What Happens When Your Butt Cheeks Get Leaked Online…

we are so used to baller wolves pics having some penis leakage.
what happens when the vixen’s leaks?
everyone meet nick young:


he okay…
he has a better looking friend:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YNXzwxrt2s]

he plays for the sixers.
this was his fiance….

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Lil Wayne Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife and Thinks Dwayne Wade is a “She”

weezy took these lyrics seriously:

You claim to be a player
But I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys
niggas fuck for Life – “Take Money”, 2pac

^this picture contradicts the following…

the heat threw him out of the american airlines arena for being a fan of the lakers,
so he decided to let them know how he felt at Stereo Live in Houston last night…

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AllStar Sunday!

get your drinks.
get your popcorn.
i’m in my bed with a stomach virus,
but i will not miss…


you won’t either…

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f0xmail: How I Spent My All Star Weekend With My NBA Partna.


Jamari. I want to thank u for creating this site for people like me to read and feel comfortable. It has helped me in so many ways. Anyway I am here at All Star Weekend with my partna who plays in the NBA. U mentioned him on a few of your entries. He is 100 straight. I am bi and he doesn’t know that I get down with guys too. This is an update about All star since u wrote that entry a while back…ITS DEAD.Shit is wack I been coming a few years and it has really changed. The NBA has pulled the plug on a lot of the ratchet shit that use to go on. Players are getting fined out the ass if they do anything that brings a bad light on the corporation. A lot of girlfriends wives and family are required to come along now. My partna has his girl and son with him.  Many of the players end up working for different charities. Groupies are everywhere trying to get chose but they have been trying to get with all the rappers. Strippers are having better luck. Females now filming or taking pictures to be on Worldstar or get rich quick. You will hear about more rappers being exposed than players. Sorry this wasn’t an exciting letter. I managed to get some head from some bitch I met friday night if that what u call exciting lmfao a bitch will do whatever u want her to do if she think she will meet a baller. I wish I knew where all the get down parties were at… I think I would have enjoyed myself more… Before I go: some players have their boyfriends and jump offs in their crew.U wrote about that I think and that is very true. Also a couple well known singers are fucking with nba and nfl players. Bills got to get paid when albums not. Also rappers and singers use studio time to fuck around with each other. Features on songs have happened because of hook ups. Stay up.


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NBA Allstar Saturday Night Inside My Foxhole!


i love allstar saturday night!
skills challenge.
3 point contest.
dunk contest.
4 camera angles!
foxhole let’s get comfy…

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Michael Jordan Said He Prefers Kobe over Lebron

drama is already going down at all star huh?
this time involving mj and lebron

it’s pretty bad when the greatest player of all time disses you…
…for someone else.

read about it here

i know lebron must have exploded inside when he heard what MJ said,
but his PR answer was actually really admirable…

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