mental homework: (30)

JAY always gives good brain.
sometimes it can be controversial knowledge,
but it allows for great debate within the foxhole.
so in the comments of:

( x kordell stewart gets some alleged pipe and tail leakage )

he wrote:

so i replied:

…but it was what he said in response that gave me my “aha” moment…
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mental homework: (29)

/the following is parental advisory.
adult nature will be discussed and involved after the jump.

has this is the second mh from the man.
it was under the:

( x he likes her to drop that strap deep in his tail ).

he asked
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mental homework: (28)

the man came with it today.
i’ll put them in two separate entries.
on the ( x black males are becoming more feminine ) entry,
he gave his opinion with a follow up question
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mental homework: (27)


if i wasn’t depressed already,
then this comment pretty much drove me over the edge.
this is from a reader,
a voice of reason,
in the ” x if i had to mess with a dl… ” entry.
it’s a late one that goes like this…
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mental homework: (26)


^that is definitely my brain.
well i saw the following on tumblr and had to share it with the foxhole.
its “mental homework” worthy.
it actually comes from meryl streep,
friend to the foxhole.
well not really,
but a fox can dream,
can’t he?
this is what she had to say…
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mental homework: (24)


i love when someone leaves a comment and it opens my eye.
the third eye.
the almighty one that leads to my soul.
well dignified,
one of the foxhole best,
left this comment on the ( x all the gays want pussy now ) entry.
this is what he had to say
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