What NOT To Say When Hosting 106 and Park

KARRUBEYHIVEwhen you do dumb shit,
shit that makes no kind of sense,
you gotta make sure to correct the issue immediately.
so let me give you a scenario foxhole.
you are invited to host bet’s 106 and park the day after a huge award show.
yes that show still exists.
bow wow had to bail because he had intense diarrhea or some foolishness.
anyway you’re reading the teleprompter and some real out of control behavior scrolls down.
one that may offend a major celebrity and their child.
you are a pretty much nobody.
do you read it?
or do you ignore it?
well this is the problem that krackofdawn aka karrueche faced and well…






chris-rock-huh-face…well she fucked up.
first of all,
why is she even hosting 106 and park?
is this what fuckin’ chris brown gets you?
and did she not realize how offensive that sounded?
i have a lot of questions.
the fact she laughed and had to say:

“ha ha sorry blue i love you”

…shows she knew what she was doing.
you don’t know that child to be screaming “i love you” off the strength.
she could have just said she didn’t feel comfortable tellin the joke,
or let her face and body language reply that it wasn’t funny.
now the poor vixen has to bathe in chamomile lotion for all those bee stings.
the beyhive,
and rihanna’s navy,
went and carried out operation “DISRESPECT” on kosmic’s entire life.
nothing better than two rivals teaming up to bury a common enemy.
they still feasting on her left overs today.
in a statement yesterday,
she claims bet set her up:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.57.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.57.26 PM
giphy-100why is she apologizing to the beyhive???
she needs to be apologizing to beyonce and jay z for dissing their CHILD.
those are the two who could potentially blacklist your ass.
in a twist,
bet knew about this and set her up for failure.
they ended up having to apologize to b,
and komiccon.
well not “they”.
stephen g hill on twitter:

 Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.02.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.02.37 PM
bet has been known for the shadiness tho.
they got mindless behavior caught up with a tasteless lauryn hill joke,
106 and park own keisha chante and that whole august/trey saga,
and now poor little konundrum.
i have a feeling beyonce will not be coming back to that network ever again.
she may not even get mp4 email attachments of her performances to stream now.


kootiekat pictures and statement: instagram

bet statement: twitter

15 thoughts on “What NOT To Say When Hosting 106 and Park

  1. Let me put a NO OFFENSE on it:
    That comment at the beginning of this post(Lindo) is ridiculous. I’m not a Beyonce enthusiast by any means, however, there is nothing wrong with an afro. Clearly her child is well taken care of. At least, she isn’t using a steam gun to burn the blackness off her scalp. If that child had some ringlets aka the mop, there would be no issues. Also the comments about a particular “community” is a matter of opinion. Some might even say its a fallacy… especially if one observes some of the happenings in NYC(especially in the Bronx).

    On another note, Karrueche needs pool her coins for college/trade school and leave the lime light.

  2. Well for one, it is wrong to bring children up in a negative way, even as a joke. What kind of world do we live in now? That kid’s hair has been a topic for a while now and it’s time for the shit to stop. Everything is about Blue’s hair. I hope Karrueche gets it so bad that her ass has to run away just to get away from it all. People need to mind their own business and focus on their own lives, period.

  3. Bet is really becoming the scum of cable tv along with Vh1. It is in fact ironic that a station that is suppose to be rooted into the black community can use Chris Browns nutbucket to take shots at a child’s natural hairstyle. The writers on 106 and park are well aware of what was going to be read and the feeling it was going to convey. On a large scale, BET is really trying pulling it. From artists, music, companies, and sports, Bey and Jays business connections are FAR reaching. The last thing they wanna do as a network, is piss off two of the biggest, most influential black celebrities in the world by taking shots at their baby. On a small scale, I can imagine how insulted they must feel as parents to have a network insulting their most valuable possession

    1. ^im starting to think bet was mad that b only sends them those email attachments from her tour,
      Whereas MTV was able to actually book her and do a mini concert.
      i could be wrong in my assumption.

