Tremaine Neverson Gives Us A Real Life “TBT”?

remember when tremaine neverson,
aka trey songz,
use to look like ^this?

i still thought he was cute,
but he has cum a long way.
well that look is back!
the braids anyway.
tremaine had a performance recently and well via the shade room…


…why are those cornrows back in your head?
tell me you aren’t going backwards with your career?
it hasn’t cum to this,
has it?
i do like him with the wild mini fro he has been rockin recently.
it gives him character and i’m glad he has kept it this long.
i do see how thick and muscular he is.

don’t think i wouldn’t mention it.
in a perfect world,
he would smash me absolutely stupid when he came to new yawk.
too bad this isn’t a perfect world.

lowkey: i am still very impressed tremaine is so woke.
i also enjoy his snapchat stories very much.

i’ll always allow him.

video taken: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Tremaine Neverson Gives Us A Real Life “TBT”?”

  1. It must be the holidays or something in the air, but for somebody (meaning myself) who dont really feature Trey Songz, I gotta say DAMN, this pineapple has given me the “Holy Ghost” tonight. Lawd, I cant hate today, he looks good AF, I am going to have to take a second look. Cornrows and all, I see ya Trey, “F” the neighbors I wanna know your name.

    1. His ass looks kinda bigger to me, and the rest of his muscles. Yum! He does look good, but the cornrows are a hard “no” from me. Still not really a fan though. Used to think he was really cute but his act got old quick hehe.

      But yeah, he looks better than usual there.

  2. He is soooooo damn sexy! Cute ass smile, beautiful body, tight plump phatty, and dick for days, nights, and weekends. I only wish he could act or something, because this singing career is….😧🙉👀🙊😂

  3. Time to hit the chitlin circuit or a sex tape leak. Body is def on point. Trey givin jailhouse prison yard body. Ass definitely gettin fuvked

    1. I think he’s verse. This pineapple definitely aint straight in my opinion. Sexy now though. But maybe he had the braids because he was doing a hot oil treatment between sets.

  4. Trey is my my man he really owns the stage I’ve seen him three times can’t wait for next year tour his albums aren’t the best material all sex but sex sells and is sexy ass hell so it works for him

  5. Trey Songz all day. He is fine and cute and look better than most of these bumbling baboon singer today. Even so, I’ve only like a handful of his songs. He can still get it and is really the only singer I crush on.

  6. Trey is trying to be this generation’s R.Kelly BUT even R.Kelly did a variety of music…Trey ain’t going nowhere he’ll be around whenever he drops an album it sells, his tour sells, he’s doing something right i ain’t mad at him. Not ever singer is going to be a vocal giant, in fact even in the 90’s alot of artists were overrated there were only a few that was actually talented. Now that I’m older i listen to some songs from back in the day and I’m like ‘many of these artists were lame”…Trey isn’t the best vocally but i’ll take his sexy ass with those braids anyday

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