f0X Asks: Do Vixens Still Want To Bone Frank Ocean Real Thoro?

i noticed that ever since frank ocean “came out“,
more females are interested in getting that pipe.
i know a few vixens who said:

“i dont give a fuck if he is gay! i’d still fuck him!”

i know females who got wet off the letter.
even at the concert,
vixens all around me were creating tidal waves in their panties when he was on stage.
i don’t know if it is the music or the fact he is attractive that did it,
but his pussy count has definitely gone up.
so my question is this…

we all know that being gay still has a long way to go for men,
or maybe it hasn’t  now that frank ocean made it more main stream.
frank is an interesting character if you look at his personality.
he is really low key and almost mysterious.
is that it?
is it his vibe that is making females lose their mind?
unless on here,
i don’t really hear too many foxes/wolves/or hybrids talk about fucking him.
they mostly support what he has done (or pick him apart for what he isn’t doing).
i started to wonder that even though frank ocean has admitted he is bi,
and countless people thought he would be over because he admitted such a taboo in the black/hiphop world…

Why hasn’t he lost his ability to “get pussy”?

shit even when he sung beyonce’s “miss u“,
and after listening to the song we know the real deal,
they were ready to give him a serious grade A fucking.

15 thoughts on “f0X Asks: Do Vixens Still Want To Bone Frank Ocean Real Thoro?

  1. I think Frank is pretty amazing. I do wish people would stop focusing on his sexuality though, only because it’s overshadowing his music (which is amazing, by the way).

    To the topic, I think a lot of women are becoming more comfortable with the idea. Particularly women of our generation. What’s really so bad about being with a bisexual man? The benefits actually outweigh the drawbacks.

    More than that, Frank has an allure about him and it doesn’t hurt that he’s masculine. They forget that he is bisexual. It becomes an after thought.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking with a guy who has absolutely no idea that I’m gay. Women aren’t that much different.

  2. Did we forget that he’s quasi-famous which is like cat nip to them? Fysh will sleep with anything with a Facebook fan page.

  3. I don’t know.

    I do know of women, who wouldn’t mind fucking with a bisexual man. They do exist. Look at Jennifer Lopez and her track record.

    A lot of black women probably won’t but hey I am sure there are some who do.

    Just last night, I had women literally all over me and they KNOW I am gay.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    1. ^vixens are tired of straight wolves and their bs.
      they are finding comfort with us.

      if y’all don’t realize,
      we are the perfect men for them.

  4. Uh oh, has the Frank Ocean backlash started already? Lol
    Channel Orange is still flames. Why is the shit still sold out at my local Best Buy. I need my physical copy

  5. They probably just say that, but if it came down to it, NO they wouldn’t. I haven’t met one woman who is ok with that. They just say that because if he’s gay they know he wouldn’t fuck them, but he’s bi the last time I checked so they better watch what they say. He’s famous too, so that comes into play as well, but if it was any of us you already know the deal.

  6. if i hear about frank oceans bony ass one more more time. He’s okay, i think it’s the intellectual stemulation the crowd recieves from him that makes the girls wet and some niggas dick hard. He’s iight.

    1. I agree. This is getting just as bad as Beyonce’s pregnancy. Frank has been out for almost a month and it feels like it’s been almost a year.

      1. ^this is a big deal tho.
        this black guy came out as bisexual.
        this isn’t your ordinary everyday hollywood scandal.
        i get what you both are saying,
        but I also understand why people are talking about this to nauseam.

        his music is good.

      2. I’m curious as to whether all this hype is going to get him a platinum record or any grammys or even a #1 single. Or will people have lost interest by then?

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