Feminine Gays Are No Threat To The Enemy

…well i didn’t say it.
so i was randomly browsing twitter and came across the following tweet.
i had to share it with the foxhole…

i’m confused
who is the enemy?
the racist snow wolves?

the straights are always so focused on “us”.
instead of worrying about ^them,
they need to get the ones:

consumed with self hate
having all these oow cubs with random vixens
 who disrespect our black vixens
get a hard on because they throwin’ up gang signs
that turn on their own because they got a badge
spreading diseases because raw sex is “better”

so unless that group is messy af,
then leave them be.
they minding their business.
i’m sure the real kings will agree with this king.

lowkey: i think the straights would die if they knew…
that most of these same “kings”…
























…be fiending to be in the tails of those in that group.
they pull all the “kings” nowadays.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

53 thoughts on “Feminine Gays Are No Threat To The Enemy”

  1. So this image is a very extreme end of the spectrum, but when I see comments like this I always wonder if this is some sort of underhanded insult against women. It may not make much sense–but just think about it…

    1. I thought Nicholan was crazy when I first read this comment, but he was onto something. Feminine men are seen as less threatening (not the right word, but the only one I could think of). It was a tactic Trump used against Hillary too, he was saying that we wouldn’t be taken seriously if she was in office and we’d be in danger, implied because she’s a woman.

      This comes back to people thinking that a woman can’t lead or be as tough as a man.

  2. OK I don’t have a problem with them being feminine, I do have little a problem with looking like 2dollar hoe insta thots. Why being feminine have to go the nastiest more degrading part of the spectrum. No granted this could be a boys night out but something tells me these type of uniforms are their regular attire. Even the stances of at least 3 of them scream stank hoe bitch. Tell me it don’t? I’ll wait.

      1. I am sorry that was disrespectful. I just don’t understand why is this the image of femininity that these men decide to put forward? I men were their not fine examples femininity? I just don’t understand.

        1. ^this is why i am against calling each other “girl” and “bitch” because it’s a stereotype.
          everyone talking about they don’t want roles,
          but that is a role right there.
          you’re taking the role and traits of a woman.
          being feminine is fine,
          but I see your point in the extra.
          my issue is what the tweeter said in addressing them.
          they will lump all of us in that box as well.

  3. You got it right when you said most of these “kings” flock to this group of birds. Be calling them all types of faggots while they’re with their girlfriends but hit them up as soon as no one is looking. Markeith Rivers is the perfect example.

    I’m tired of gays being thrown under the bus while child molesters, women abusers, and all these backward ass niggas get a pass just for being straight.

    1. Just the “Hoes” (female) Right? This is the attention that at least three of them want. What did Paul Mooney say in a stand up once “She got that stance like the pussy is Real Good Come Get it!!!” This is the attention they may want. It not all their fault the though. The “Whore” is more glorified than anything in this day and age. “Let it all Hang give your treats to everybody” that is the motto of the day.

  4. I read the post and i was like “you’re so right jamari” then i read the comment… fem gay can’t have a break can they? Basically you’re saying “i don’t mind them being fem i just just don’t like their way to be fem, they should be fem this way…” and i honestly see no difference between this and how biggots who wanna play open minded talk about gay people in general. Stereotypes are not false they are incomplete. If you don’t fall in the stereotype good for you but don’t bash those who do, there’s nothing wrong with being stereotype. You don’t want to be called girl, bitch, fine some don’t mind and that’s still fine. None of us actually know these boys, but yall here judging them base on how they are dressed, saying they want to be “hoes”. This is plain rude and nullifies everything you said in that post. We should all mind our bisuness. For all we know they’re hurting nobody so let them be.


    What you call extra is their normal. And i have the same issue with people calling out masc gay for trying to act straight, no they’re just masc, theyre not trying anything.

    “they will lump all of us in that box as well” AND SO WHAT???? This is like an insecure straight man scared to show affection to another man because he doesn’t want to be called gay. Who cares about how they see us all? Only narrow minded would see a gay perpon and assume all gays are like that, same for black people. And i don’t care about what a narrow minded may thing, and you shouldn’t either. You know who you are that’s the only thing that matters.

