MEAT: (748)

have mercy…
can we get a lead?
wolves in the wild,
who look like ^that,
always send a signal to others that you like meat.
even if you on the low,
someone gonna catch you staring.

lowkey: the foxhole may just have a lead on this one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “MEAT: (748)

  1. Homeland security finest. I hope he frisks me at checkpoint for real! TSA has a few discharge service men on the force especially those supervisors wearing those tight trousers. Men, those years I worked there are missed and I can’t forget the guy that worked at the concourse BK would later be a pornstar.

    1. Wish i came across these fine men you talking about because everytime i come across TSA, they are short, stubby, and balding. And i get frisked everytime for the most ridiculous things. I wouldn’t mind if it was someone worth getting frisked by such as Ofr. Shoulders McGee up^ there.

      1. DC, ATL, hell even the airport where I’m from in southern Virginia has fine guys. I’m not saying that they all are fine but there are some real gems. Y’all not looking hard enough lol.

  2. J, you need to take a flight out of La Guardia, I was in the Big Apple this summer and those NYC TSA Boyz were nice.

    1. Agreed. I flew out to visit family for Christmas and there were three Latino dudes that were phyne as hell at the checkpoint. The brothas unfortunately, were overweight. LOL
      Now ATL had some good looking brothas!! There was a supervisor there whose shirt was stretched beyond its limit. LOL

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