What Is The Truth About Playing Straight?

i’m confused about something.
maybe the foxhole can help me.
so after the last entry about kordell,
i’ve always wondered about beards.
not the one on your face fool.
not the “agency assigned beard” either,
you know the ones that are hired to help someone look straight.
they’ll create a whole story line of “straight drama” to keep rumors at bay.
i’m talmbout…

The Average Every Day Wolf

the co worker.
the friend.
the family member.
the one you see on public transportation.
the one who gets with some vixen to play a role.

How does he keep her satisfied?

does he give her a good and proper fuckin’ each time?
how is he even getting hard?
does he fuck her so stupid that she isn’t aware of the signs?

Does he even have signs in 2016?

most of the time,
have you noticed these vixens are usually hurt when the truth comes out?

he had to be doing something to fool her so good.
i have the question when it comes to the family too.
how does he keep the charade going?
holding paws at the family get togethers?
random cubs?
insane amounts of affection?

i need a foxholer who was/is dl,
and had the beard situation,
clue me in.

How did/do you keep the vixen and the family off your radar?

you can even email me for a private conversation: jamarifox@insidejamarifox.com
i find this all very fascinating.

lowkey: didn’t porsha say kordell wasn’t even allegedly fuckin her?
i don’t understand how she didn’t get a clue.

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29 thoughts on “What Is The Truth About Playing Straight?”

  1. this ish is kinda easy to pull off sometimes, and in the least expected place. I moved back home to west Africa after 17 years in the states as a masculine but discreet gay guy. I am about to be engaged . So check this out: Over here marriage is a defining institution socially and culturally. Women are vaguely aware that gay people exist but would never imagine a masculine dude to partake in sword fighting. There is a deep underground society of gay guys married to unsuspecting beards. As mentioned above me and my buddies only mess with people who look and act like us. Single gay guys are to be avoided for they might decide to come out at any given moment, thus blowing our cover. Hook ups and hanging out only happen with other married men under the guise of close friendship. For example, my best friend is 6’4 and a body builder type. Tall Dark and Diesel AF. He was fucking this older executive( the exec was a bottom, my buddy a top) and was known to dude’s wife as a mentee. The wife would often invite him over to lunch or diner on Saturdays. She would ofrten leave them alone to “bond” as she would go out shopping or hanging with her girlfriends. Imagine whaty happened after she departed… Most of my buddies use visualization to perform, but some are truly bisexual and have no problems. There is this whole song and dance involving watching mannerism, the eyes and reactions to the occasional homosexual topic to find out if someone is married and acting like we do!
    The kicker is that most of these dudes crave dick because they are on top 100% of the time with wifey. I have seen military daddy types moan like lil girls and bitch out in bed while taking a pounding( i wonder what the spouses would think if they saw them like that).
    All this to say that down here people do it for survival and it’s made easier by the stereotypes held about gay men as efféminâtes

    Bottom line: know your limits people!

    1. ^deeeeeeeeppppppp!!!!

      i like the part that the wives know.
      they get money and the husbands can do as they please.
      so how are the wives getting sex??

      1. some resort to boy toys, others get by on the limited amount they can get. In reality sex is not a big priority for most married folks with kids. Sleeping become so rare when you have kids that it’s easy to skirt around the fucking part. it’s the ideal set up!

    2. Wow…I’m not surprised by any of it because I imagine it’s easier for African men to hide it because women’s views of what a homo looks like are skewed.

  2. I’m attracted to guys and women but none of the girls really know I’m gay because I’m masc. I go to a small HBCU so everyone is always trying to find the DL Guys and out them. I don’t follow guys who could give me away on Instagram or like their pics. If I think you fine I’ll remember your name and go from there. If I make out with you normally I’ll go hard and enough groping or head will do the rest. The hardest people to fool are my roommates because they’ll wonder why I’m not fucking like everyone else is. I don’t date other undergrads, I only go for Masters and PhD candidates because a majority of the undergrad guys are messy or not up to my standard or haven’t found themselves yet.

    1. ^i appreciate everyone who commented.
      it gave me an idea how this all works.
      there was no judgment from my end,
      but a lot of questions i still want answered.

