5 thoughts on “I Want To Make Love To You On A Bed Full Of Money

  1. I think more people change because the people around them change, they now see an opportunity for you to make their dreams come true, so you have to change in order to get away from all the fake bull that comes with money. I have been blessed to see a few large sums of money in my lifetime and I partied it up having a good time with friends, some of those same friends have not so much as bought me a drink or even given me a xmas card now that the money is gone. I would not give any body I knew personally shit if they came out and ask me for some money. I would want to give you something and surprise you, but I would be a hard person to catch up with and keep up with. Hell yeah winning millions is going to change my ass, I am moving to a high rise with good security to keep begging ass friends and relatives away. I am glad I am old enough to not be bothered with impressing anyone and not into the fast party life. It would feel good to take a few close homies on some cool trips but I am not going to be anybody life line of support.
    S/N my late Aunt look a country hot mess when ever you saw her, never comb her hair, wore house dresses and flip flops and barely made it out of the 6th grade but her estate was close to 2 million when she died, she was always tight and never spent money on nothing but her children education, but she own real estate, and apparently had other investments, I figured she had a little money because she was so tight but I didnt know she was that well off.

  2. If I win the lottery, I would invest 95% of that money BACK into savings, IRA, Bonds, non-volatile shares, Venture capital, Leverage buyouts. graduate and continue tripling my worth regardless and i still won’t but a luxury audi or maserrati. you probably won’t know i owned thaat much

    1. ^the wealthiest people are the ones you never know are rich.
      i hate to this say,
      but white people are good at looking broke and having a few millions in their checking account.
      black people like to wear their rich.

  3. i’m sure those online attention whores will finally notice you.
    the question is if I, the piper, will notice them. I have learned in my personal life the value of “FRIENDS” one of my mentees mentioned once about needing a ride, i told him to ask one of his “friends” for a ride, he said he didn’t know dude like that and that he wasn’t sure the guy would give hi a ride and he didn’t have gas money, i asked him why he spent more than half of his leisure time with said group of “friends”. if you can’t ask for a plain ride, those people are a waste of your time. I didn’t define friends by acquaintances/folks i chill with/party with/chat up with/do homework with/live close to etc. My friends now are my friends they have proven themselves beyond doubt to have my back EVEN in the middle of death. They are willing and have driven 3 hour drives in the middle of 2am i randomly called to pick me up from a stranded situation, ask for no gas money, give me a roof and feed me. THOSE are friends, I have them, I value them and they are a treasure.

    1. Bro you have brought the word and let the church say Amen, you speaking truth about so called friends, too many of us learn this valuable lesson when its way too late and we have lost time and money. I wish this comment had a like button so I can like it 100 times.

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