mental homework: (28)

the man came with it today.
i’ll put them in two separate entries.
on the ( x black males are becoming more feminine ) entry,
he gave his opinion with a follow up question

When it comes to this topic, there are always going to be various opinions and we know all of them are not valid. The spectrum of both femininity ad masculinity covers a wide range, and it is not simple. Femininity is not always seen, just like masculinity is not always seen. For example, a man can be masculine as hell from a physical standpoint and still take the pipe, and even though you would never know by his physical appearance or mannerisms, taking the pipe is also deemed as feminine since bottoming is a submissive role. What are the thoughts about that?

i think it ties into the theme of topics i have written about recently.


even if you are a masculine fox,
and you happen to prefer dick,
you are shamed into feeling “less than”.
this is why jackals/hyenas make fun of the fact they fucked a “straight” fox.
how many stories have i posted about jackals doing this?
many celeb foxes are disrespected when outed for taking pipe.
most of these “i’m straight!” attentionistos crave pipe as well.
it seems that black males are supposed to be the epitome of masculinity.
i’m seeing the same in the hispanic culture as well,
even though i feel they tend to be a little more accepting.
i could be wrong.
( x snow foxes ) who love bbc seem to get a pass.

hell is it seems most foxes of other races are never judged.

most of the time,
they use black wolves as a fetish.
even the straight ones ( x fuckin’ snow vixens while their husband films )
we are told to “live our truth” when it is coming out,
but if your truth is that you like being a fox,
then you are looked down’s reckless.

What is the foxhole’s thoughts on this?

17 thoughts on “mental homework: (28)

  1. I just find it ironic that hyper masculinity has damaged the black community to almost irreversible ways. Men killed because they’re trying to emulate a persona or style glamorized in the community, media or music. Then some black women like that persona so men put on to attract women, street cred and etc but when the few cases of a black man being feminine appears all of a sudden rappers such as T.I. say it’s feminization of black men. i live in Philly and we have a nice size gay community here but i can count on one hand how often i see flamboyant gay guy. I have yet to see a guy wearing a dress, i may see a few t-girls or etc but for the most part i see men grabbing their crotch on the corner trying to be tough. Pants sagging ass peeking out of their jeans, surrounded by their boys and I’m like why is this accepted as norm but if a guy is a lil fem it’s frowned upon. Especially in the gay community. You’ll see a top saying he wants a masculine bttm and vice versa but at the end of the day when that dick slide in ( dont care how masculine the bttm is he’s going to moan. and most gay men i know are doing the damn thing. A lot of straight brothas i know in Philly aren’t productive, they’re on a constant pussy chase. Growing up i was often told i was sensitive and etc but I’m no punk. However it seems i always attract really masculine guys. I’ve seen that also most masculine guys will say I want fem guys only. I just think the problem is most don’t know what they want, who they are or what they’re attracted to. They’re been brainwashed to think a certain image is better than the rest not realizing that gay men and straight men come in all shapes and sizes and my worth shouldn’t be determined by that

  2. Eh I feel this whole “bottom shaming” thing is null and void since most of the “shaming” comes from not only other gay men, but other BOTTOMS.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. What reason would tops have to shame bottoms and the heterosexuals could care less because a gay is a gay.

    Most bottoms shame other bottoms so much they don’t even notice they do.

    1. True. But tops engage in it..especially If the top is insecure and want to maintain control emotionally and mentally.

      Let’s face it…there is so much stigma associated with being black or gay
      ..being black and gay in a society where heterosexual white males are trying to reclaim there dominance post Obama’s a climate where to get ahead…you have to downgrade another person . That’s politics
      Make me look better and feel better about myself by exposing my oponenrs weakness

  3. Piggyback off my other comments it really comes down to inner homophobia and the heteronormative misogynistic behavior we’ve were brought up in. in the straight world we see the man being the penetrator and the woman being the one who is penetrated. Like I said before do you and do what you like I just think some gays used to use those roles as a definite.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a gay guy who says he’s a hybrid and have a bunch of of gays say things he’s to effeminate are not masculine enough to be one.

