Tamar Braxton Drops A Bomb Today

i usually say the same thing.

tamar launched her video for “love and war“.
does it live up to your expectations?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ITujo4gbNU]

this is a nice cut.
the video was simple.
i was expecting “her”:

you know who her friends are.
did i mention i loved the eye candy?
who is the wolf in the video?
the better question is:

will tamar became a bigger star than toni?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Drops A Bomb Today”

  1. Who directed this shit?

    Where is the concept? Why is the entire video in black and white and delayed? She’s moving in slow motion the entire time.

  2. #1. This song goes harder than Keyshia’s
    #2. This video is not a weird mini-movie like Keyshia’s. #hated it
    #3. Tamar looks BEAT to fucking peices!
    #4. Love the black and white!
    #5. Smart for Vince to not spend alot of money for a video that will mostl likely only be
    played on BET, VH1 Soul, Bounce TV,, and the net
    #6. The song got really hot really fast and she HAD to put a video out just to keep up and so people won’t forget her in a month or two

  3. I like the video. It was cute, clean and not over the top like most videos that are being released lately.

    I don’t know if Tamar will be bigger than Toni. She’ll always be known as Toni’s little sister.

  4. I believe the wolf’s name is Gichi Gamba. A very sexy piece of chocolate who appeared in Zane’s Sex Chronicles on Cinemax. He gave us a few glimpses of his chocolate cakes in some of the sex scenes.

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