Everyone Meet The 2013 NBA ALLSTAR Starters

it’s that time again!!!!
the time when everyone comes together to have a good time…
…and a ton of vixens (jackals, and hyenas) plan on getting fucked.
the foxes/wolves/and hybrids plan on making some long term connects.
@espnnba just tweeted the 2013 nba allstar line up this year…

this is a good look.
kevin garnett and carmelo anthony on the same team?

even after he said lala tastes like honey nut cheerios?hmmm.
yeah this is about to be real good.
is there anyone you would have liked to see start this year?

lowkey: i know all the houston hoes are gearing up to get some lean pipe.
houston has some of the baddest.
my lover
on the right is from texas >>>>>>.
i need to round up my field work f-bi.

you maybe going undercovers to get all the action.

5 thoughts on “Everyone Meet The 2013 NBA ALLSTAR Starters

  1. Im with Random, what a boring ass line up. Now the city of Houston is another story, was there in 2006 when they hosted the All Star, and saw everybody from Jay-Z, Beyonce, Timbaland, TBoz to Chris Brown. It pays to have a pretty vixen with you on this weekend if you want to get into some of the really good parties. Dont waste your time paying high dollar for so called celebrity hosted parties,these are ghetto and the celeb’s only stay around for about a Hour and even in VIP it sucks, had to learn the hard way with a Gabrielle Union hosted party. Do not like this chick to this day, her attitude was so stank. These All Star activities bring out A-List Wolves and Foxes as well as no names who look just as good. Houston has some of the best looking men in the US. Hopefully Jay will vouch for this being that he is a Texas native. Just post up at a posh hotel bar, or the Galleria mall, bring your A-game with your dress, and just chill, be warned though that everybody else is also trying to be seen. This year should be a good Texas Hoedown!!!!!

  2. Well when it comes to the All Star game I think the reserves are more interesting. We all know who will start. I would say that Russell Westbrook should be starting, but there isn’t enough room for everyone, and plus he has to control his turnovers better, but he will be a reserve. I hope Paul George makes it, I think he deserves it the way he has stepped up his role since Danny has been out.

  3. Wel it is that time of the year again and we all look forward to seeing the game and the other activities that goes on that weekend. i know it has to be some fucking going on somewhere.

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