mental homework: (29)

/the following is parental advisory.
adult nature will be discussed and involved after the jump.

has this is the second mh from the man.
it was under the:

( x he likes her to drop that strap deep in his tail ).

he asked

i have a follow up:

Does that open the door for a wolf to cheat with a transsexual?

it could be he likes his cheeks played with or it could be:

“i’m testing the waters”

( ^see video here if not working )

not every transsexual sexual story is:

( x see ^video here if not working )

x see more here

the man is right.
it is a dick shaped object.
it’s not a finger or tongue.
playing inside his cheeks is not specifically a “gay act”,
but some don’t see it that way.
i feel like most vixens should really use their brains when doing that.


 my opinion is not set in stone.
some straight wolves have fetishes like anyone else.

video credited: bigdickbitch

10 thoughts on “mental homework: (29)

  1. i dont think they’re necessarily gay…the orgasm one has from getting your prostate massaged is ten times stronger than just getting an orgasm from your hands and/or sex. Then also i feel people have too many restrictions during sex. Sex is supposed to be a safe zone where you can release your inner freak and just let go but so many people go into the bedroom with rules and etc (even in the gay community) about what they will and wont do. I feel if you meet the right person and you two have chemistry it’ll make you do different things…years ago i met a white guy named Andre ( i was about 20) at the time at first we were just hanging out. He made a move on me and started giving me head. For awhile after that i would just receive head from him, then one day he pulled the condom out, slid it on my dick, climbed on top and started riding me. I was shocked because i only bottomed before, but he was the first and the last guy i topped a few times. So i feel if the sparks are right and chemistry is there sex with the right person can be a conduit for some new experiences and skills lol

  2. I bet Ts madison be pullin some fine ass dudes around the way. hmm.. maybe I should steal a couple outfits from my sis closet, go drag, and clean shave my face, definitely a social experiment. I gaged and almost puke seeing Ts nutt in dudes’ mouth. i’m gonna have nightmares.

  3. I noticed something real 100% wolf tend to like their fox slightly fem or masculine but soft-ish somehow,however the ones that shake heaven and earth to find a fox that is very masculine etc,tend to be low key versatile and they will bend for the right one,and regarding the dildo I really think that some men just like the toy thing with a women,sex is a mental game…yes the body plays a big part but the mental has to be there if the guy ain’t attracted to a man,he won’t be giving up the booty but he will do it quickly for a women why ?….cause mentally their sex psyche is attracted to women lol

    1. ^i find the similar yaya.

      if a wolf isn’t looking for someone stupid masculine,
      he tends to be more a wolf than the ones who will only talk to masculine foxes.
      that “no fats and no fems” always revealed a lot.
      those types tend to be the quickest to do back flips on a pipe.
      great comment.

  4. well I agree it’s not a gay act unless it involves two of the same sex. Like it’s been said on here men no matter their sexual orientation can experience pleasure from their prostate.

  5. Jamari, you are giving me all these shoutouts today.

    It is not as if they are being penetrated with a finger tho, it is a pretend pipe and the real thing is attached to another man. It is a slippery slope to wanting the real thing. If I were to run an experiment and and invite 10 “straight” men who like dildo action to my crib alone and one at a time, you meaning to tell me I would not able able to convince at least 4 or 5 of them to try the real thing….yea right. They gone give in to it if they trust you. You do have men who allow women to fulfill that fantasy because they know that if they would let a man do it, that would make it gay.

    1. ^i have to remember to highlight all the intelligent the foxhole gets.
      you left some excellent war room debate comments.

      i see your point and i agree.
      maybe i think differently,
      but if a male desires to get penetrated,
      im gonna assume he is curious.
      most vixens are also going to think so.
      we have to remember that WE may have certain thoughts/experiences but others may not.
      we can tell a vixen it’s okay to do this and she opens up pandora’s box.

  6. Personally I think any wolf will be fox for the right wolf. Wolves are catching HIV more and more and it ain’t from foxes. Gay men are Gay men because they are attracted to masculinity or for some being dominated.

    Truth be told most Wolves don’t make decisions in the home whether with a female or another male. In public it’s about keeping up appearances. But in private…

    1. Exactly, it is all about an image. If you are secure with your masculinity, you will not have problems. If a masculine wolf likes other masculine wolves, his chances of bottoming are higher because they would be allowing an equally masculine man to do it.

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