Cum And Talk 2 Me

i’m now seeing these next set of videos.
they star nba baller wolves king james,
d wade,
and chris bosh.
they decided to take their talents to the stage.
battioke for charity 2014.
here they are singing jodeci’s “cum and talk to me”,
robin thicke’s “blurred lines”,
and a king james rendition of “back dat azz up”
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Lil Wayne Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife and Thinks Dwayne Wade is a “She”

weezy took these lyrics seriously:

You claim to be a player
But I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys
niggas fuck for Life – “Take Money”, 2pac

^this picture contradicts the following…

the heat threw him out of the american airlines arena for being a fan of the lakers,
so he decided to let them know how he felt at Stereo Live in Houston last night…

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Miami Heat Blaze A Trail With The Championship

corny title i know.
it was too easy.
shut up.

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Jamari Fox’s Guide To Being The Perfect Non-Groupie

So Orlando was WEAK.


(how terrible was that Slam Dunk contest?)

Too many players and not enough hoes.
Better yet, not enough known players which equaled no hoes.
They heard the word “Orlando” and thought Mickey and Minni Mouse.
But, I’ll be honest, I would have been down there.
Even if I got me a rookie or even a draftee, I would be satisfied.
I swear, I have to teach people how to do what to do.

Peep it…

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The Fabulous Adventures of Mister Bosh

Chris Bosh is an interesting gentleman.
I don’t know whether he is naturally the way he is…or he is acting?
If he is acting then he deserves an Oscar.

Either way, the following video made me spit my juice all over my computer screen this morning…

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