mental homework (7)

i wrote a good entry today.
it was titled:

I Have Voodoo In-Between My Butt Cheeks So Enter With Caution

the man and immanuel shared their wolf like thoughts.
i always love to read the opinions of wolves.
btw: we need more wolves to share their thoughts.
so all your lurkers feeling around for your balls and make some magic happen with those finger tips.
we are all family here.

their thoughts landed them with mental homework of the day.
check em out…



if you read between the lines,
and pay attention in immanuel’s entry,
you might actually learn a few tricks.
always remember though to use your powers for good.

10 thoughts on “mental homework (7)

  1. I never wanna be like this pussy or ass wiped. I dont like games at all but I have run into folks who say if you just want nsa sex you are a hoe. So since I dont want that stigma either I just use my hand lol.

  2. I did something similar to a guy when I was 16. The guy was a good friend. We became good friends quick. He stayed over my house and things happened, it was my first experience with a guy and afterward something did not feel right. Anyway he said he loved always hit me up just to hang out, and we messed around two more times afterwards. Eventually, I got to the point this was not what I wanted the relationship did not feel right to me, so I just cut off all contact with him for my sanity. I just did not know what I wanted or who I was attracted to at that point in time and still don’t at this point, so I have not been with anyone since, until I figure out what it is I want because if I do not know what I want and I get into something with someone else someone’s feeling are going to get hurt. I look at it like this if I do not know myself how am I going to be with someone else.

  3. I read that entry, and it hurts to know that someone could be so mean and break a persons heart with no remorse. I would have confronted ol dude, that nigga would have known how I felt. I might would have even wanted revenge, but I know that it’s not even worth it because that wouldn’t solve a thing.

  4. Shit, i got scared for a minute because my name real name is Colin and i thought somebody wrote a letter about me, but then I saw that it was Immanuel’s own story and then I knew it wasn’t about me. it was an interesting letter all the same, though me and that Colin are completely different. I mean im 19, still a virgin, and can barely stand the sight of men right now….but i have broken a couple of hearts.

    1. LOL. That ass got scared. I could only imagine the thoughts running through your head as you were reading.

  5. I am in my ‘fuck men’ period. My only concern is better myself and continue to feed my babies so they can grow. I think I am doing a good job at that. I am also working on being more honest with myself. I am sick of just fucking around with some random dude because my dick got hard. I want romance. I want a solid relationship. But I have come to realize that I can’t have my cakes and fuck it too.

    Long story short, you gotta be honest with what you want and stick to it. Don’t settle for a man because he wants what you want. You don’t want to end up despising him in the end. Men are men but gay/bi/anythingothertha ‘str8’ men often have a lot of issues that we have to deal with and sometimes we try to mask those issues instead of dealing with them head on. Not all of us but most of us.

    A lot of us have unrealistic expectations of what they want in a man/relationship. They won’t settle for an 80 but want 150 but they are not even a 50….feel me? I can be all day with this and I hope I am making some type of sense.

    Life experiences can be rough but you gotta pay attention and learn from the last mistake.

    1. Men can make us lose focus. Whether a guy is a fox or a wolf doesn’t matter…he’s still a MAN. I believe every man should know what he wants and go for it…whether its in his relationship, career, or just life in general. And we have to realize everyone isn’t perfect. The perfect guy isn’t gonna be sitting on our doorstep with a red bow around his dick. Anything worth having wont come that easy. And there’s nothing wrong with random sex…shyt we have needs and sometimes MyVidster can’t provide the satisfaction that we need in that moment. The bottom line is we are ALL men and we gotta grow up and start acting like it.

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