you start talking to someone your friend hooks you up with.
he proceeds to tell you he is a “model“.
he hasn’t done any kind of modeling work.
he just takes nice pictures and posts them online.
he gets 440 likes every time he puts up a picture on instagram.
he has 7,000 followers on twitter.
he has 2 facebook pages because the first one was past limit.
he never had a job,
barely has any skills,
and lives off his middle class parents who support his dream.

he looks like this…

┬áno future plans but a “modelling” pipe dream.
by his conversation and texts,
he is dumb a box of rocks.
doesn’t really have anything to talk about.
you haven’t slept with him yet….
…but he is interested in you HARD BODY!!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (52)”

  1. Damn he’s bad. I’m not gonna lie, I like em kinda dumb. Yea, I’d mess with him to pass the time. I would try to convince him to make real goals for himself.

  2. what happens next?
    are you serious????
    A B S O L U T E L Y…
    I’m too “gone with the wind fabulous”…
    ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

    1. MOST of them might be, but I’m so serious about my stance. I don’t care how “cute”/”sexy” a dude is, if he can’t hold an intellectual conversation and stimulate me mentally, then it’s a wrap!

  3. You can always inspire/persuade him into doing something with his life. I’d mess around with him, but I def couldn’t give it all up to him.

  4. is that supposed to be dreamy attractive? if he looks betttttter in person and the ood is rite MAYBE otherwise lets be casual?

  5. I don’t find him attractive, but let’s say I did.

    I would honestly try to influence him to aspire to be more. If I feel like my efforts are in vain I’d probably get bored and move on.

    I have to be stimulated mentally and I need someone that will elevate me.

    There are tons of attractive people out there.

    However, his type is exactly what a lot of dudes are looking for in this lifestyle. Nothing more than a “prop” you can hump on the regular and take out and show off to people.

  6. I cool the communicatons with the ‘model’, and I have some very indepth conversations with my ‘friend’ because he clearly doesn’t know me!

  7. My dick says fuck him and leave him but I just couldn’t do it. You a ‘model’ and with a body like that you can’t log off Instagram and go get a REAL gig….Nah….nope..never

  8. I would have to agree with the Man and Devon on this. There are guys you wanna have sex and conversation with, and then u have your Bedroom Chiropractors, which he looks to have a PhD in…

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