So Liar Liar Put Her Knife Back In The Drawer?

Back-Stabbersomething there has been some changes happening at my job.
something kinda weird.
liar liar has been exceptionally nice to me.
i’ll say it one more time.
liar liar has been exceptionally nice to me…

since that wolf got fired,
and the older vixen gave her two weeks,
liar liar and i have had to work together as a team.
as you know i was dreading it,
but she has been on some next level nice.
for instance on monday,
she asked me if i watched the vmas.
she then started talking about her favorite performances.
we ended up talking about the whole morning.
ever since then,
she has been real cool.
…and if you think for a second i trust her,
you may not know me like you should.

judgy-ladeeeeeeshe is up to something or maybe nothing at all.
for someone who was throwing me under the bus,
talking about me to anyone with an ear,
this sudden shift is out of character.
i won’t be rude tho.
you catch more flies with honey.
you talk to me and i’ll speak to you.
my best offense and defense has been my kindness.
took me a while to realize that.
either way you slice it,
no one can ever say i was nasty to her.
ive learned working in corporate that you can’t really trust anyone.
people you think are besties at work secretly hate each other.
the first sign of “cut throat”,
one of them is taking it.
so there is no reason for me to be throwing her an attitude.
we do have to work together on various projects.
plus i’m out numbered at this point.

tumblr_msn2j1Dcqw1r68d1so1_500funny enough that same wolf who got fired texted me over the weekend.
he wanted to let me know to not get pulled into her games.
he also told me how happy he was to not be working with her (the job) anymore.
yesterday she told me how he texted her randomly and apologized for the incident.
she claims how sad he was that he doesn’t work there anymore.
who to believe?
i don’t know.
i don’t really care either.
i removed my emotions from that job and my work life has been a breeze.
time seems to fly by while i’m there.
if i have to play “the dumb fox” for about hours a day,
just to keep my sanity and any potentially schemes,
then i will do so.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “So Liar Liar Put Her Knife Back In The Drawer?”

    1. ^thank you i!
      yeah it puzzles me how she can be so nasty before,
      and flip to being this cool chick.
      def gonna play my position but still watch for any bullets,
      and ninja stars.

  1. She’s up to something because out the blue she’s nice to you? Yea I think I know what she’s doing “Keep my friends close, but my enemies closer” Nah she can put that trick on someone else. Only if you were a millionaire or billionaire to hire a hitman. But that would be so cool if you were and had your own company. And I can be the sexy assistant.

  2. This is like a Cheetah helping a Gazelle. It’s no longer watching from afar, waiting for a moment when it can strike. It’s now trying a different approach. Making the Gazelle think it’s just another animal out on the safari trying to survive day to day. As soon it shows a moment of weakness, the Cheetah will feast on it’s meal.

    Y’all have watched Animal Planet before. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Jamari is the cute little Gazelle trying to mind it’s business. Liar liar is the big cat with it’s head ducked down below the tall grass watching Jamari as he sips some water. She doesn’t have her pack to back her up so mamma has to get tonight’s meat alone. Will she succeed or will the Gazelle take off before she pounces. She’s already consumed the flesh of his friend and mamma bear is still hungry.

    1. ^i love this analogy zen!!!

      remember when I said the fox is one of the smallest animals in the forest?
      this is how I started living my life now.
      i am the animal people tend to second guess.
      she thought I would be like everyone else that has worked there as well.
      didn’t think I would put up a good fight to avoid being “dinner”.

  3. Yep that’s the way to do it I’ve been doing this at my job with my own villain i’ll call her liar that, she’s been smiling at me and saying hello so I do the same all while keeping my distance, when ever she comes around I make up an excuse to go somewhere else, of course in a nice way.

    1. ^yup!
      that’s how you gotta do it.
      they will fall into their own traps eventually.
      just make sure your hands are clean and you aren’t involved when things come crashing down.

  4. I wouldn’t trust her, but I’m glad she is not giving you trouble anymore, at least for now anyway. Keep an eye on ol girl.

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