mental homework: (23)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640i have been holding a lot in when it came to work wolf.
the feeling of not being able to share it had me emotionally sick.
i felt like i as crying out for help,
needing someone to listen to me.
i got a lot of emails asking about work wolf tho.
it was crazy the amount of people felt comforted with my saga.
they were also dealing with their own “work wolves”.
it wasn’t until i read this comment from zen buddha
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mental homework: (22)

tumblr_static_brainso earlier we had a good discussion about ( x mixed babies ).
everyone came out for that event.
i’m so thankful for the foxhole and their intelligence.
well jay left a very intelligent comment.
one that had me thinking it was “mental homework” material…

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mental homework: (21)

tumblr_nffw0rnLkG1rhx2b8o1_500ever so often,
someone leaves a comment in the foxhole that blows me.
not that kind of blow…
you truly don’t know what other people are climbing.
not every smiling face means shit is sweet.
some mountains can start off easy,
but then take a complete left field down a treacherous path.
which is why a smile or a little kindness goes a long way.
in the entry about ( x kellon deryck ) yesterday,
a new member in the foxhole left this…
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mental homework: (20)

cartoon-thought-bubble-mdthese were gems i felt were dropped in that last entry,
“( x lets out that wolf )”.
if these comments don’t make you “stop sign” fuckin with these jackals…
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mental homework: (19)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAi have had a lonnnnnnnnnnng day.
i’m tired as hell because it’s a busy week.
bare with my sluggishness.
this comment jay left yesterday under:
( x myvidster comments hurt my feelings )
had me thinking all day tho.
i love a good mind fuck.
check what he had to say…
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mental homework: (18)

tumblr_m5stn1WwyA1qbef7co1_500_largeas you know,
many of is are in the cold due to them denying unemployment.
the goverment thought it was a brilliant idea shut it down.
how fun is that?
well one of my favs,
old head,
left a comment under ( x put it all in your god box ) he wanted me to share.
take a look at what he said…
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