mental homework: (20)

cartoon-thought-bubble-mdthese were gems i felt were dropped in that last entry,
“( x lets out that wolf )”.
if these comments don’t make you “stop sign” fuckin with these jackals…

it was something the man said that stuck with me as well:

tumblr_mpegtrjJSV1rknrf9o1_500thats the perfect statement for someone who lives discreetly.
the outs don’t understand wanting privacy,
while the d/l are too paranoid about theirs.
when you are in the middle,
and not on any side of the two extremes,
it will always cause confusion and mayhem.
everyone wants to know your business.

as for messing with jackals,
i guess the positive part is that most of these “straight” wolves are curious.
its a shame they don’t have the right guidance.
often times,
these are people fresh in the life who don’t know any better.
remember when you were new?
i was lucky to meet star fox.
so they go and meet someone they thought they could trust.
not only did they befriend them,
they also provided insane amounts of pleasure.
sex has a way of lowering ones defenses.
so they fuck around,
get sprung,
and get stupid.
because i know how the game works,
i won’t give em too much hell about messing with a queen.
just send em to the foxhole.
i’ll take care of em.

thanks everyone who left such great comments.

lowkey: don’t think they aren’t masculine jackals out here.
not everyone who isn’t feminine also doesn’t have a jackal spirit.
deep voice,
plays sports,
works out,
and lookin like they fuck bitches.
there are PLENTY of them and they are demons once they’re hurt.
only thing with them,
they will get some 15 minutes of social fame since they “look” straight…






8 thoughts on “mental homework: (20)

  1. I’m laughing because everyone keeps saying don’t mess with FEMS as if FEMS are the only ones who do this…you all do know QUEENS aren’t predominantly FEM in 2014 right? QUEENS are basically SNITCHES with a vendatta so let that marinate for a second…you see there are legions and scores of gay masculine men that will air your dirty laundry out, leak videos of you getting fucked or fucking them on every site and keep it pushing…the average black gay guy these days aren’t fucking with just fems, in fact for every fem guy you come across there are like ten gay guys who scream the opposite…this brings me to my conclusion that at the end of the day no matter HOW masculine you claim to be or DISCREET you claim to be, people catch feelings where there’s good dick involved…me personally i say it’s a RISK you take on both ends…if you’re D/L be prepared that eventually your lifestyle may come to the surface for all to see, my child what is done in the dark ALWAYS (not sometimes, but ALWAYS) comes to light, whether naturally, forcefully or sadly in this case maliciously…I have talked to brothas who WEREN’T out, WEREN’T fem and were tops, mainly from the hood who threatened to release videos i’d sent them of myself whether of me twerking or in the shower simply because after we had a few sexting messages i had realized that they weren’t the one for me or i may have sex with them but after realizing they had too much baggage (wife, kids or etc) i didn’t want to be bothered one guy i was talking to ended up havin a girl and three kids..i didnt want to be bothered but he kept stalking me, texting me saying he needed his fix, then threatened to release the videos of me, but i told him i didnt care, i was out and so what…he eventually left me alone

    so that’s what I’m saying BROTHAS it works both ways yall better peep game in 2014 it’s not FEMS no more, think about it it’s nothing for a person to get behind a screen, with no face and air your dirty laundry out without exposing themselves and etc…MEN in general (str8, bi, gay, D/L, masculine, fem, whatever) HATE REJECTION of any kind. and yes they may know the scoop going in the guy whose D/L might be married, have kids and etc but they fall in deep…me personally i don’t feel sorry for NEITHER PARTY..the guy who outed him should have been man enough to let it ago but for the D/L brotha you’re also playing with people emotions especially the ones who have a families…these men have wives, girls and children and still sleep with random men and think it’s cool and people, especially other gay men, want to excuse it…you CAN’T PLAY both sides of the fence and think you’re going to have your cake and eat it too…play with fire long enough you’re going to get burned…i think if you’re D/L you should be single so that way you can get pussy, ass or dick whatever with no strings attached…I CAN’T stand D/L men with families and etc who think they own you once they have sex and that you’re their little gay toy that they can take off the shelf when they want some bomb head or sex that their vixen can’t give them, yet still want to declare their str8…hence the reason i’m single i’ve dealt with a lot of baggage from confused D/L men so i’m only talking to out black men now, real brothas who AREN’T afraid to be with you, and who are in fact very much so masculine…

    so to my D/L brothas tread carefully i just never seen the appeal of outing someone because i was in the closet once so i can only imagine how he felt having his family, friends and coworkers inboxed personal details about his sex life, which would be embarrassing regardless of sexual orientation, but he can take it further and sue the messy queen in court for slander, and etc…but as i mentioned before being D/L comes with many risks in 2014 then you have men who put up easy passcodes on their phone so their girls break into it easily seeing their text messages. i received a text message one night from a vixen who thought i was a girl, the wolf had my number in his phone under a chick name…and because i cared for him so much i pretended to be a girl and i texted her back saying i didnt know he had a baby mother, which was the truth, and the wolf texted me the next day saying “aww my baby mom be trippin my bad bae” like it was cool…smh but it’s sad that in this day and age men are still playing games…

    *sigh* that’s the end of my little rant carry on lol

      1. thanks but it was kinda long..but like i said i hate cowards who out guys I’d nEVER out someone…i think of every gay female and male as my ‘family’ due to the lifestyle that we live and i feel that there are certain codes not to be broken thats why DL men know if they talk to me they’re safe….I’m a vault i hold on to secrets so long the people who told me about them forget lol

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Good dick/ass can change a dude, especially if they get possessive and catch feelings and the other party doesn’t return them.

      That’s why I don’t do all that send you 5 million pics of my face, dick, and ass.

      EYE know I’ve kept every pic someone has ever sent me of their face, dick, and ass in a file called “Past Smashes”, so I assume someone else will do the same!

      I don’t save pics for blackmail purposes though. It’s just a photo album or good memories and “wtf was I thinking?” moments lol

  2. Yes indeed cher. You hit the nail on the head. I messed up because I didn’t know any better and it was easy. I wonder what you mean when you say you know how the game works so you wont give them hell? Anyway it took me only one time very early to cut that shit off as far as dealing with fems but I also should have never befriended one. U can never trust them. Im lucky to be unscathed but I feel so bad for the ones that have not been as fortunate. The fucked up thing is though these dudes would have messed with several queens. Wtf is it about a nigga acting like a bitch that attracts these dudes? Je ne comprends pas.

    1. ^meaning I know how it is when you get into this life,
      confused and looking for someone to trust.
      i try to remember some of these dudes are lost and looking for a friend.

    2. That’s it man. Some of them like dudes that act like females. It gives them that female vibe, and it keeps them from feeling emasculated.

  3. Too bad that none of this information will stick. They will never learn, and as I said on the other post, some men just flock to fem dudes. That’s their taste. You are right about the straights being curious man. Dudes be trying people, and some of these men are afraid to bite but want to, and some feel objectified by men when they do approach.

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