    At some point we should all just LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    NICHOLAN i’m not sure you saw the same thing, but i also saw an insult against women in that sense that the more men act like women the less they’re threatening, so women are not threatening at all, like they are useless in that fight.

    1. ^i can your point louis.
      these entries really help me understand both sides.
      thank you for taking the time to give us some good thought.

      anyone else?
      im very impressed with the thought process here.

    2. Well In my view based on what that put out into the world at least three of them look like they for sale. Now I know times is hard in all so if this is their only means of income then it is what it is. I am so tired of the staple for the Divine Feminine has to look like one of these instagram tramps. You can be feminine and sexy without looking like a damn skeezer. I could even go for MJ’s son, fabulous, sexy but no skeezy. But only one in this pick that is killing is homie with the “Bang” He don’t look like nobody hoe. The others should take lessons. My opinion is based on what they put in the world (this picture).

    3. This is exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for this. Some of these comments are no better than that tweet tbh. Both are problematic, judgmental, and condescending.

      1. ^personally speaking,
        I feel like most of “us” are simply forced to like something because we are in the community.
        it’s like we can’t have an opinion because it goes against this unity we need to have.
        guess what?
        not everyone in the life will accept them.
        they don’t have to accept everyone either.
        I can’t relate to it just like i can’t relate to pineapples,
        self haters,
        and the hood rats of the black community.
        it is what it is.
        no one in the comments said they should drop dead.
        they just have a difference in life choice.
        i feel like once “we” accept that then we can move forward.

        is that wrong?

    4. ^my thing is,
      why are most so insulted because they don’t want to see the stereotype?
      the gays in that picture are the stereotype.
      masculine gays aren’t seen as much as those types of gays are.

      im just trying to see the angle.
      this opinion is in no way agreement to the ignorance of the tweet.
      it’s always been my thought process on that.

      1. I honestly don’t have the answer to that question Jamari, but I think it’s safe to assume that homophobic people will be homophobic no matter if a gay man is wearing a dress or sagging some baggy jeans. It doesn’t matter to a homophobic individual, if y’all both suck dick I’m sure they won’t approve.

        Most people who make tweets like the one above are no different than White people who use “stereotypical” depictions of Black people to prove a certain point. We all know Black people ain’t the same and all gay Black men aren’t the same either.

        But what I don’t like are people coming in on their high masculine horses calling these people names simply because they’re feminine or have on certain clothes. That’s not right. That’s doing the same thing that the person who wrote the tweet is doing. In my opinion.

        And the people complaining about them being “hoe-ish” certainly don’t complain when you post half naked masculine men. Those men aren’t hoes. I’m schleep though.

        1. ^aight i see your point king.
          there will always be a masculine vs feminine thing going on.
          it’s funny how both think they are better then each other lol

      2. Thats not the point, nobody is saying you should agree with that. But the question you’re asking can go further: “why if i just don’t want to see gay in general? Why if i don’t want to see black people? What if i don’t want to see muslims or jews?”. Is this ok? If you can really tell me you’re ok with that then you shouldn’t have problem with racists and biggots, because this is the same process, they don’t relate to something or somebody, they don’t understand so don’t like it they don’t want to see it. Now you can say it’s not the same thing you can’t change your race. But you have to understand that for many of those fem gay, bieng fem is just who they are they can’t help it, they like what they like and they can’t change it, just like gay in general can’t change (no matter waht pence thinks).
        So don’t agree with that, fine, if they bother you that much JUST DON’T MIND THEM.
        Why fem gay are more seen? Because they are seen simply as that, you can actually tell the difference.

      3. “it’s funny how both think they are better then each other lol” TRUE and it’s actually sad, masc a accused to try to past straight because they’re ashamed, fem are accused to being too gay too extra. People are way to focus on what other people do. We need hobbies.

      4. @ Louis Philippe You’re giving me life right now, and yes, people need hobbies or a passion or something. So focused on other random people for no reason.

    5. Well said Louis!

      So this is directed to you (Louis), Jamari (because he asked me to explain my comment) and anyone else who would like to watch…

      Check out this YouTube video by Trini Trent. It’s a bit long, (26 min), but it’s good. Try to get through the entire clip if you can. I came across it a few years ago and I thought it made a LOT of sense. He articulates what I was saying best. 🙂

      Oh–and keep this idea in mind while watching the video:

      Patriarchal Society: A patriarchal social system can be defined as a system where men are in authority over women in all aspects of society. In modern American culture and society, the idea of patriarchy is not as accepted or practiced as it once was decades ago.

