so i just got back from “us” and well…

“just because something is weird,
that doesn’t mean it’s good…” the pretty vixen

she was not with it.
me on the other paw...
so you know,
ever since i saw the trailer for “us” when it debuted,
i was ready for jordan peele to flip me on head.
after seeing the greatness that was “get out”,
i thought i’d be in for a treat.

it was very…

the movie was interesting.
for a horror movie,
it wasn’t that much of a “horror”.
i expect a ton of jump scares and real gory deaths.
you don’t even see folks really get killed all like that.
i don’t know why it had an “r” rating to begin with.

the movie is about a black family who goes to their summer home.
the father (winston duke) wants to take the family to the same beach.
 the wife (lupita nyong’o) had a really traumatic experience as a cub at the same beach.
when they come back home that night,
these creepy ass lookalikes decide to show and have a face off.
pun intended?
the reason “why all this shit happened” was pretty solid but…

… yeah,
i’ma little lost with other stuff.

the ending,
being one of them.

it had it’s moments where i was creeped out,
but then there was others that left me scratching my head.
i can’t give too much away without spoiling it,
but let’s just font that i was like “huh” and “oh ok” at the same time.
the pretty vixen hated it.
there was no changing her mind.
as for me,
i got the main point,
but i felt there could have been more.
the acting was amazing tho.
the entire cast did their thing.
from playing their own roles to how they acted as the “clones”.

after “get out”,
i vowed to watch anything that jordan does,
but i wasn’t particularly blown away with this one.
i’ll wait until internet folks bring about the “clues” i may have missed.
i think i got one,
but now that i’m here to process
…it might not have been one after all.
i think jordan should have gone more in the direction of “race relations”,
as he did so well in his previous movie
but the concept of “body snatching” is one that could be talked about.
i kinda felt he confused most of us with this one.

I’d the movie 2 outta 5 foxtails.

i’d love to read your thoughts foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

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27 thoughts on “so i just got back from “us” and well…”

  1. Its was very good to me. I honestly dont know why people want the same one trick pony….All I hear is Get Out this and that. Like seriously if this is going to be a recurring thing, then he just need to diversify his cast and style of writing. Every movie aint going to be the same and it wasn’t that hard to figure stuff out. People simple and I’m sure that’s why Get Out worked for many. I dont want see race relation themes in movies all the time. We deal with this stuff enough in our everyday lives. People wanted a Get Out 2 and are judging this movie through that lens….which is dumb, the movie is US not Get Us Out lmao.

    1. ^ i think jordan will always have some kind of race element in his films.
      this was confusing because it had a lot of holes that may have been clues.
      he did say you need to watch 2 or 3 times to really get it.

      as i read clues and theories,
      it makes it really interesting now that i can unpack the movie.

      i’m confused as to all of them holding hands and the entire ending.
      is the son a clone?
      did he figure out his mother was on?
      i’m lost on that

      1. spoiler alert notice the “clone” lupita” was the only clone that could talk. The “clone” was actually the real little girl. the doppleganger little girl switched places with her in the house of mirrors and learned to speak and assimilated. thats why she didnt speak at first and the parents were worried. In the end the “real” lupita took her place back but she isnt the kids mother, the doppleganger is…

        1. Wrong the real Lupita (Adelaide) was the doppleganger Red the whole time….She eventually was killed by Fake Lupita who returned back with the family. That was the reason Red came for her in the first place.

        2. ^spoiler alert as well:

          the ending with all the red people holding hands had me baffled af.
          as i read the theories,
          the movie is pretty deep and i may have to raise the foxtail level to a 4 1/2

    2. Yeah I went to this movie with my friends lit and fell asleep somewhere during the movie. So we definitely going back to see it again cuz yeah lmao. I love movies that bring about so many theories and gives room for great discussion!

    3. I feel like Get Out was good movie but it was a little overhyped. I have a feeling US will be right up my alley.

  2. This guy does a great job explaining it, because aside from the original appearance of the tethered and the twist, I wasn’t feeling it so hard. But I loved that final fight/dance sequence when that music played.

    But he explains a lot and it puts things into context because I did NOT get the whole hands across america thing.

  3. HEY Roy.. Great Post.. The Narrator in the above link does a good job of explaining . I have not seen it yet ,but want to even more based on his review and the complex levels. It seems more Social /Sci- fi and I am all In for this type of film( smile)

  4. I want to go and watch it but I’m over going to the cinema alone. I like the feel of cinemas hence why I go instead of watching movies online. But I want to go with a dude.. I’m tired of feeling low because every couple is at the cinema while I ride solo lol

    1. Chi…if you don’t get in that cinema andCinema and live your truth. Most of them.couples probably arguing down as soon as they get home. Don’t fall for that public display of fake

  5. So here is my take (dont read further if you dont want to be spoiled)-

    The Tethers/Dopplegangers represent the part of Us that we keep suppressed and locked away. They all wait for their chance to escape out of our subconscious and take over. (Hence the rebellion that Red leads). The scissors are the decision or moment that let this part out when we fecide to use them.

    The Hands together is a Fuck You to the idea of Hands Across America (the commercial in the beginning of the movie and a real thing that happened years ago) saying that theyre the people that Hands Across was supposed to help…but didnt. The line they form ironically represents the divide in our current social climate.

    The videos in the comments expand more into it. But Red got trapped in the Thether world waiting for the day that she can come back and get her freedom and life that she missed out on.

  6. I didn’t find it as scary as it was being reported.

    So… they question is… do they just live among the tethered now?

    Is the little boy actually one of the tethered and was switched the summer before?

    Why don’t the tethered die when the originals do? and vice versa?

    Oh well…. til then we have the Twilight Zone hosted by Mr Peel.

      1. Or he gave her the side eye looking for an assurance that they had gotten away with it… and he got it with the smile.

  7. You should watch it again now that you have a new perspective. Circumstances just so happened that I saw it two days in a row. But the second time you start to look for the foreshadowing and subtext and you realize that this is actually littered with clues and hidden statements. Combine that with the great acting by the cast and the way each shot is framed and used and it makes the second viewing much better. There are multiple reviews about it and what the hidden messages are that help frame the movie even better. I would say on the surface level the movie is just okay but as a film it is superb.

  8. Just literally came in from watching this movie a few minutes ago. As someone who never really watches movies, I am lost as hell and confused. I was just telling a friend on the phone on the ride home to save his money because it didnt make any sense to me at all but movies like this never do. I enjoyed Get Out, this one was okay but not scary in the least bit it was more weird. Now I am going to be searching online to make sense of it all.

  9. **SPOILERS**
    First, I love the comments on here. I liked it a lot and thought it was less scary than *Get Out*, and a more philosophical film about how we unconsciously treat people who are at the bottom of society or the social ladder (people of color, the poor, immigrants, refugees, etc.), or even ourselves at a deeper psychological level, and mostly don’t think twice about it. Out of sight, out of mind. I’d give it 3.5/4 out of 5 stars, especially for Lupita Nyong’o’s acting. When the twist comes at the end, it explains a lot–why “Red” spoke and the others didn’t, why she was so angry, why she had organized the takeover and modeled it in part on what she remembered from 1986. I loved seeing a black family, especially dark-skinned black folks, on screen nearly the entire movie; I loved that all of them (sort of–given the twist, which y’all know about) survived; and I was surprised to see mostly dead white people on screen. No white saviors, no black people sacrificing themselves to save a white woman or white people. That was a change from the usual Hollywood formula. I still have a lot of questions, but I’m glad I saw it.

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