Black Males Are Becoming More Feminine? (T.I. Ponders)

you know t.i. like to show us how “smart” he is on social media.
he will open up his thesaurus and drop 10 dollar words in a rant.
well t.i. was up at 12 midnight the other night,
researching i’m sure,
and decided to en-lighting us with…


he posted it to his twitter and ig for thesaurus-like debates.
check it out…

so t.i.,
who has been arrested multiple times for guns,
finds that better than a few feminine males here and there?
prince was “feminine” and could still fuck your vixen.
what was his excuse?
there are males out here who act “straight” and do this:

…to advertise for a good pounding.
i guess it’s okay when he does/did it:

like anything in life,
there is a place for everything.
there are feminine,
in between,
and masculine black males.
there are some legit masculine AF black males in new yawk.
i don’t understand this argument because it’s not not like everyone is feminine.
like ( x the other entry ),
we aren’t all just one particular thing.
maybe i missed the memo that we should be.

on a similar note,
i will say i don’t like the “girl” issue in the life.
gays get so offended when you don’t want to be addressed as “girl”.

Why would I want to be put into the negative traits of being a vixen?

it’s not “a term of endearment”.
the majority of gays who “girl this and that” are all catty AF.
am i lying?
it’s like when certain males becomes females.
they take all the stereotypes of a “black vixen”.
it’s not that i feel like my masculinity is precious or some shit.
i just don’t want to addressed as a female.
i don’t recall me transitioning.

t.i. needs to get his house in order before gets to “thinking”.
i wonder if to be masculine to him means:

carry guns
fight in restaurants
allegedly cheat and impregnate various hoes
use big words to put people in check

all the stereotypes of what masculinity is.
either way,
he seems stressful to deal with.
i don’t know how tiny does it.

lowkey: t.i. has been around A LOT of gays/bis.
many have been confirmed.

some have collaborated on songs and movies with him.

i guess it wasn’t a thought process since they are “masculine”?

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Author: jamari fox

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31 thoughts on “Black Males Are Becoming More Feminine? (T.I. Ponders)”

  1. No lie when that subject came up in hidden colors I rolled my eyes. Who cares if he is feminine or she masculine as long as at least 70%-90% of the black community is United, who cares about things like that. Is it really causing problems in the black community, is feminine males or masculine females really problematic?

    1. ^right because we aren’t getting shot your by the police or a reality show jackal with a racist cabinet isn’t in the White house.
      a few feminine males is causing nationwide genocide of masculine males…

      1. Well I guess if you feminize all the males of a specific group I guess the idea is that it is easier to conquer the people in their entirety. It’s just a theory I guess. The men though have been the protectors, hunters,the dominate ones. At least that is how it has been throughout history. But you there have always been anomalies (, Cogewea or Elizabeth the first or Hatchepsut the female pharaoh. We could even go into depth about Alexander the great or look at the Greeks especially the Spartans whose soidiers would have sex with each other before they went into war. These ideas usually come from the surplus or depressingly masculine world we have lived in since he dawn of time. I guess if men (or people) would balance out our shit a little better maybe the natural order to stay on course. Until then it is what it is!

      2. One last thing T.I. masculine or feminine is not somebody I would have ever modeled myself after. Just saying dude just now finding himself and now he want to be a philosopher man I am all for letting people coming from up under their mistake because who am I to judge and the very idea of perfection is “Ludicrous” but homie need to finish getting his own life right before he writes his ghetto gospel!!! Just saying.

  2. I don’t agree with T.I. Opinion because 1 it’s T.I. but two he has shown in the past that he talks without thinking. All this does is push into black men this one note idea of masculinity. I know that other men are going to see this and see it as another way to attack gay men.

    I have no problem with other gay men using girl to refer to each other . I don’t like to be referred to as one but I’m not going to hate on others for doing it. I don’t agree with saying that gays that used that have the negative stereotypes of black women. Black women already have it hard enough and in my experience the ones that are using the word girl have been the most welcoming out the whole bunch. As Est. 1996 stated in yerstrday’s post there is a lot of misogynistic and homophobic behavior in the gay community.

    1. ^i can see your point mikey.

      the ones ive seen throwing girl around tend to be real negative.
      not saying the ones who don’t,
      but ive had to check a few for calling me that and they got real nasty about it.
      some even stopped speaking to me as a whole.

  3. I think these patriarchal black men have to be among the most insecure demographics I’ve observed. They can never be comfortable with the reality that the black man wasn’t, isn’t, nor will never be the monolith they want us (as black men) to be. They feel the need to meet all these requirements to prove their manhood, but when men choose not to define themselves by those requirements, they get so bothered.

    This is the reason I stay in my on lane from the black conscious agenda. It’s just hard for me a align with many of them.

    1. Absolutely!

      The struggle to define black masculinity within a white supremacist construct is real. These men reduce themselves to base definitions of manhood based on sexual orientation and prowess, not realizing that they are perpetuating the plantation “Buck” roles assigned to them during slavery. I can’t (with them); I’m unable to can.

  4. When it comes to this topic, there are always going to be various opinions and we know all of them are not valid. The spectrum of both femininity ad masculinity covers a wide range, and it is not simple. Femininity is not always seen, just like masculinity is not always seen. For example, a man can be masculine as hell from a physical standpoint and still take the pipe, and even though you would never know by his physical appearance or mannerisms, taking the pipe is also deemed as feminine since bottoming is a submissive role. What are the thoughts about that? This goes very deep than just black and white. Both femininity and masculinity begins with the identity that is of the mind. You have masculine straight men who take an interest in things some would see as feminine. Am I wrong? People talking about handbags and heels…SMH

    S/N: I like T.I, but when he brings up his opinions about subjects such as this, it reminds me of the allegations that were said about him back in the day, we did not forget. You guys know the streets say TI actually goes both ways and that he did some shit to get his record deal back in the day.

