20 thoughts on “f0xmail: HELP JAMARI! I’m Cute and Being Catfished!”

  1. lol.. that nigga is an attention whore. you’re not gay, YET you send half nude pictures to a GAY BLOG, with GAY readers to “tell you” that he is engaged to a girlfriend?? LMAO… quick question jamari, aren’t YOU ., the author of this wolf lusting blog – married? Isn’t that what DL is… pleasseeeee this nigga needs attention, hope his thirst has been quenched.

    1. ^oh.

      uno: i took those pictures off the internet to use for this entry.
      he didn’t send me anything.

      dos: close but no cigar.

      tres: shouldn’t you be on a flight headed to neverland?
      i would hate for you to miss it.




      1. fucking stayed in that bitch till like 9 and the damn flight got delayed cus of weather, go figure. Finally got out there though. Thanks for asking jackass.

        2. I figured you were the one who posted the pic but felt too lazy to delete my previous typos

        3. He’s an attention whore.

  2. I love how wrong this dude was in this comment. He went on this tangent and ended up looking looking stupid. I been reading this blog for three years and realized everything this Davon person says needs a quick Google search lol. That being said, good job J exposing that fake screen name. More people should reach out if they are being cat fished.

      1. Ain’t that some shit? Jamari could have some ballers reading this site right now. “HEYYY!!!!”How has this affected your life Terron? Are people thinking you are gay in real life?

  3. I feel sorry for him. That’s why I don’t put pics online. I can only imagine how he must have felt. People ain’t shit.

  4. well for one it was bad cause my mother found that account and thought it was me and completely went off on the inappropriate things she read and had seen until i explained. and the people at Krave fitness magazine toldme to get rid of that profile because they dont want false advertisement from me since im not like that… but i just dont want to be questioned anymore about how i am

    1. Your mom? That can’t happen. I would shut down all my social media accounts if I were you, but it would be hard to promote yourself. It’s like either way you are fucked.

  5. Long time female lurker here. Love this blog so much, but I had to come out of hiding and say his last comment was absolutely heartbreaking about this ruining his image to his job and his family. I am a urban model so I can relate with stolen pictures. It has made me super cautious and scared now. Can’t you contact Twitter? Something has to be done because that is a form of slander.

  6. Man I remember when I saw this fake profile a couple of months, and I followed him and immediately unfollowed it when I figured out it was a fake because it just didnt add up according to info that was later provided on IJF. I felt so bad for this dude because no one deserves for their name to be dragged in the mud and their lively hood threaten. If Im not mistaken, not only is Mr. Beckham a professional fitness model, but an aspiring NFL player and its sad that his brand will be tarnished with a gay label, and lets be honest, its hard for a Black man no matter how open we may think society is to bounce back from gay rumors. I hope that these foul dudes would stop with this foolishness, doing this to str8 dudes not realizing the long term implications in this social media obsessed world we live in. I just appreciate that this is a good looking dude and inspired to work a little harder to get a body like that, but disrespecting his brand and his person is not cool.

    S/N Mr. Beckham, I hope you shut this B.S. down and are able to salvage your reputation Bro.

  7. But but-but…but-but…please say it ain’t so. *weeps slowly and turns on Mariah Carey* I’m sincerely disappointed.

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