    Your sexual role doesn’t define you its just something you like to do during sex . Too many people try to live up to these expectations of what a top should be or what a hybrid should be or even what a bottom should be.

    1. If your sexual role defines who you’ll engage, entertain, make your life partner it kind of does define you…

      1. true, but that’s only IF you’re of those people who lets their sexual role dictate other choices in their life.

  4. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. You have to know yourself so you can’t be defined by others and their perceptions of you. Be yourself. Live your life because once you realize all the time wasted worrying about shit that doesn’t matter, it may be too late. Do you! If peoole don’t like it then fuck em!

  5. My Take on the subject is no matter what, we are two men in bed with each other and what we do there is no ones business but ours. I am with Tony.
    Love the discussion.

  6. It may start this way..
    But in my case….I’m a professional. I have a career. Have owned my own home since the age of 23 and been blessed. To not rely on anyone. Once foxes or wolves realize
    1. My Sex is on point and 2. I live so people have no clue who is getting what. 3. My partners soon realize I have my shit together they have to adjust and redefine who they are. Most feeling Insecure about themselves because I don’t assume the posturethane of an inferior role.

    What you allow is what you will be known for.

    Everyone has to learn to be secure on who they are. Everyone will try to put a label on you but it’s the label you wear that people will see and respect. Polo does put A Prada label on its clothes. They know what they have to offer and proudly label their product as such. Knockoffs will put their label on and try to pass as a brand but the real thing is the real thing

    Be who you are and wear your label instead of one expletive put on you

  7. I was gonna add two cents to the collection plate, but I think TaureanLuv summed it up (including the last part😏).

  8. Personally, give me an aggressive, take not shit alpha male the throws it back with no shame, screaming and moaning, “Give me the fat dick daddy, fuck my wet ass good.”

    I think in this life, one should be able to have more freedom of exploring his sexuality than in mainstream society. But realistically. we carry a lot of the norms instilled in us since youth and our own insecurities into our relationships and sexual lives.

    A lot of it has to do with patriarchy. The top is more dominant therefore seen a more masculine therefore more male life therefore superior. The bottom is scene as submissive>feminine>female live>inferior.

    And do not get me started on the one drop rule……

    Though there is bottom-shaming within the white gay community, whites get away with it because in society, white = docile and non-threatening and black= aggressive,threatening. Black women are judged that way too.

    1. Whites think they can shame anybody especially since DT won. But once they get a good foot in their ass…..

  9. There is a lot of bottom shaming in these forests. But in my experience it mostly comes from other gays. I’ve met guys, particularly bottoms, who say they don’t wanna be with a guy who takes or has taken dick. Then there are others who say they don’t wanna hookup with a feminine top. All of this is rooted in patriarchy IMO. Everybody seems to have an opinion concerning what does it mean to be a man. It’s exhausting and honestly I don’t give a fuck anymore. I try to live my life as authenticly as possible and thats it…………. But between you and me…….. The best dick I ever got was from a fem top lol

    1. They need to build a damn bridge and get over it. On some real shit, it is about a fantasy for them, which is something others on here have brought up before. Having a man topping them who has also taken dick ruins that fantasy, and making them aware to the fact they have been topped by a man who has bottomed ruins it more. We all know men lie about whether they have bottomed or not, so it has happened. Then the same damn dudes wanting tops who have never been penetrated will be the first ones complaining about being single. For the record, I have never bottomed, but to say I would never do it is not living in a reality at the age of 23. I laugh when I hear other young dudes say they will never give up their cake because we are too young to assume that, especially since they have been sexually active for only 5 to 7 years. I call bullshit on it all.

      1. Right! Its funny that you mention age.. Because when I was in my early 20s I said I would never take dick. Now at 30 I laugh when I think about the things I said I would never do because not only am I doing most of those things, I’m also trying to find new shit to get into lol

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