f0xmail: HELP JAMARI! I’m Cute and Being Catfished!

tumblr_m44y8o74yJ1qapt9zo1_500one of the problems with being a good lookin wolf is being cat fished.
yes that moment where you may have girlfriends/boyfriends all over net.
you probably got cute little children on ( x here ).
it isn’t a good feeling to know that you are completely straight,
yet unknown to you,
be the main attraction in the gay online world.
not only is the innocent and thirsty being led on,
someone’s reputation is being butchered.

x also illegal.

this is why the foxhole is here to save the day.
i got an email from the above wolf,
terron beckham,
himself and it reads…

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Does A$AP Rocky Still Hate Drake’s Music and Thinks He’s A Homo?

this should be a lesson to everyone.
watch what you put on social media.
the feet you step on today could be attached to the ass you kiss tomorrow.
today’s lesson….

oh there is more where that came from…

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I Want To Make Love To You On A Bed Full Of Money

does this…


make you hard as steel?
wolves come and go,
but green can keep me warm at night.
no seriously it can:

if i asked your broke ass what would you do if you got rich tomorrow…
i am sure you could provide me a list or two.
hell maybe 5.
we spend our days day dreaming of a better life.
this is what we bust our ass for daily.
getting up and going to a “ain’t shit” job.
working about 10 hours a day hoping one day,
it will all pay off.
one where we can afford to pay our bills,
eat at the most expensive restaurants,
travel to far away lands,
and hob knob with the best of em.
don’t even have to mention the amount of pussy/ass/dick you will get.
once you have money,
it cums (literally) by the boat loads.
i’m sure those online attention whores will finally notice you.
everyone becomes your friend.
you can literally buy other people to hang with you.
life certainly starts to become more enjoyable.
well that is before it’s all gone.
low self esteem,
and no plan is the devil.
i had to ask the foxhole…

Can you mentally afford to be rich?

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