      Link Below:


      1. The first thing i noticed is his voice lol i was like he must have many problems because of it, because i talk this high (or maybe even higher) and when i go to conference or symposium i can see on their faces when i start to talk they just don’t think they have to listen to me, they look annoyed or amused, utnil they realize i actually know what i’m talking about and then the look surprised.
        Thanks for this video, he makes perfect sense and i totally agree with him.

    6. Louis Philippe I love your whole comment, it’s exactly how I feel about gay life in general. I try to explain this to people all the time but they don’t get it I have straight coworkers tell me ” I like how you’re slightly effeminate but you don’t take it overboard like some of the gays I see that wear make up and purses and such.” I have to then tell them that’s not a compliment that’s you bashing.

      It’s the same with those who are more masculine by nature it’s not an act or trying to fit into straight society. Yes there are stereotypes but not only isn’t the LGBT community but the straight one as well. We have to learn to look past that there are some fen men who are lovely and cool there are some who’s aren’t , the same with masculine men, vixens, straight wolves, and everyone in between.

  5. Okay, so I did see this picture on my Facebook and the comments were horrendous to say the least. Now I admit I did turn it into a meme to poke fun at the Atlanta Falcons losing to the Patriots this past Sunday, but now here is my beef with the picture:

    1. The way these young gay boys are posing are an example of what many would be turned off by. So the question is, who are they attracting? Masculine men who are tops and love being with real women or trannys?

    2. Many young gay black and latino men are thinking that it’s okay to dress in a manner that brings them attention, but the problem with that attention is that it’s negative and they’re presenting themselves in a negative light. It’s like almost saying, “I’m a hoe! Come fuck me because of my posture, my dress, my mannerisms, etc.”

    3. The fact that many effeminate gay men have been raised by a woman says alot about their character according to what society has come up with which brings me to this question, what if the effeminate gay man is raised by both his mother and father? Did his father approve of him dressing and acting like a woman just as much as his mother did or did not or was it for attention?

    4. Whoever taught them about this has a really negative perception about men and women in general.

    5. The effeminate gay men are represented more than anything, but the gag is, they’re hated on mostly while DL men, bisexual men, masculine men are invisible but they get the same amount of hate too? I’m confused on that one.

    6. “This is a negative representation of the gay community!” says everybody from masculine straight men and women and masculine gay and bisexual men. Now I’m going to throw caution to the wind and mention butch lesbians or studs who dress and act like straight men, but now they wanna get pregnant which brings me to this question, “what are stereotypes and why are the younger gays are trying their hardest to break them in a world of predestined traditional roles that have been here since, to me at least, the 1950s and back?” Are the younger gays are saying that they hate how old these values are or are they’re saying that they’re tired of being bullied for being gay because of their dress or whatever? I mean whose suppressing them? I want to know!

    And finally

    7. “The bible says it’s wrong according too (insert scripture about homosexuality here)” argument is too freaking easy and it doesn’t evoke a deep thought and thorough research on the matter. We as people really have no idea what God actually said because we wasn’t there. So just because the bible has mentioned doesn’t mean that it’s 100 percent correct. I mean it’s a load of crap! Now please excuse me for writing this and somewhat not making any sense, but I’ve been researching homosexuality since I was a teen trying to figure out my sexuality.

    1. 1. In french we say “tous les goûts sont dans la nature” (direct translation “all tastes are in nature”). So i’m sure some find them attractive. I don’t you but some are turn off by you too (by me, by everyone). To each his own.

      2. Who say that’s what theyre saying? How about maybe they just like to dress like that because they feel good dressed like that? And what’s exactly so negative about that? Who is hurt by that? This is just like saying women dressed this way because they want this or that. When the truth is you simply project your idea and your mind on them.

      3 there are pleenty of fem gay raise by a single father or both parents. From my personal experience, even though i dress let’s say “normal”, i have a lot of fem traits and my step father and my father don’t mind it at all and my mother had hard time to accept it. Just like my brothers never had a problem with that but my sisters did.

