caitlyn jenner wants you to watch her in a marvel movie

so caitlyn jenner wants to be in the movies.
you’d think her stint on “kutwk” wasn’t enough.
she wants to be a bigger star tho.
one who has super powers and takes to a life of crime.
caitlyn wants to do marvel.
this is what she told “variety”
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A Couple Knives; One Fox

132955-Bloody-Knivesi always wondered if i was a character on a tv show,
would the audience hate me?
would i be the villain?
the hero?
or simply boring?
that was my thoughts on the way home tonight.
my mind felt weighed down with various things.
i heard my mother’s voice clear as day tell me:

“you’re so stupid”

i think it may be time to face reality.
maybe i’m the one who is wrong?
work wolf and i had a talk today.
it left me feeling…
i dunno…
but i feel like a bad fox
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Jafar From Aladdin Just Happens To Be On Grindr

tumblr_msk6dwJCPC1qb2csoo1_400disney villans on grindr?

tumblr_lf1u396eQX1qcfba3o1_500my childhood is ruined… kinda.
so i saw this today on tumblr and screamed.
i always knew jafar was an old perv with his.
he is a light skin exxotical so i predict a ton of hits.
too bad scar died before his profile was dug up.

lowkey: princess jasmine would make a hot vixen in real life.
she kinda reminds me of kim kardashian.

just less annoying.

Ya’ll Respect The Shot, but Jamari Respects The Shooter.

the joker.
the riddler.
poison ivy.

i have always been a fan of superheroes.
but, I have always been a bigger fan of super villains.
something about them intrigued me.
the reasons for why they turned “bad” were often valid points.

joker wanted batman to smile.
poison ivy wanted people to treat the planet better.
venom kills people who commit any crimes.
magneto hated how people treated mutants.
cat woman wasn’t “bad”, she was more versatile.

but, I often wondered if these people were really “bad”,
or were they just hurt?
I started to wonder…

Is there such a thing as a genuinely “good guy“?

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