Lil Wayne Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife and Thinks Dwayne Wade is a “She”

weezy took these lyrics seriously:

You claim to be a player
But I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys
niggas fuck for Life – “Take Money”, 2pac

^this picture contradicts the following…

the heat threw him out of the american airlines arena for being a fan of the lakers,
so he decided to let them know how he felt at Stereo Live in Houston last night…


“Fuck the Heat, fuck LeBron, fuck She-Wade, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife”, as well as starting “fuck the NBA” and “fuck the Miami Heat” chants.

maybe she wanted to experience in her life?
weezy must have some serious pipe in his life.
he never stays without getting pussy
…. with the tribe of kids to prove it.
i heard that she allegedly got around before she got locked down by bosh anyway.
either way,
weezy was way out of line for his outburst at the club.

lowkey: she-wade?
is he trying to tell us something?

10 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife and Thinks Dwayne Wade is a “She”

  1. Lil Wayne is TRASH point blank period…. He is too damn old to be having these Jr. High school ass issues. Its time to grow the fuck up and use your voice for something really important to help your people, not hinder them thinking that this type of behavior is appropriate. Him and Keyshia Cole take nigga shit to another level and its so played.

  2. Lil Wayne reminds me of my cousin ,Chris.Chris has four baby mommas and is on the DL.His boyfriend helps him support his kids.We have all seen the pics of Wayne kissing his Daddy,Baby.So he is more suspect than Wade

  3. Yea, Adrienne used to be a model or something. He proly did hit.

    S/N: Bosh looks like he could be a screamer if you give him the dick. He looks like he’ll be fun to dominate in bed too. I’d test drive em. Tony Parker and Chris Paul punked him last night also

      1. To be honest, no. Look how he is sitting in that pic. Men who are trying to hide aren’t that obvious. He is just not masculine, that’s all.

  4. yes for Ms thing all sat like a proper lady in her green sweater, she probably doesn’t care her wife got fucked by wayne, afterall she is getting bussed down by rappers and nfl players

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