Bi-polar and Antidepressants

OKthe closure to why lee thompson young committed suicide have finally been released.
eta: i literally just asked myself the other day if his death will just go down without answers.
god seems to answer my random questions when i ask.
well there was no foul play.
that’s good.
just someone who kept a smile on their face to hide the pain inside.
nbc news take it away…

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The Jackal Wolf Who Is Going Around Town Giving People Aids

you know it pissed me off that i couldn’t post about this guy right here:


take a good look at him.
looks like a wolf that if you met him,
and he had some swagg and charm,
you probably would have given him some.

he is the enemy.
the bad guy.
the new breed of jackal wolf.
everyone meet isaac don burks.
he is currently wanted for murder.
if you aren’t careful,
you could be a victim…

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