      4 how about it’s just the way they are, it’s just their way to express themselves, they don’t necessarily try to be women?

      5 this is up to debate, i’m not really sure that DL men, bisexual men, masculine men get the same amount of hate than fem gay. I mean you said it in your first sentence of you 6th point, fem get shit from everybody straight men and women, and from the LGBT community. and the black communty is the worst

      6 first fem gays don’t represent the entire community only biggots think that. “Are the younger gays are saying that they hate how old these values are or are they’re saying that they’re tired of being bullied for being gay because of their dress or whatever?” YES ! Just read what you wrote and the comments above. Why people can’t just dress like they want and live their life without having to explain or justify themselves??? Gender roles were made by people that means people can destroy them. Its ok if a person wants to stay in the old gender norms, do you, but let those who don’t want to do them too.

      7 something we can agress on. People need to let religion out of this. Because the Bible says a lot of things and call a lot of things abomination not just homosexuality, and most of these things are ok today so why not homosexuality too? And Jesus himself never mentioned homosexuality, it’s only mentioned in the Old Testament.

      1. 1. Define Attraction based on what you just said.
        2. If that’s the case, then I like dressing up in big boy clothes because I’m a big boy, but the gag is, I’m skinny as fuck! (not really but you get the idea). In all, people are taken back by this and will refute this as well. So, nice try explaining freedom of expression to people who are free and still are enslaved! *kanye shrug*
        3. It’s your character, personality, and who you are as a person. So yeah, should have used that as your answer.
        4. Are you sure? I mean I can say that I hate being black and gay when it’s who I am. The same for white people, latino, Chinese, etc.
        5. Agree to disagree and will not challenge that answer
        6. Who are the biggots you speak of? Have you heard of hasty generalization?
        7. Agreed.

        So yes Louis Phillippe, I’m not arguing with you but I have to disagree with some points that you have made.

  6. I agree with the tweet…

    I also agree that straight black men not doing anything with their lives but keeping the Criminal Justice System running are a detriment as well.

      1. I won’t make assumptions about their contributions to the world, but men of any race displaying feminine tendencies at this level is seen as subservient. When you take into account they’re black and we’re already oppressed historically and carry the burden of having to represent our whole race wherever we go, I get why some men don’t want to be seen as subservient.

        If feminine tendencies are such a non issue as some of you say, you all as gay men would be open to dating these types instead of the same stereotypical masculine men you all lust over.

        If they’re still equal men in your eyes which one ya’ll going on a date with? The one with the broken hip or the one with the thigh high boots?

      2. This is so insulting!!!

        There is no if, THEY ARE equal men, until they say otherwise. And believe men they’re dating, many people find them attractive.

        “I won’t make assumptions about their contributions to the world, but men of any race displaying feminine tendencies at this level is seen as subservient.” This is so wrong. I could name right now plenty of gay (and even straight) fem men who are real bosses.

        See that’s my problem. There is a line between not liking something and come with that kind of bs.

      3. @ JAY, okay, but the “threat” part. How does how they’re dressed depict that they aren’t “a threat to the enemy”. I thought that’s what we were talking about, not sexual preferences… Do we even know that that “tweeter” meant by that? Is looking tough going to solve the problem? Or perhaps more black people getting their education and filling the job sectors as high-skilled workers a way to “combat the enemy”? (<<This is my suggestion)The way I see it, the way they're dressed suggests nothing of what they do to buy the clothes they wear to look like that in the first place.They are "seen" as subservient, okay, but are they? (I'm not taking their side nor yours, just playing Devil's advocate) and, yeah, whether they are or not, still not seeing the issue. It's not MY thing, but are they the PROBLEM? Probably not.

        Going back to your OP. Your point about straight black men spoke a lot more to the issue at hand than anything you said about gay people.

        As far as I see it, they're not going away whether you or I like it or not, I gave up on the mentality of "representing your whole race" because it doesn't work nor is it reasonable. Perhaps we (as the previous poster said) should learn to live and let live and I'll add a caveat to that: Focus more on what WE are doing to "combat the enemy" rather than worrying about people who actually (in the grand scheme of things) aren't harming anybody, and if we're going to target anybody, how about those who actually ARE doing harm? Let's face it. That tweeter was just using that opportunity to attack feminine men, for the sake of it, not for some "greater purpose" bullshit. I'm not buying it. If he wants to attack fem men, then do so, but don't pretend that he's doing so in "good conscience" gtfoh. Nah bro, your opinion is still not justified, just own it lol.