  4. and what’s sad is many white people, some of my friends included, love our natural hair…i get compliments all the time about my locs even when they’re in need of a touch up…everyone talks about blue like her hair supposed to be wet and wavy…i love her natural hair, and i love that so many stood up against this nonsense…people throwing shade at Blue and she’s the inheritor of a billion dollar empire…fuck what her hair look like blue ivy will never lift a finger a day in her life…so let the little people hate…i just hate how judgmental we are about our OWN hair…you don’t see white, jewish or parents of biracial children looking at their little child hair saying i hate what it looks like or it it’s bad hair or good hair…smdh the effects of slavery linger on

    1. Yea they are hating…and off of a baby at that. Half the people talking don’t even have their own hair together which is the sad part.

  5. No Wonder she always send their ass a tape of her performances lol…. BET has no respect… Also, there is nothing wrong with Blue Ivy’s why is that Black people can’t appreciate their naturally thick untamed curly hair… We’ve become a real brainwashed culture even in our advances… Madame CJ Walker just helped us look more like “Them”…

  6. I have to say that you’re right. It’s clear BET has been trying to have controversial things happen on 106 to get ratings. They tried with Trey/August beef. They tried with the Lauryn Hill joke. They even had Tyler the Creator and his goons on their being up Mimi from Love & Hip-Hop hanging onto a shower rod. It was an blatant attempt to garner buzz for the show. I just happened to turn to it and see it. I stopped watching 106 regularly when Terrance J and Rocsi became permanent host.

    Such a shame that a so called Black network aka network for Black people would joke about a baby girl’s hair like that. BET is supposed to be about empowering Black people. At least that’s what they claim. Seems to me it’s all about empowering half-breeds and whatever non-Black group that feels hip and down because they know how to pop, lock, and throw a few bars on the mic. If they got such a problem with Blue’s hair, why don’t they brush it. No, they’d rather keep showing those relaxed hair commercials with Eddie Murphy’s daughter talking about how great her life is because her hair is straight.

    BET can kick rocks. I hope Beyonce never gives BET any support. Pay them dust like she has been doing.

    I will admit that I had a problem with Blue’s hair once, but only because I had to keep explaining to everyone that she didn’t have dreadlocks like everybody assumed. Like someone else mentioned, Blue probably won’t sit still long enough for them so they just let it be. When she’s older, she’ll be rocking lace-fronts like her mom so it doesn’t really matter.

    One thing I hate is when Black people say “White people don’t know how to take care of black hair.” I think the opposite is true. Black people think cutting a Black boy’s hair bald and throwing a perm on a little Black girl’s hair is “taking care of Black hair.” It’s not.

    1. ^preach!
      how ironic a black networking is making jokes about a black child’s hair…
      …with a vietnamese prop.
      furthermore reason to be insulted.

  7. Honestly, I thought her hair looked fine.

    It looked combed out and it still had her naturally thick and curly texture.

    Black people get too caught up with having little girls have braided up or with ponytails they barely have enough hair to fill out. Seems like that would kill a babies edges before they even grow out fully.

    Her natural hair looked better than some of these adult women rocking natural hair.

    Then again I don’t really care what her hair looks like. She wears baby clothes more expensive than my whole outfit, that kind proves she’s not being neglected which seems to be what most black people attribute lack of maintaining the hair of one’s children.

  8. No offense, but she does have a point. At the VMA Blue Ivy look ridiculous, but maybe because I’m Spanish and u know within the Latino community we make sure our kids look good. I know she’s a little girl and all, but that still not an excuse.

      1. Mmm yea. I’m not afraid of them because bitch I’m from Tremont and grew up at the projects near White Plains. So I can handle them.

    1. What is looking good? Having straight hair? Well I stop trying to have” good hair” 8 years ago when I realized how much money and time I was wasting trying to look good with good hair(straight).#happytobenappy
      Leave Blue alone enough with calling her ugly because she looks like Jay and her is not pulled tight and restricted with rubber bands to appear straight.Keep rocking the fro

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