10 thoughts on “Does A$AP Rocky Still Hate Drake’s Music and Thinks He’s A Homo?

  1. Honestly I doubt any of this info was lost on any of these artist. Its about making that money nowadays anyway. It would explain why he wore that dress on 106…lol

  2. ASAP lost so much respect. I always thought it was something up with him. He pretends to be so open in his interviews, but he really doesn’t reveal much. I think it’s all a front.

    ON TOP OF THAT, this is what bothers me the most. Why does he continue to say he doesn’t care about gays BUT in MAJORITY of his interviews online he is ALWAYS talking about gays. Always. Like stfu. If you aren’t one or don’t care about them, then why are you talking about them.

    And I DO believe this is him. And if I were rihanna, I would kick him off my tour so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him. And drake should’ve done his research before his fuckin problem verse. Watch me come late to the show just to miss his set.

    1. ^i got a development.
      his crew member claims he was the one who wrote it:


      sounds like a clean up.
      he said in an interview he fucked a lot of vixens off twitter in his early days.
      now he never “ran it”???

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