Jafar From Aladdin Just Happens To Be On Grindr

tumblr_msk6dwJCPC1qb2csoo1_400disney villans on grindr?

tumblr_lf1u396eQX1qcfba3o1_500my childhood is ruined… kinda.
so i saw this today on tumblr and screamed.
i always knew jafar was an old perv with his.
he is a light skin exxotical so i predict a ton of hits.
too bad scar died before his profile was dug up.

lowkey: princess jasmine would make a hot vixen in real life.
she kinda reminds me of kim kardashian.

just less annoying.

6 thoughts on “Jafar From Aladdin Just Happens To Be On Grindr

  1. Ok. I honestly wanna ask something about these websites Jack’d and Grindr, What are they for? Is it for sex or to network for bi/gay because i’m lost.

    I have seen these websites mentioned on here a few times but i never really get the jist of what they are about. I just see people commenting about how “they had to delete it because it was too much spam” or “too much thirstiness.

    Never used the website so i just wanna know what they are for.

    1. ^sex hook ups mostly.
      you download it to your phone and it acts like a beacon for ass/dick in your area.
      it shows the location of all gay men looking to hook up.
      you could find someone on there for friends,
      but it’s a challenge.
      the main motivation is sex tho.
      the issue i have with it is you cant turn it off.
      it stays on all the time and can be really dangerous if used incorrectly.

      1. Oh Wow! Thanks Man! But smh. Some men are just so focused on a quick nutt its sad. I’ve had one night stands about 3 times but I actually had conversation with the 2 females and one time guy that I slept with and got to know them. I didnt seek out to have sex with them but we just vibed and it ended up happening but safe sex of course.

        I just don’t think I could see myself going out to a club or an app just to get a nutt. It’s too much shit out here. Not even just HIV but a list of other shit that can do just as much damage or even more to your body and self-esteem.

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