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tumblr_static_brainso earlier we had a good discussion about ( x mixed babies ).
everyone came out for that event.
i’m so thankful for the foxhole and their intelligence.
well jay left a very intelligent comment.
one that had me thinking it was “mental homework” material…

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All you have to do is look at how black women are portrayed in the media.


We don’t have supportive, strong women with character on television anymore like Claire Huxtable, Florida Evans, the women on Living Single.

We have Love and Hip Hop where women will hop on the dick of lowest form of life for a hit and some air time. We have the Atlanta Housewives, R&B Divas, Sorority Sisters where all the supposedly “successful sisters” are fighting over petty stuff or men.

Or even worse they’re just hyper-sexual and overexposed and have no other talent and social networks become their domains.

Of course it’s just television and social media but it has a big impact on how people perceive black women, even black men that know women that transcend the stereotypes. Black men that were raised by good black women don’t find anything about black women attractive.

The way they went about dividing us is brilliant.

Elevate a few of us, let us have a little bit of what they have (money, better neighborhood, prestigious degrees, non-black women) and give some of us the illusion we’re better. Then watch us destroy each other.


its pretty sad how things are playing out these days.
we are being programmed and don’t even realize it.
lets pray for change
or is this it and it’ll only get worse?

lowkey: these are the times it’s good that i’m gay.
i get to see things from a clear objective.
i’m glad you can see it as well.

8 thoughts on “mental homework: (22)

  1. Let’s take the time to acknowledge the black women on television who are doing well. Jemele Hill at ESPN was at one point the only female columnist when she worked at The Orlando Sun Sentinel now hosts a highly popular show on ESPN. Cari Champion also of ESPN speaks well with diction and enunciation & hosts ESPN2 flagship sports show “1st Take.” Whoopi Goldberg is still on The View, although she may be blunt and says whats on her mind, she’s still very much a positive influence and let’s girls know it’s OK to have a voice and speak you opinion. Faith Jenkins is an attorney and legal analyst with MSNBC & has her own court show. The cast of girlfriends & Tracee Ellis Ross with the success of “Girlfriends” and “Blackish” show an affluent black woman a la Maxine Shaw & Regine Hunter.The positive influences are out there but people NEVER think about positive first, its ALWAYS the “tea” and drama that sells (with any race, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, Slednecks) but more so with black people.

  2. I see no lies. Jay is 100% correct and it sad on how true it is, but I never put down a black woman before because I constantly think about my mom, yea even tho she’s mixed, but she’s still a black woman tho.

  3. The same could be said for the perception with black men and how black men are forced into the stereotype of only being worth how fast they can run, throw a ball, and make shots. We don’t push for the great things that we do to be advertised, like the 14 year old girl that just graduated with her Bachelors with her and her mother attending at the same time. My nephew is 5 years old and you ask him what he wants to be he says a basketball player. It’s a struggle to try and even get him interested into science and trying to learn how to read. It’s an accomplishment that I even have him wanting to watch Bill Nyes old episodes. But he damn sure knows all the newest dance crazes and who can you really blame? People don’t realize the power we have to change things. If you don’t like something don’t watch it and see how quick things get pulled. They keep releasing these horrible shows because they know people will watch.

    1. That’s how a lot of young black boys think they’ll make it out of the hood.

      The sad part is with that kind of thinking their academics usually suffer because they’re playing sports more than developing their minds.

      I know very few well rounded college athletes or athletes period.

      I was thinking of going into teaching and I was appalled at the salary teachers get paid especially at the black schools.

      If we don’t put an emphasis on education, how can we expect our children too?

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