zion wade is feminine, but his dad loves him

if my parents didn’t make me feel so horrible about myself,
i often how far i’d be in my life?
i’d imagine everything i do wouldn’t lead to what others would think of me.
they made me fear being gay or even have feminine tendencies.
my mother,
would say in her snarky tone
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shawn mendes is scared to have ya’ll think he’s gay

one thing that use to bother me was people thinking i was gay.
the fear stemmed from my parents being so judgmental.
i’ve fonted about it before.
they raised me to be “softer” and then hated how i came out.
one thing i had to realize tho…
when you put so much emphasis on not looking/acting gay,
you actually end up looking/acting gay.
i think that’s the dilemma shawn mendes is facing.
in the latest “rolling stone”,
where he happens to grace the cover

he spoke about his fears of people thinking he is gay.
something many of us can relate with.
this is what he said via “usa today”
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It’s Hurtful When You Call Prince Michael Gay

being a feminine male doesn’t mean you’re gay.
we can argue that,
but it’s truth for some.
look at our late prince.
he wore full make up and heels,
but would fuck your own mama in a heartbeat.
prince michael,
of “lhhmia” and south beach promoting fame,
seems to be in that same category.
he isn’t gay,
but folks want him to be.
when he made his debut on the show,
twitter was lit with questioning his sexuality.
every other tweet was slander.
he spoke about amara la negra and how emotional she gets in her story line.
he has felt the same,
but in a different way.
this is a quote i read from him in his interview with “the grio”
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Black Males Are Becoming More Feminine? (T.I. Ponders)

you know t.i. like to show us how “smart” he is on social media.
he will open up his thesaurus and drop 10 dollar words in a rant.
well t.i. was up at 12 midnight the other night,
researching i’m sure,
and decided to en-lighting us with…


he posted it to his twitter and ig for thesaurus-like debates.
check it out…
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Dude Was Going To Make Sure He Looked Just Like A Lady

b1bfe977_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_845153_1433186383RXp1bm.fbshareits all about presentation.
this is why i tell people to make sure their presentation is right the first time.
you don’t get a second chance.
people will always remember how they met you.
caitlyn jenner thought just that for her debut as a lady.
this is what she told vanity fair via tmz
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