The Fabulous Adventures of Mister Bosh

Chris Bosh is an interesting gentleman.
I don’t know whether he is naturally the way he is…or he is acting?
If he is acting then he deserves an Oscar.

Either way, the following video made me spit my juice all over my computer screen this morning…



The way he tapped that mic cracked me the fuck up.
Really tho Chris?
Is it that serious?
I am all for a man with being a little feminine, but really?


He may not be gay (as he is set to get married to some chick)
but he is definitely a divo.
Do you see the way he was walking with his man bag?

Are we mad?
I think they are.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Fabulous Adventures of Mister Bosh”

  1. Iont think he is, just because he’s so over the top with it…though I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s just so…over the top it’s funny. I was just watching the behind the scenes video from his Maxim shoot (let that marinate witcha for a minute) and I was dying laughing!

    BTW, he’s married now (the license is filed) but not admitting it yet.

  2. Is it me, or does he look like a praying mantis? Both in his face and his body. This why I’m not a big fan of bball players. Too many of them are like 6’9″, but weigh only 210 pounds. That’s why I like football players, not too tall, and just the right amount of thickness all around.

  3. The cunts can dribble a ball and throw it in a hoop with the best of them! lol Married or not, she’s a lady and its cute for her! I can’t hate on the fem gurlz.

  4. hey jamari i absolutely love your blog.Keep doing your thing. I agree, Ms.Bosh does look like a praying mantis. He is also a “Lisa Stansfield”, refering to her song “All Woman” *SINGS* “I may not be a laaadyyyy, BUT IM ALL WOMAN” Lmao!!!!!

  5. He is comfortable in his own skin and has never hid it. It wasn’t till he became a part of the trio that anyone besides a die hard NBA fan even noticed!. The NBA is full of tall talented “queens” …… Richard Jefferson, Lamar Odom,Blake Griffin ………….

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