producers” and “managers”….as we can tell…

        1. ^i agree.
          i was tired of the excessive church stuff in his movies.
          he liked to shove that down your throat and keep it there.
          this show has opened up a new side to his writing and production.
          i am really enjoying this show.
          i would love to work with him in the future.
          he has impressed me as of late.
          ive forgiven him for “temptation” and all those other madea productions because lets face it,
          its the same regurgitated storylines.

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