    1. Holla! Hip-Hop does not have a monopoly on masculinity! The inception of Hip-Hop imagery borrowed heavily from Disco and Fink culture. That said, this is the “safe-lane” for neo-philosophers who have no depth of critical analysis skills, nor anything substantive than to offer recycled opinions to conjure up an amen corner.

      All this dysfunction in these streets caused by women-hating, ass sagging street negroes who’s rather spew sperm and run back to their boyz than raise families is HILARIOUS! Talk about homosexual, and these mofos out here broadcasting more ass than the females.

      Whatever, man! Your comments are 100!

  5. When most celebrities speak, the shyt that comes out of their mouth makes you wonder…are you really that stupid and/or narrow-minded. Some of them need to keep their mouths shut. That’s why I take what they say with a grain of salt…if I even listen at all. Lol

  6. I think in general black men lack character these days.

    He’s not wrong, but most of these hoteps and black men that want a seat at the white mans table are problematic as well.

    We’re easily manipulated by white men, meanwhile we’re not building up our own people like Jews and Asians.

    1. I can agree with this. A lot of theses conscious black men are trying to sell black empowerment in a form of black male privilege. They don’t seem to really care about the concerns of other member of the black community but they need their lips to kiss their ass. If it ain’t all about them, they ain’t down with it.

      And I never hear them take accountability for the bad decisions they make.

  7. Welp! Johnny come lately to the “black power” agenda is recycling tired tropes. Black male “fragility” is a *thing*. I spend 99% of my Facebook time on black empowerment issues, themes and topics. There appears to be this mythological “Black Community” whereby everyone is conscious, aware, awake, heterosexual and living in committed relationship and even polygamous ones, too. However, all the “woke” ones I’ve met are STRUGGLING.

    I digress, cause these “woke” negroes like T.I. have NOTHING to offer with respects to use moving forward. I bang on their asses on facebook every chance I get, because they are just “neo-preachers” clinging to an ideal and promoting the homosexual genocide conspiracy theory as to why there is a noticeable presence of same gender loving black men and women in these streets. We were created by either the government or black women!

    Hyper-masculinity is an AMERICAN trait. Outside The United States, you’d get whiplash and be seriously confused thinking that ‘all the men are gay’ because masculinity and bravado are not as ingrained as is here due to the stereotypical hyper-masculine super-hero Hollywood & Hip-Hop stereotypes.

    Confession: I have NEVER consumed T.I. as an entertainer nor personality. My bullshit meter needle broke the first time I heard him speak. Fix your hetero-home life, bro! You’re worried about the wrong thing. Persistently.

    1. I agree with that, (black) american definition of masculinity is weird to me. Because outside of america it’s a different story, for example in France Spain, Italy or even Morocco Tunisia men kiss to say hello, hold hands when they talk (no all but it’s not strange). Look at kpop singer with full make up. I’m saying it’s a bad thing to be hyper-masculine, not at all, if that’s how you are do you man, but don’t bush those who are not like you.

  8. Feminine men can still have children so how it’s a genocide??? It’s like saying gay people are killing the human race. Why it’s always about the black man? A white man can be all fem he wants and still have women fantasize about him, look at david beckham or cristiano ronaldo. I don’t remember who said that but white actors can joke about how handsome thier male co-stars are, channing tatum been voguing, it’s all fun and games, but let a black actor do that… I really can’t! I personnaly don’t get offended when someone don’t want to do the girl thing, i don’t get offended when someone else does, i mean there’re more important thing to judge people character on other than how feminine or masculine he is. I know messy, loud and rude “bros” i know “girls” like that, that’s really a no factor. Messy people a just messy, that’s it. We shouldn’t have a debate about masculinity of feminity, but about people character. And feminine men or masculine women are not killing anybody. And tbh the world is already overpopulated so…

  9. I agree completely that black men are commonly portrayed negatively, which can influence the same behavior in our youth. Feminization is not the damn issue though, that’s so petty. The negative influence is these rappers and thugs, teenagers still think it’s cool to follow in their footsteps. Sagging was popular in prison, I’m willing to bet there’s more black males locked up just because of their skin, of course you’ll have more black men sagging.

  10. Guys who think like him are the problem with the black community. You got single mothers by the dozens, men with 5+ children and several baby mothers, gang culture, robbery, guns, unemployment, poverty, DRUGS, incarceration etc. and the thing you’re most concerned about is a guy being “feminine”? A feminine guy isn’t hurting ANYBODY!! He’s just minding his own business! So why give a fuck??

    I swear it’s these CLOSET HOMOPHOBES who retort this bullshit because they’re too punk to say that they have a problem with the LGBT community. And T.I need to worry about saving his marriage instead of cheating on his wife for the umpteenth time despite the fact that she just had a newborn. A man being feminine is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Get a life & move on!

  11. I will never understand why being fem and a Black male is such an issue for everyone, including the general Black gay community. Well, I do, but the reasons are nauseating and illogical. Let us breathe. Geez. The feminine males, like myself, who are beautiful, graceful, peaceful, and keep out of mess should be thought of highly, not as unwanted dirt. Fems are the reason for the progress the gay community as a whole has made. Yes, there are catty gays, be they inbetween , masc, fem, or what have you, but for those who are TRULY feminine, meaning they live, eat, and breathe the feminine idealogy, they are soft and really chill. I can say so, as I am one.

    I don’t get into shade and foolishness, because in my mind, doing so is not feminine. People think femininity is a lot of sass and stereotype, but that is just one interpretation. Not every fem is b tch this and g irl that. I mean, I really wish people could get into what true fem dolls give.

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