The Jackal Wolf Who Is Going Around Town Giving People Aids

you know it pissed me off that i couldn’t post about this guy right here:


take a good look at him.
looks like a wolf that if you met him,
and he had some swagg and charm,
you probably would have given him some.

he is the enemy.
the bad guy.
the new breed of jackal wolf.
everyone meet isaac don burks.
he is currently wanted for murder.
if you aren’t careful,
you could be a victim…


Hundreds of New York residents — and others — may have been infected with HIV by a man who police believe has been on a ten-year mission to transmit the disease to as many people as he could. Today officials announced 8 charges of Criminal Transmission of HIV have been filed against Isaac Don Burks.

Police say Burks, 31, of West New York, knowingly spread the virus to a number of gay men in the New York area. Police say his potential victims could date back as far as 2003. Burks is described as a black male, six feet two inches tall, weighing 185 pounds. He is 31 years old with medium brown skin.

Burks’ mission to sicken his lovers likely stretched to other states including anyone he may have seduced via,, Grindr or the popular app Jackd as he did with four of the eight victims who came forward.

“He’s sick in the head!” the alleged victim, who didn’t want to be identified, told NBC News. “He told me that he was recently tested and was negative, and then I found his AIDS meds hidden in his closet. He confessed everything when I confronted him.”

The man, who was diagnosed with HIV in October 2012, told the TV station that Burks told him there were over 300 victims including men and women.
“He has been in a drug fueled downward spiral since his mother died. He loves to party with cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, or weed,” said the alleged victim. “Once you’re inebriated you let your guard down. He goes after people who are negative. He mostly sleeps with men, and from what I understand, he sometimes prostitutes.”

Health officials released an alert to residents of New York that “possibly hundreds have been exposed to HIV,” and encouraged possible victims to come forward and be tested.
New York City Health Department spokesperson Kate Caraway said this is the first time they have seen someone deliberately trying to spread HIV to so many people.

“We want to make sure that anyone who may have injected drugs with , who may have had sex with him, does come forward and get tested,” Caraway told the TV station. “We want to make sure that they’re not spreading the virus to anyone else.”

Burks is still at large.
Isaac Don Burks has gone by several alias throughout the years including: Stephawn Burks, Stefan Levine, Isaac Levine, Stefan Burks, and Walter Brooks.

Anyone who contacts the police regarding their possible exposure, should rest assured that the police department will protect their confidentially and are only seeking information to aid in the prosecution of Burks.
Police say Burks also has numerous outstanding warrants in several states for Fraud, Forgery, Identity Theft, and Financial Identity Fraud.


someone gotta always ruin it for the rest of us!
peep this snippet i just read from someone who caught hiv from this asshole.
they wrote an entire entry about their experience:

I came out of the bathroom with an angry look on my face. I screamed “I just used the bathroom and your cum came out of my ass!” I asked him point blank… Did you take the f***king condom off? He had this stupid bewildered look on his face and said no. He said that it must have broke. I didn’t believe him for a second, and I searched around for the condom. I found the used condom on the bed, and started examining it. The condom wasn’t broke at all! I rolled it out, and there was nothing wrong with it. I screamed what the f***k did you do, because this condom isn’t broken. He told me that I was tripping, and I ran to the bathroom with the condom and put it up to the faucet. I filled the condom with water and it didn’t leak at all! When I did that, he told me to get the f***k out of his house. I told him that I wasn’t going anywhere until he told me the truth! He pushed me with all of his force and I flew into a wall. He told me that if I didn’t get the fuck out of his house he was going to beat the shit out of me. I felt betrayed, I was scared for my life, and I was hurt. I had heard about Atlanta being one of the cities with the highest AIDS rates in the country, and I was determined not to be a statistic.