      1. Grindr and Jackd make it easier but my hardest task is finding the guys who don’t use those apps since those are usually the real real fine ones or the guys in frat, or the athletes. Girls never usually know unless someone outside them but it really screws women up mentally when they’ve been messing around with DL dudes.

  3. One of the Elders at the old church that my partner and I used to go to was married ( I would say he was DL, but everyone in church knew he was gay) and he told my partner that he had to imagine himself in the position of his wife and think as if everything he was doing to his wife was being done to him by a guy…that is how he would get himself excited enough to have sex with his wife….and I assume that his wife wasn’t getting it too often because she was always angry…

    1. ^lol @ always angry.
      shit i would be too!

      i find that interesting he has to pretend to be a vixen to get aroused.
      it seems like in all these situations,
      they have to mentally be somewhere else to get turned on.

      i’d like more of these comments.
      they help answer my question.

  4. I’ll tell you how. We are genuinely attracted to both sexes but moreso prefer dudes. So when it comes to women we really don’t care. I can get aroused by kissing, then once I’m in the pussy even though it feels good I gotta keep thinking about guys to stay hard. This one girl was surprised to see my dick hard when she came home one day. I’d been watching gay porn and when she came home, I started kissing on her and she said, “Wow!” I said, “what you talking about?” She said, “I normally have to suck your dick to get you hard. You’re never hard when we first start.” I felt bad.

    1. ^ok this is deep!
      this is what i was waiting for.

      do the vixens ever pick up you may not be interested in them?
      or is it a case of being charming and making her feel special?

      1. I get bored and annoyed with BOTH (males and females) after a while. It’s not even all about the sex. If they can’t stimulate me mentally after a while, and they fall into a “rut”…time to move on.

    2. Not everyone can do that though lol. There are some gay guys who are grossed out by the sight of a vagina let alone having to touch it. That will make a nicca go limp QUICK LOL! I’ll admit I slept with a girl when I was 15 and I was aroused (I kinda forced it though) but we had the lights off and she slipped my dick in her vagina herself. Because there was no way that I was touching that greasy thing ! I don’t think I’ll ever go down that road again haha. Peer-pressure sure is a bitch. Women are nice to look at but that’s as far as it goes on this side!

  5. Loool damn right LD !,sometimes these so called straight tend to follow the same guys that are rumoured to be gay…a mess it’s like a cult now they all follow the same people from around the world damn!!!

    1. *sips tea* exactly!! Especially all these fitness guys. Liking half naked guy post doesn’t look suspect if it’s considered a fitness post.

      1. I watch who they follow, they’re likes. And the way they act lol if everyone you follow is gay, dead give away lol

  6. Sometimes their partners are fooling themselves. People know bro or at least have a “feeling”. Lol. Whatever that means.

      1. You hit the nail on the head bro. It’s an act. Even the best Oscar winners have a bad performance and you see who they really are.

      2. I dated a guy who was on the DL he was a great lover.He was actually in my Top 3 because he was a tender lover and didn’t mind doing foreplay.I guess that should have been a red flag😂😂

        It’s easy to be fooled when your boyfriend is sleeping with “his homies”.He would get his hair cut once a week.I had no idea he was sleeping with his barber or his married Frat brother or his Day 1. We didn’t live together so it was easier for him to keep it on the “downlow”.

        They are able to get away with it the same way any person who cheats is able to get away with it.
        As for them getting aroused I would guess for SOME guys a mouth is a mouth(BJ), a hole is a hole.Or they can always visualize or fantasize they are having sex with someone else.

        1. ^omg he was messing with all them?!?!
          he was reckless!!!!

          this is such an interesting conversation.
          im feeling like i want to interview a dl wolf next.
          i have so much questions.

        1. All is forgiven.This happened about five or six years ago.I didn’t discover that he was gay or DL, he came out to me.He told me about the barber,frat brother,etc..We are friends now, he is openly gay.As a matter of fact he was engaged to a guy and I was going to be a bridesmaid in their wedding .Unfortunately they broke up but I am hopeful they will get back together because they still love each other.(I am a hopeless romantic😂)

          I was just pointing out that sometimes the signs aren’t so apparent.He was a great actor ☺Also hindsight is 20 20.

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