AllStar Sunday!

get your drinks.
get your popcorn.
i’m in my bed with a stomach virus,
but i will not miss…


you won’t either…

click to watch


shannon brown.
j cole.
irv gotti.

…and you.

6 thoughts on “AllStar Sunday!

  1. Is it me or did everyone sound the fuck terrible tonight? Well except for John Legend. Ne-Yo could’ve kept what he was giving. And I don’t understand how people can call Beyonce’s halftime performance basic when Alicia Keys was terrible. Why is she singing Empire state of Mind in Texas?

      1. Alicia has sung girl on fire so many times that the girl isnt even on fire anymore, that ass is burnt to a crisp. She’s cremated already. Just perform something else Alicia.

        1. ^LOL.

          lowkey: i love looking at the celebs on the sidelines.
          i wish i was there.
          they stay having the camera on jay and b on that link in the entry.
          did anyone catch lebron and carmelo laughing at those guys performing??
          they were juggling each other or something…

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