so i had a hard morning (and hard in the good way)

the mercury retrograde might have stopped kicking my tail.
i think.
for a monday,
it was a pretty chill day at work.
i think i prayed most of the execs out for the day.
rewind back to this morning tho,
my foxtail was bringing all the wolves to my den

wolf 1

as i was on the train headed to work,
i was checking all the emails i got from the foxhole.
my weekends have been when i catch up on sleep.
i had a build up of emails from friday,
but something told me to look to my right.
i locked eyes with this fine ass wolf standing across from me.

caramel complexion
handsome face
nice lips

he was looking at me like he wanted to fuck me on the train.
if this was a perfect world,
i’d let him.
dick before work always sounds like a good time.
we played the “wolf and fox eye mating game” a few stops,
but alas,
i ended up getting off before him.
not in the way i’d hope.
i’m sure i’ll see him again tho.

wolf 2

as i was walking out the train,
i locked eyes with another wolf walking towards me.
i don’t know if he was white or a really light latino wolf,
but he was giving me the same stare down as i got on the train.
i felt brave so i maintained eye contact,
but nothing came of it.

wolf 3

as i was walked up the stairs,
this tall black wolf was walking in my direction.
again: stare down of intense sexual penetration.
as he looked at me,
he was walking pretty fast to his train.
i doubt he was trying to stop.


i don’t know what was going on,
but i really needed that boost.
i’ve been feeling pretty blah these last few weeks.
shit has been going haywire.
those interactions this morning made me feel so sexy.
let’s hope there is more of that to cum.
preferably one of those wolves i saw this morning.

lowkey: out the three,
i’d chose the one on the train.
he was everything.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “so i had a hard morning (and hard in the good way)”

  1. alexa play Milkshake for my friend jamari 😜😂

    don’t you feel powerful when you feel sexy? or is it just me

  2. If you don’t learn to make some business cards and slop these dudes one…advertise yourself as a stylist, a writer and personal assistant and manager if they call, you will either get some business or get THE business.

    1. ^with them,
      i couldn’t really do anything.
      one was far down the train that was packed,
      another was looking and not stopping,
      and the last was bee lining to his train.

  3. The eye fucking is cute but if you want a real fucking youre going to have to find a way to make some small talk.

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