mental homework: (29)

/the following is parental advisory.
adult nature will be discussed and involved after the jump.

has this is the second mh from the man.
it was under the:

( x he likes her to drop that strap deep in his tail ).

he asked
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mental homework: (28)

the man came with it today.
i’ll put them in two separate entries.
on the ( x black males are becoming more feminine ) entry,
he gave his opinion with a follow up question
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He Wants More Than Your Holes (5 Ways: The Foxhole Edition)

tumblr_ndzelbuxq91qcqckto1_500^that is
now a wolf can become permanent,
but you always cum first.
if a wolf decides to cum into your life,
he needs to be on something other than sexual shit.
you can fuck anyone,
but you can’t just love anyone.
after yesterday’s eye opener,
the one with a “wolf” telling us ( x how we know his kind is into us ),
another wolf left this comment i felt needed to be posted.
everyone meet “the man” and his wolf-dom…
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This Entry Is For “The Man”…

i got you a present.
you are always a great commenter and i love your voice.
so i saw these pics and i instantly thought of you.

ready for it

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mental homework (7)

i wrote a good entry today.
it was titled:

I Have Voodoo In-Between My Butt Cheeks So Enter With Caution

the man and immanuel shared their wolf like thoughts.
i always love to read the opinions of wolves.
btw: we need more wolves to share their thoughts.
so all your lurkers feeling around for your balls and make some magic happen with those finger tips.
we are all family here.

their thoughts landed them with mental homework of the day.
check em out…

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