zion wade is feminine, but his dad loves him

if my parents didn’t make me feel so horrible about myself,
i often how far i’d be in my life?
i’d imagine everything i do wouldn’t lead to what others would think of me.
they made me fear being gay or even have feminine tendencies.
my mother,
would say in her snarky tone

“If you ever turned out to be one of them sissies,
don’t even come back into this house.”

do you know how it feels to be beaten,
all because they saw you do something “feminine”?
i’m sure many in the foxhole can relate.
that created a very destructive and self-homophobic young fox.
i hated seeing myself in videos because i could point out the feminine traits within me.
it led me to very hard on myself at times.
like star fox said to me one time:

“you peel yourself down like a mango.
going layer after layer until you get to the center.”

i always felt i didn’t fit in because i had a strong attraction to other boys,
but i wasn’t supposed to feel that way.
i closed myself off because those who were supposed to love and protect me,
they were pretty much judging me.
don’t get me wrong,
i had good times,
but there were some really shitty moments that fucked me up.
i wasn’t like the other males,
especially my cousin,
who ironically is gay too.
when i told my mother i was molested by my late grandmother’s doctor,
it was swept underneath the table.
i had to bury that and just move on with my life.
bad enough i was getting picked on at school.

At times,
my life was hell

…so i learned to try and fit in.
i took on roles like the straight wolves around me to stay under the radar.
i’m pretty comfortable in my own fur,
but there are those few times i get crazy insecure.

i applaud parents like dwyane wade who support their children.
this is zion wade at a recent fashion show:

parents want to cry to the heavens because they’re male child turns out to be gay.
they abuse them in many ways in trying and “get the gay out”.
they end up raising the socio and psychopaths we are stuck with today.
my life situation taught me how to feel compassion and empathy.
zion wade is pretty lucky to be born into privilege,
where he doesn’t have to worry about money or his parents picking him apart.
i admire parents like that.
it raises pretty awesome kids.
even the ones who raise their kids to not judge others because they might be different.
we need more parents like d wade.
when a story like this breaks,
you can already see on social media who will treat their kids like shit.
a majority of the time: currently.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “zion wade is feminine, but his dad loves him”

  1. I applaud and love Mr Wade and his love for his son,, Shame on these ignorant and sad adults such as Malcolm X critic

  2. It really doesn’t surprise me that Dwayne Wade would support him because he has always been a forward thinking person. Just look at the way some teased him about some of his fashions. Even though the child has the privilege of having the support of his parents I just hope they have that talk to get him ready for reality. That reality is everyone doesn’t think like them. With that being said I have much respect for Mr. Wade & Zion cause baby that little guy has a big future ahead & I pray he keeps the confidence to be himself no matter what.

    On another note Jamari I want a life story from you just on what you experienced so far. I feel like it could be multiple books inside of you. I am intrigued just by the little nibble you just wrote about your childhood.

    1. ^its been a journey up until this point.
      often times i wondered how i even made it this far.

      as far as d wade,
      i agree.
      i hope he protects that cub.
      his confidence is admirable for being so young.

  3. OMG Jamari I teared up reading this, my childhood was similar, My parents never verbally said those things to me (thank God) but they said it without saying it! I grew up isolated, separating myself being too worried about what others think of me! It wasn’t until I went off to college where I began to open up! I came out to my parents they were upset but they didn’t treat me any differently. Now we’re living in a different time, while I applaud Mr. Wade for his acceptance I pray he talks to his son about loving himself & the influences of social media, when the shade room posted that video the snarky, homophobic comments we’re unbearable to read.

  4. Never been a fan of Dwayne Wade due to thinking he did his first wife a little shady after she was down for him, but I wasnt there and of course there are two sides to every story, so I just sort of kept it moving when it came to any thing about him. I am also not a fan of the new wife after experiencing her nasty attitude up close at an event years ago.

    Seeing this however made my heart smile for Mr. Wade for loving his son unconditionally. I just went on Twitter to read more about this and was horrified with the comments all my Str8 Brotha’s and Sista’s were making especially these Hotep Pineapples. My God just Str8 TRASH. To bash a child is beyond disgusting but not surprising. We live in such a cold ass world now. Sadly he is going to face a lot of hate for living his truth but hopefully with the supportive family he has, he will come through the fire.

  5. Everytime I see this video on IG I make it a point to post a comment saying Dwyane and Gabby are great parents for showing unconditional love and unconditional support to Zion.His mother may also be supportive but I haven’t seen her page.

    I’m saddened by all the negative comments I’ve seen even on sites dedicated to featuring black kids and kids of celebrities I didn’t bother reading the comments on sites like The Shade Room.It’s disgusting seeing miseable adults bully a child for being himself.He’s a beautiful boy and he looked so happy on the runway.He is so blessed to have a supportive family.

  6. From the moment Dwayne Wade painted his toe nails black and gave zero fucks, I was a fan. No surprise he supports his son but you know some hater had to come out. Just like when they came for EJ, Magic read them the riot act. It takes a strong black man to love and support his child no matter what.

  7. Chi…I’m surprised so many folks are surprised by the backlash. Black folks ain’t never gonna change or people in general.

    They keep on holding onto a man-made tradition watered down to slaves and as a result will continue to be clothed in ignorance.

    Lets be a little realistic and get out of Disney mode for a few minutes. In the real world people will murder you for your sexuality. They consider feminine men weak (bless the hearts for those that cross the wrong fems).

    But lets get out of this “the world is gonna be alright”

    I don’t find it surprising at all they would bash a child.

    Proverbs 22:6 says to train a child in the way appropriate for them, and when they become older, they will not turn from it.

    What is appropriate for them?

    Men are to carry themselves like men.
    Women are to carry themselves like women.

    This is what mankind regulates as the normal way of life… In a way I “sorta” agree with them. There is a balance to the Universe..a yin and yang, male and female energy. That is a fact. Obviously, the Universe was created with a balance. Light/Dark, Hot/Cold..etc

    and then there is this..

    1 Corinthians 16:13-14  says
    Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in LOVE.

    Do you know what REAL LOVE actually is..

    If you’re a Foxhole bible thumper… You know that love is described as patient, kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

    If any of the events are true from that Book they call the Bible. Then Hell is going to be overflowing with a lot of people. Which might not seem like much now but apparently souls have the ability to feel & well roasting in an entire fire for eternity doesn’t sound like a trip to Cancun to me.

  8. After that Black man killed his son for being gay, because he’d rather have no son than a gay one, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE EFFEMINIZATION OR EMASCULATION OF BLACK MEN!

    Killing your son is it? Driving him to commit suicide is it? Driving him to the streets, drugs and the party circuit is it? Driving him to prostitution is it?

    LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, REGARDLESS. If you had to choose between your son being gay, a pedophile or a murderer, would you really choose the last 2?

    People are more worried about what others think, than loving their own freaking flesh and blood.

  9. I can’t stand that hotep shit from the Twitter post. I’ll sure be glad when that damn site shuts down and those insecure wastes of circulatory systems no longer have an outlet. They just wish they had the confidence to be their true selves instead of hiding behind their damn keyboards spewing hateful rhetoric. The Black church, hyper masculine thinking, and hotep philosophy are the reason why we have at least 3 generations alive today who hate themselves and wreak havoc on anyone who isn’t exactly what they think they should be.

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