he had me vex asking who the homo was in the room


Something happened yesterday and it’s bothering me…

…and i wanted to get the fohxole’s opinion.
so i was playing ps4 with one of my straight wolves yesterday.
we get in a match and this random needed help with a challenge.
he sent my friend a message from his screen name.
we helped him and after we left,
the random wanted to join us to play.
my straight wolf friend is a nice one and said “sure“.
we played a few matches with this person but they couldn’t hear us.
we were in a party chat talking and shooting the shit.
i decided,
and this was my bad,
to invite them into our party chat.
that was probably where i fucked up.
when he comes in,
i could tell he was gay.
i was happy it wasn’t a 13-year-old.
we’re not into the first game of him in the party chat and he gonna ask

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