  7. The tweet is stupid because it literally says “the black man” as if all black men are feminine and gay. Bitch where? Black gay men are an even smaller minority in an already small minority of straight black men. Add in masculine and feminine and the tweet looks even more silly. People are going to do what they’re going to do. Donald Trump is president and people are worried about whether or not black men can walk without switching their hips but not the coons that put his ass in office? Get the absolute fuck… 2017 looks to be the year of the coon with the way things have been going.The tweeter above get their prorities in order before posting dumb ish like this.

  8. I see all black lives still don’t matter…. I’m pretty sure a fem gay man won’t dress like that when he fighting for his rights or protesting. Is it ok for the masculine straight man to wear a suit one minute then show his ass at the club with big gold chains and sagging jeans? Don’t let the Friday night facade fool you…

    1. I don’t know man.. Did you see that woman’s march? That stuff was down right vulgar. How did the expect to be taken seriously. Also think about all the events where the alleged oversexed nature of the gay man in put out front and center. I get what you saying I do but presentation is everything. The wrong presentation can make a message get lost. Also no problem with Feminiity in men just when they do the street walker look that bothers me. You can be feminine, classy and sexy at the same time if you do it right. If women dress like this we call them what they look like “Hoes”. You want walk in those shoe take what come with it. Stop making excuses because they are gay and we live in a go for anything world. As for straight men being part of this equation… Screw them they turn their nose up a us most the time so why should we give a damn how they are viewed. We they show us some respect of human dignity them I will care how they viewed. Until then they can kiss off.

  9. @ Dignified: I can only assume the tweet is about more than how they’re dressed, but the perceived mannerisms that probably won’t intimidate white supremacy. One could say these men likely won’t grow up to be head of households and have nuclear families and some see that as a failure, especially considering the amount of black men that are already incarcerated as well.

    Like I said, I can see the point. However, I’m not nearly as affected as others because I wouldn’t so much as breathe in their direction, much less speak to them in public or private so honestly I don’t even care about their existence

    I just find it quite hypocritical gay men can shun feminine men, scream “theres nothing but a bunch of bottoms in the club”, and fight each other like a scene from that movie 300 to get to the most masculine man in the room.

    So you can talk about them or largely ignore them but no one else can?

    Gays put masculinity and gender roles on a pedestal and internalize the same sentiments of the tweet, but people want to put a cape on when you wouldn’t even be seen with dudes that look like this yourself.

    1. Okay, I respect your opinion regarding the “not head of household =failure” argument, that’s fair, but the tweet was directed at “fem gay black men” particular as opposed to MEN who aren’t raising a famlly or even gay men as a whole, so again, I don’t feel like the person who made the tweet even thought that far, but rather, was only making an attack towards fem men out of his own disgust by them. I have my solution to the problem (education) I’m assuming you have yours (strong family unit) At least we can back up our “solutions”. Personally, I don’t think the tweeter thought that far so that’s my main issue about it. Of course, I don’t know for sure what their intentions were, but I’m not going to give them the credit of even having the capacity to think that far, because most don’t. I wasn’t going to comment at all because it’s just a random person, but I felt the need to jump in.

      Regarding the rest of your comment. Again, fair enough, I’m a very lowkey person and I’m a bit socially awkward so I don’t see myself being compatible with them, so I don’t have any affinities to them either but like you said, I neither have a leg in this race.To me, they’re the same as everyone else I defend or criticize in general. I don’t use that language (“too many bottoms in here”)so I can relate as much as you can, which is we don’t, so I don’t have the privilege of talking about them or ignoring them nor am I in the position to care about “if others can or can’t” so MAYBE I’m in a position to say that the comment was wrong. Everyone is entitled to say what they want, but doesn’t mean they should, or that it’s RIGHT. The issue isn’t about them being ignored, but rather, the opposite, by being placed on the forefront as the precipice for why we aren’t “threatening to the enemy”. THAT’S being made to be the problem here. I can see the argument, but to be honest, it isn’t a very good one (on the part of the tweeter, not aimed at you). Cheers.

