It_25341a_214184i feel this entry is much needed.
after the weekend’s shenanigans,
i’m realizing a majority of people are straight losing.
so you want to know how you can tell someone is a jackal?
well its time for me to share my secret.
i sum it up in one word…


see the issue is that people think because someone is masculine,
he is automatically the right fit for their life.
not at all baby.

in the closet
out the closet
halfway in the closet
family member
r&b singer
hood rat
pretty boy
mama friend son
daddy cousin brother
even tho queens are the obvious choice,
a jackal is still complied by certain characteristics.
actions and physical attributes mold the person into one big clusterfuck.

so ive been blogging for about 5 years now.
ive talked to plenty of people in the industry.
ive gotten:


…and then i ask them:

“have i ever outed anyone who wasn’t already put out there?”

8245156…usually shuts them right up.
if you can’t tell my character by now after 5 years,
then you obviously will won’t.
thats perfectly fine.
that same person will go on instagram,
meet someone who looks masculine,
get blinded by some muscles or a fat ass,
and then soon ealize that same person was a jackal.
after their life gets destroyed,
business all on front street,
they try and crawl back to me with the sob story.
too bad; so sad.
see jackals don’t have to present themselves as the obvious queen.
a true jackal knows the art of wear a disguise.

“the greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

quote: keyser soze.
played: kevin spacey
movie: the usual suspects.
directed: bryan singer
check it out.
good flick.

x watch here

500fullheres the thing…
people are motivated by sex.
they put their trust on a body parts(s),
but never watch all the red flags going on around them.
see: the wolf whose baby mama is a complete bitch after the baby is born.
they never ask:

can i talk to this person?
can i trust them with my business?
what makes them mad?
do they have a reputation?
are they private?
are they always out on the scene?
what are their friends like?
…and other key questions about their characters.

hell instagram is really here as a person’s resume.
they often tell me everything i need to know.
maybe i’m just observant?
so the only way to pick up on jackals,
masculine or feminine,
is to read what they put out to the world.
if people would put their sexual desires to the side,
they will see whats in front of them.
i have no doubt there would be less outings and better life decisions.
but hey!
what do i know?
i’m a fuckin moron.


  1. A lot of people need to learn the art of slowly revealing yourself to people.

    I know at times that can be really hard, especially when you find yourself intensely attracted to someone, but you cannot lay out your whole profile as soon as you meet someone!

    You also have to take into consideration where you meet people. I’m not going to tell someone on jackd my real name. Not happening! My fingers wouldn’t even let me type my full name on a hookup site. You don’t need to know where I work either.

    If I even give you my number that’s a huge step because everyone has smartphones and giving someone your number to even text them will link you to ALL of their social media accounts as suggested friends.

    Pretty hard to get close to me lol

  2. Here’s a clip of that same scene:

    Similarly Steven Biko said that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

    Judge a person by his words and deeds and friends. What comes out of the mouth is the overflow of the mind. Action speaks louder than words. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. When someone shows you who he is, believe him the first time. We get in trouble when we don’t remember and act on those simple nuggets of truth. Don’t be blind to those factors!

  3. Unfortunately, I think situations like jackals are things that most people have to learn the hard way. It is hard to find advice on avoiding them and the advice given is not fool proof. I think the true answer about dealing with them is just learning to love yourself is trying to discover what make truly make you happy. When one finally understands that, one develops a sharper brain to distinguish between people of good and bad intentions. That is work within itself, but it’s possible.

  4. Nice on, I think the reason why most people assume Jackals are feminine because the ones who have outed guys tend to be. I’m a masculine fox and I honestly don’t see the point in outing a wolf out of spite or jealousy, WTF will that help me accomplish in my life? Absolutely nothing.

  5. I’m around nothing nothing but jackals at my job, I see a lot of them in this post. Good job you got this spot in.

  6. In all honesty, these jackals make it hard for me to trust anyone, let alone allowing people to get all close to me. They come in so many different forms.

    1. ^you can trust man,
      but you gotta judge people by their characters.
      no one is perfect,
      but many people can’t hide their ratchet ways.

  7. Good post Jamari. It would be great if these last three posts could be packaged and delivered in the form of dreams to all the young brothers just coming into the life and older ones, too, who have yet to learn the ropes. Would save a lot of heartache.

    1. ^thanks oh!
      i want the foxhole to stretch as the “go to” for those who are discreet or even d/l.
      we need a home and a place to feel safe.

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