he wanted “worldstar”, but got something else instead

i don’t know WHAT goes through hyena’s minds these days.
it’s like:

“This feels good at this moment…”

…but it sets off a karmic blaze in the forests of the future.
everyone hate marc gomez.
he is the disgusting hyena who did this last week:


“wordstarr that,
my pineapplllleeee…”
how COMMON of him.
that video lowkey spoke of the current climate we live in.
a jackal hunt went out for marc,
who was found and arrested.
it doesn’t look like he wants his arrest on worldstar tho…

they are always silent once they get caught.
as with the many others,
this video will haunt him until he dies.
while we are at it,
they need to find the jackals who were recording.
they are just as guilty as the hyena doing the kicking.

lowkey: it amazes me that you could be getting murdered,
but folks will stand and record your final moments.
it helps in capturing your killer(s),
but no one physically helps others in this day and age.

like i fonted above,
that speaks volumes of where we are and headed.

9 thoughts on “he wanted “worldstar”, but got something else instead

  1. I ride the trains and both him and the victim look familiar. If you think he looks like a fucking psycho in that mug shot, he’s even more ominous in person. I keep telling heads to look at these men’s eyes. I can name a dozen that Jamari has posted in eye candy who have the same unhinged eyes. I also think anyone who records crimes and doesn’t report them should face charges. All that annoying shouting World Star what is this 2009?

  2. He’ll is a waiting all the devil’s children including the ones who taped this he is just as guilty as the one who hit her I hope his mama or daughter see this one day the cops can kill him his purpose is zero on earth in my book

  3. if that was my grandmother…lord

    head banging, flowers BRAGGIN’ 🗣️🗣️🗣️

  4. I had an argument about the people recorinre in the background of the Facebook. Nine time out of 10, the posters who are saying they would jump and help would not because it’s easy to criticize someone off the internet without being in that situation.

    Also, no one knows how crazy this man is or if he has automatics or knives. My point being, how many people would actually jump to the old woman’s defense without thinking about their own lives and families. This isn’t a Marvel movie. You could very well die trying to be a hero and I’m sure that is the first thought that may have crossed some folks mind.

    People talk brave but in a situation where you have a split second to think, what do they really think about doing? Do they want to risk death trying to be a a “remembered hero” for a month or two and jeporadize your own families well being for their entire lives? Some people are self absored by social media, others are cautious about what they get into.

    Do we know for sure someone didn’t dial 911 or call the police before they started recording?

    Without them recording, would he have been apprehended as fast? Would the descriptions be as accurate without visual evidence.

    Not that I’m readily saying folks should take out a camera and sit there as a kid is walking toward the interstate just saying..there are more layers to a scene than a title.

    The problem is not so much as the smartphone users as is the platforms which promote said behavior…namely WORLDSTAR!! Trash content, attracts and fuels trash people. They get off watching folks beat the shit outta each other…What do people expect? This ain’t nothing tho. People record lots of other things that I’m sure you’d regret you ever watched if you know what I mean….

    Also I think the dude probably had a mental illness or was on the edge of having one or whatever. Still trash..but eh.

    I feel like at least right whenwhe turned his back and said put it on Worldstar, about three people should have jumped him and restrained him but folks are scary and cautious these days.. Anyone that has ever had to deal with mental patients know what I mean. They can be mad strong when they flip out

  5. I dnt know what y’all believes are, but personally this shit right here to me is DEMONIC! To lift your big ass foot off the ground and repeatedly kick an OLD WOMAN in the face, let’s me know demons are truly running free & To me arrest ain’t good enough!

    1. ^oh demons are absolutely real.
      there are folks out here that are so evil and filled with hate.
      they don’t care who they hurt or disrespect.
      anyone who comes from a place of hate like that for me is a demon.

      they are being casted out into the light due to the power of social media.

      1. RIGHT! And the for cowards in the back to not even yell so much as a stop! I know that elder woman’s faith in young black men is broken 😔

        1. ^its interesting the world has become a place where something happens and instead of reaching for our phones to help,
          we are programmed to record it so we can upload it on social media for clout and our 15 minutes.

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