      I agree with you about gay men shunning other gay men though, and then defending them when it suits their narrative. You’re absolutely right on about this. It’s just wrong, and it needs to change. No arguments here.

  10. These are follow the leader Fems, many fem dudes just emulate other dudes they see and they try to out fem the next dude in the club. You can go to any major city or to any city like Miami, Atlanta, D.C. where they have the Black Gay circuit parties and see dudes dress like this all-day long. Their behavior in the club is trash, they are no different than hyper-masculine thugs who all emulate other thugs who never carve their own identity, they all dress and act alike. They may not shoot and kill each other like the Str8 boys, but they do fight each other and hate on each other. We as Black people period have so much self-hate ingrained in us that it becomes second nature for us to be distrustful and not respect each other as a whole whether gay or Str8. I have seen fem dudes fight Str8 females and lesbians at the drop of a hat, regardless of their behavior they are still men. I can bet the dudes on this pic when they step somewhere have “I’m the baddest bitch in the club” attitudes and are way extra ready to fight, pop off and act a donkey. IMO it is all an act for attention. It is funny how some of these same dudes’ years later change their whole persona and become more masculine once they stop playing follow the leader. I think we have talked about that before as well so I guess I am little more cynical. But at the end of the day aint nothing gone change, no matter my opinion or all these Hotep Pineapples who have an opinion on Black Gay men, Fem gays are here to stay and clearly they give no Fukks one way or the other.

  11. It’s telling how the topic of modesty comes up when the guys are perceived as feminine but these same commenters will go up for a masculine perceived man when’s he naked. I’m confused. What’s the difference? They have on clothes.

    Most of the men posted here are naked. Videos are posted of men sagging and y’all drool. Y’all talk about how they must be advertising to other men. But it’s ok cause it’s what you’re attracted. The same double standards people talk about with straight people judging gays and forgiving criminals. You’re doing the same thing that they’re doing. Just say they’re not your type. All this talk about modesty is contradictory.

    1. I agree with you 1000%! It’s always the patriarchal mind set. Anything viewed as feminine is considered less than and unbecoming if expressed on a male body, and like you said, this website posts many, many pictures of half naked and totally naked men (which I do enjoy!), but not a peep from the readers about modesty.

  12. This is so comical, that it’s not worth an essay. These street & “conscious” negroes will blame any and everything for our persistent oppression except their penis-worshiping manchild mindset.

  13. This is a quite interesting discussion here. First of all, heterosexuals will always have some choice words towards the LGBT community regardless of the situation and that will never change. Never expect them to support us or display any type of compassion for our plight. However, we cannot complain about the straights respecting us as a whole when you have gay men themselves spreading hate to the type of men who are in the picture. Let’s keep it all the way real. Personally, I would not date any of them, but at the same time, I have no negative feelings towards them.

    Regarding the threat part. We will never be a threat to white supremacy because we are only 1/5 of their population, period. The masculinity of our men has no impact in that area. We are 13% to their almost 70%. We can be the best we can be, but we will never overthrow them as long as we are out numbered, which will never change. i am just being a realist about the situation.

    1. “We will never be a threat to white supremacy because we are only 1/5 of their population, period. ”

      EXACTLY! This isn’t a gay, masculine, or feminine issue but a racial issue instead. Just like we don’t have the numbers to be racist, we don’t have the numbers to be that much of threat to white supremacy.

  14. Louis Phillippe seems like he’s the most offended commenter here. To me anyway. I will say that what I said above was just me observing the picture. Like I said and have admit my wrong, the comments were wrong and I made a meme out of it. I know one of them in the Jean outfit with the red hair is the rice and cabbage dude. The others I have no clue who they are. What I see is younger gay black men seeking attention. That’s what I see. I see nothing else. I don’t know what is going on, but I feel like we all have judged and prejudged these individuals. Plus they’re a representation of what we’ve seen in real life. Social media will bring the worst out of all of us including me. So with that said, let’s dead ass this situation and move on. Louis Philippe, please get out of your feelings. Also anyone who agreed with him likewise also. *rolls eyes and sips tea*

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