Kordell Stewart Get Some Alleged Pipe and Tail Leakage?

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...so is his book title irony?
so allegedly,
kordell stewart has some dick leakage today.
apparently it happened by an ex of his.
these are the pipe leakage that was sent in to funky dineva


if that his him in that video,
the alleged story is an angry male was the one behind this:

he coulda said he was talking to a vixen,
but i doubt vixen’s want a tail shot in their sexting.
well unless she is into that,
but not really.
dick looks nice.

he has a nice tail tho.
it looks plump.

this story behind this pipe leakage is  kind of a “duh”.
there has been speculation on kordell for years.
even when he played in the nfl.
hell even when he was married as a “straight” wolf.
so if this true,
and he had an alleged he jackal for a companion,
all of this isn’t a shocker to the foxhole.
the church folks,
if he wasn’t fighting so adamantly about being “straight”,
no one would choose to out him.

see: the stark homophobes.
  kordell should have played the “mysterious” role and let the forests assume.
when you gotta defend yourself,
you usually set up traps in the future.
evil knows your insecurities and won’t be afraid to use it against you.
the leaker isn’t in the right either.
how you “love” someone and proceed to be messy?
now i gotta ask

Was Porsha allegedly in on this?

she looked generally hurt during their divorce.
he must have liked pussy enough.
i don’t know how alleged bearding works sometimes.
i figure the vixen usually knows.

either way,
this is an alleged “l” for him.
he could as well let this one fizzle out than try to fight it.
i feel a forest fire of his business will ensue if that happens.

lowkey: wouldn’t it be some shit if andrew caldwell was behind this?

 pictures taken: funky dineva

24 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Get Some Alleged Pipe and Tail Leakage?

  1. So he pays for your masters degree and takes you on trips and now you want to get mad because “he feels like he has power over you because he has more money”?

    He must be young and stupid. Of course that’s how it works.

    After you’ve enjoyed all the benefits NOW you want to out him to some ghetto blogger?

    Assuming he’s black, I can now see why any rich black men that sleep with men would prefer a white guy. It may not be right but it’s lessens the likelihood of this happen.

    I bet these white boys being taken care of by fashion designers and rich old white men in the industry could give you stories for days but they’re happy to play their role.

    No one is forcing you to be around him. I’ll bet he was cut off and that’s why he’s mad.

      1. They don’t for the most part.

        The cattiness of a gay man+crabs in a barrel mentality of blacks=explosive combo

        No ones ever explored why black gays in particular take so much pleasure in outing other black men, but I think it’s because even “out and proud” black gay have an internalized hatred of themselves and they like saying “see he’s gay too”

        I’ve known white gay men that will never expose their closeted exes even if the relationship ended badly.

        These kept white boys are out here fucking for major come ups while us blacks out here fucking so we can go to the mall.

        Then when it’s over we don’t have shit to show for it and we back to couch hopping, THEN we want to get mad and out someone LMAO!

    1. Paid for his Master’s Degree? That is clutch if you ask me. I would never betrayed him after doing that, whether we fell out of not. Nah, that is not cool. Man, I love working for mine and I’m doing really good right now, but that Master’s is something I want….

  2. So damn, I just watched the Steve Harvey clip. I’ve never seen that before. He can defend himself by saying that he’s not gay, but don’t bash the gay community while doing so. That looks suspect. I’m referring to his slick comment of “god made adam and eve…” and that light laugh he gave when talking about a transgender.

    Sidenote: The back and front are nice though lol

    1. Yeah I wasn’t here for the “Adam and Steve” comment. How ironic though. If this was indeed a man that leaked this then Kordell sure played himself. Nothing worse than a self-hating closeted gay man who openly bashes the gay community. It’s like don’t they realize that they are making shit harder for themselves by perpetuating homophobia. Smh folks don’t think sometimes.

  3. All you got to say is “big black dick”, I’m sold! That dick is better than the one I saw today at the Spa. That shit look like a big ole 3 musketeer. I bet its sweet.

  4. Damn, Kordell, you messed up again lol. Well, he cannot say that it is not him because that was clearly his face. His ass is hella fat tho…MANE! I was like: “DAMMMNN”

  5. I know being a professional individual its hard to protect your sexuality, but I think if they would mix and mingle within their own setting it would better benefit them. But if they do want to mix it up with regular people be careful at who or whom they chose to deal with. Some guys do not know when they have something good or not!!

  6. But hiding is EXACTLY what gets you outed. Come out on your terms but acknoledge (at least to yourself) your sexuality. These wolves don’t need to rock with anybody that doesn’t have something to lose. Foxes, STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS! Know what you getting into and accept it cause yall dead fucking up the game for the rest of us.

    1. ^this is all very messy.

      me thinks kordell allegedly hides because of his parents and their religious backgrounds.
      if they are still alive,
      of course.

      1. The dicky is nice.He has one of them fit my body dicks. Bout a good 7-75 inches. Best size for a top. Big enough to suck and fuck and feel comfortable inside of you. lol

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