I will never forget what happened next. As I arrived to my doctor’s office, I was told to have a seat in the waiting room. There was soft music playing that turned out to be Barry Manilow’s Daybreak, and it made my stomach turn! I hated that f***king song. I was in no mood to hear a happy go lucky song when I was being called into my doctor’s office to discuss my lab results. Before the song could end, the doctor opened the door and escorted me to an exam room. It was cold, there was no window, and the light was very bright. Brighter than usual. I sat on the exam table, as he stood in front of me. He began to look over my charts and lab results. He grabbed my hand, which caught me off guard, and said.. “I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but your HIV results came back positive.” I swear I didn’t even hear the word “positive”, I just read his lips that seem to go in slow motion…. P O S I T I V E. I quickly shot back, I’m sorry but there must be some mistake! I am not sexually active. I’ve only had sex once! I haven’t even performed oral sex, or had any sexual activity with anyone but one person. Are you serious? I was screaming at him while tears poured from my eyes as if he did something wrong. I fell to the floor, and he held me in his arms as if I was his son. He tried to console me…

go here to read the whole entry

that whole story was absolutely horrifying.
so what’s next?
we don’t fuck anyone anymore?
we remain celibate for the rest of our lives?
you can’t even trust a wolf to put a condom on nowadays….

….and keep it on.

UPDATE: seems like this wolf was being lied on HEAVY.
the jackals setting people up with fake news stories now.
here is the wolf’s facebook message:

I can only say i pray 4 the person or persons responsible for creating a false story about me spreading HIV to hundreds of people. I would love to get on here and bash every lie and false story that is floating around, but i have a life to live. I have friends and family who know and love me dearly and are in my corner. I am not a person who would intentionally bring pain and hurt to anyones life…. I have seen what this disease does to people first hand losing my best-friend to this at such a young age. It baffles me to think that someone would actually have so much hate in their heart to make a factitious news article and take my past experiences to add more significance to the story. Loosing my mother was a very hard thing to deal with but to say im on a downward spiral of destruction because of this is outrageous. Im actually doing a lot better with my mother in heaven because with her watching over me this lie CANNOT WIN. See sometimes people are hurt so bad in life that they do things to others intentionally and maybe accidentally but this article was definitely intentional to hurt and assassinate my character and mainly make me out to be a monster. I pray for you whoever you are. See my GOD doesn’t allow me to hate or to dwell in this foolishness with the serpent. I can say that i was always taught that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. SATAN get behind me because no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!!!! For the ones who are spreading the story via internet i ask u WWJD, what if this was you or your brother, uncle, cousin, farther. I’m not madd because i know who i am and im better then this. When your life is going so good things come to make u backslide into worldly ways but i want. I dont have anyhing else really to say besides GOD BLESS you all”

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12 thoughts on “The Jackal Wolf Who Is Going Around Town Giving People Aids”

      1. At this point, I stop caring..

        I don’t have sympathy for people who sleep around knowing the risk out there.

        Way too much information out there.

        Not to mention people like Jeffrey Dahmers.

        Dude made up the story to try to slander this dude’s name. There is no official warrant for this man’s arrest and the reward is outrageous. They don’t give that much out for serial killers.

        Too many loopholes…

  1. Yea, I read that this wasn’t true. That story sounded fake, not to mention that it sounds like a storyline. Talking bout readin lips in slow motion and grabbin hands. GTFOHWTBS.

    1. ^that crazy part is that it could happen.
      there are people out there who are spitefully doing this.
      sad that someone would lie on him like that.
      he needs to find out who is trying to tarnish his name.

      1. Yea it could happen. I’m glad I will never have to worry about a dude taking off the condom. Do you Foxes and Hybris worry about that?

        1. ^you know what?
          ill be honest and say i never have.
          you can tell the difference with the sensation.
          those ultra thin condoms tho…..
          i heard they feel too real.
          a wolf told me that it feels like you have nothing on.

  2. Felt so sorry for this dude once I heard this was fake, I really didnt get into the story too much because it was something about the whole thing that seemed off, but I was thinking that this dude is a sick monster, when I heard about it initially. If you have ever had your named slandered you know how this dude feels, I have had to deal with this on a professional level and it was not a good feeling of having to clear your name when you did nothing wrong, I found out who my real friends were and found some people who I thought were cool with me turned out to be fake and snakes. I cant even imagine the damage this has done being on the scale that it was done on, his life has literally been ruined and it will take years to repair this. He done somebody really dirty. We have to be so careful of who we let into our world and what we do to others. I wish him the best and hope he can overcome this.

    1. Sometimes the accusation is just as bad as the crime.

      Being called a thief, outbreak monkey, molester/pedophile, or rapist sticks around whether it’s true or not, especially against someone who is considered an outcast.

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