saucy santana is in debt and his payment is due

in the show,
game of thrones,
the lannisters always use to say:

“A Lannister always pays his debt.”

i always found that quote interesting.
we all pay our debts in some way.
i feel like once you make it to a certain level,
you always end up paying for your bad behavior.
you don’t ever escape your nasty behavior.
saucy santana just got the coach campaign but his payment is due.
as you know,
he had a lot to say about beyonce and blue ivy.

( x see it here )
he responded to the expose…

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Beyonce Breaks The Internet

tumblr_ni0zx9LgcF1qkomroo1_500sorry kim.
well the beyhive is buzzing so we will see what beyonce has up her sleeve.
or up her belly.
if she is pregnant i’m rooting for a boy!

lowkey: i love that she does stuff like this.
its better to make people talk first before you confirm.

stay tuned: instagram

What NOT To Say When Hosting 106 and Park

KARRUBEYHIVEwhen you do dumb shit,
shit that makes no kind of sense,
you gotta make sure to correct the issue immediately.
so let me give you a scenario foxhole.
you are invited to host bet’s 106 and park the day after a huge award show.
yes that show still exists.
bow wow had to bail because he had intense diarrhea or some foolishness.
anyway you’re reading the teleprompter and some real out of control behavior scrolls down.
one that may offend a major celebrity and their child.
you are a pretty much nobody.
do you read it?
or do you ignore it?
well this is the problem that krackofdawn aka karrueche faced and well…
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The Most “Beautifulist” Thing In A Long Time

ready for it?…

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