he wanted “worldstar”, but got something else instead

i don’t know WHAT goes through hyena’s minds these days.
it’s like:

“This feels good at this moment…”

…but it sets off a karmic blaze in the forests of the future.
everyone hate marc gomez.
he is the disgusting hyena who did this last week:


“wordstarr that,
my pineapplllleeee…”
how COMMON of him.
that video lowkey spoke of the current climate we live in.
a jackal hunt went out for marc,
who was found and arrested.
it doesn’t look like he wants his arrest on worldstar tho…
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Deon Long Makes His Rounds on The Wanted List

some folks don’t deserve success.
they get it and ruin it by making stupid decisions.
i don’t know if it’s how they were raised,
caught up in dumb shit,
or it’s karma,
but i never understand it.
well deon long,
a baller wolf who has been on my radar,
is caught up again.
he is on the run for allegedly trying to rob someone in cali.
this is what a f-bi sent me from tmz sports
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The Jackal Wolf Who Is Going Around Town Giving People Aids

you know it pissed me off that i couldn’t post about this guy right here:


take a good look at him.
looks like a wolf that if you met him,
and he had some swagg and charm,
you probably would have given him some.

he is the enemy.
the bad guy.
the new breed of jackal wolf.
everyone meet isaac don burks.
he is currently wanted for murder.
if you aren’t careful,
you could be a victim…

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