saucy santana is in debt and his payment is due

in the show,
game of thrones,
the lannisters always use to say:

“A Lannister always pays his debt.”

i always found that quote interesting.
we all pay our debts in some way.
i feel like once you make it to a certain level,
you always end up paying for your bad behavior.
you don’t ever escape your nasty behavior.
saucy santana just got the coach campaign but his payment is due.
as you know,
he had a lot to say about beyonce and blue ivy.

( x see it here )
he responded to the expose…

he was “miserable and broke” so that is the excuse for his behavior?
is that the excuse why he was attacking someone he didn’t know?
attacking her kid?

he went after cardi b and her kid too:


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was he miserable and broke in 2018 too?

i’m so confused with this excuse.

It’s not taking accountability for me.

he could have just said he was young and stupid.
at the time,
he was tweeting and not realizing how hurtful he was being.
he isn’t the same person he is now that he was then.
that is fair since he is older now but that word vomit was not it.
that was it.
all that nonsense didn’t help his case further.

If this is how he chose to pay his debt,
I could see him killing off his promising career.

it seems beyonce is fully aware cause her cousin,
posted this:

uh oh.

lowkey: game of thrones is major key in human behavior.
they captured humans being stupid or stubborn perfectly.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “saucy santana is in debt and his payment is due”

  1. And that’s how you put a nail in your own coffin.

    He JUST got signed! I can’t believe his label would tell him to put this ridiculous remorseless statement out. Way to have a career dead upon arrival. He apparently has a City Girl mindset and that doesn’t work in the mainstream. Delusional. Like…imagine sampling a song Beyonce made popular as your debut SIGNED single and talking sh*t about Beyonce?

    Mind you, Beyonce just wiped her social media and is talking about B7 and B8, so whatever she puts out will erase whatever mess he puts out.

    The Cardi tweets are disgusting.
    Smh, I was happy to see another gay Black artist. Oh well.

    The pathetic fact is from all his talking about “puzzy” and being effeminate, he clearly has an issue with women. Gay men say they DON’T WANT TO BE WOMEN, yet are SO MISOGYNISTIC!

    Make. It. Make. Sense. And the misogynoir comparing a Black child to a biracial you’re dark-skinned, fat and fem. How dare you open your delusional coon mouth?

    1. ^ “Like…imagine sampling a song Beyonce made popular as your debut SIGNED single and talking sh*t about Beyonce?”

      ooooooh so this is why they exposed him.
      what a way to throw the bag out the window.

  2. Ratchet is as ratchet does! This is why I don’t fool with the ratchets unless I’m getting a fried fish sammich or hitting somebody’s cookout.

    I love me some Coach and I was happy to see Megan Thee Stallion, JLo and Michael B Jordan become spokesmodels but here come Saucy fucking it up. I gotta find me another luxury brand to cop.

  3. Jamari, I think Saucy is finished. The BeyHive will ALWAYS be after him now. And Beyonce’s cousin responded with a Instagram post with Brown Skin Girls which features Blue Ivy in the background.

    And Beyonce coming out with new music so I am sure she will say something.

    1. Beyoncé will say something directly only if it’s a cute bar or something that fits the concept she’s coming with otherwise she’s a megastar DIVA, damn near a living legend so it would be useless for her to speak on somebody who hasn’t even realized their dreams yet. She will pay it dust like she does most things. Beyoncé is about her coin first and foremost! Her cousin has pretty much handled her light work lol.

      I think he about to be like Keri Hilson. His new song is too try hard like Chloe Bailey. What happened to melody and a complete chorus? You repeating words over and over ain’t gonna cut it. Twerkelator by City Girls suffered the same curse. Y’all gotta flip these samples into gold instead of lazily relying on the nostalgia to do all the work. Where’s the musicality and the artistry? Clearly not in Miami.

      1. I too do not care for Chloe’s direction. Have Mercy wasn’t it for me. Treat Me is better, but still beneath her. It’s not that she can’t have fun, but neither showcases her vocals which is what she is first. As far as Saucy, I like the hook, but the cadence, lyrics and flow are wack and don’t match the fire beat.

        City Girls got lucky. They are not what music needs. If anybody out of Florida should have become famous, it was Brianna Perry.

  4. Oh WELL! Miss Bossy Saucy oughta know if you are not famous, famous or infamous- keep your mouth off of people’s chirren. That’s a no go all day everyday.

  5. Saucy calling folks ‘woke’!? Sounding like Christian Walker’s low budget Republican dumb ass.

  6. He knew how hurtful his statements were, he just didn’t care. People just write it off as being their sign, being a savage or that they have the balls to say unpopular opinions. Being miserable and broke (I’m guessing that supposed to equate to jealousy) is supposed to mean that he was unhappy and trying to spread that venom onto anyone else? I guess. I do feel him on the different mindset part but sometimes you also need to just admit that you had moments in your past that you’re not proud of. He is right in that the person he needs to apologize to ain’t the internet, it’s The Carters and Cardi, Kulture & Offset.

  7. Of all people to go after. Two of the biggest names in show biz, Beyonce and Cardi and INNOCENT BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN????

    Why didn’t he add Jesus Christ and Muhammed !!!, Michelle Obama , Viola Davis?

    Very dumb move and his mentality matches his/ physical appearance ” Odd & Disturbing ”

    [ Certain looks just do not work. Sorry the Beard and False Lashes , The Odd rotund body shape wearing clothing to emphasis his nasty flaws. Yeah ,, I am giving him what he dished on those little kids . That is a line you do not cross in my book ! ]

  8. The gay community has an obsession wit chopping people everybody thinks they’re fit to be a judge on legendary

    And look a fucking MESS let’s be clear Santana is funny but in no way shape or form attractive or on a level to down talk ANYONE!!!!

    Let’s get real with the community this pride instead of partying and feeding their delusions

  9. He’ll survive this if his music is good. Remember when Twitter tried to get Doja out of here? Cardi?!?! Haha This is part of the process, I guess. Like a hazing ritual

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